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When I read Scotts account of his third jerk-off experience, it reminded me of my teen years. (Three Experiences with Guys, Sept. 21)


My older sister and her new husband lived with us while he finished his studies. They left for Europe after he graduated and I inherited their bedroom. It was a lot bigger than mine and had a queen sized bed and lots of space for all my stuff. My old room was turned into a den.

My cousin Cory was 16 when this all began. I was 13. He lived a few miles away and was into classic piano. He enrolled in the music conservatory that was near our house and his parents asked if he could sleep over on Wednesday nights so he could be near the conservatory for Thursday morning music lessons. He could then take the noon train back to his school for afternoon classes. My mom asked me if I would mind sharing my bed once a week. Otherwise he would have to sleep on the sofa in the den. I was okay with sharing my big bed. It had lots of room for two people to sleep.

I knew Cory from family gatherings but our age difference and interests meant that we did not hang out together. My uncle drove him over the first night. It was already mid-evening. Cory dropped his backpack and went downstairs to watch TV. I was kind of shy about this older, taller guy and just went to my room to finish my homework. Around 9:30 I climbed into my PJs and got into bed.

I heard Cory come into the bedroom sometime later. He closed the door and undressed in the dark then climbed into bed without saying a word. As I said, this was a queen sized bed so there was more than enough room for two boys. I was half asleep already and ready for dreamland.

Some time later, I was awakened by Cory pressing up against my back. At first I thought he was moving about in his sleep so I moved further over but so did he. So I just lay there, spooned by my cousin. For awhile he remained still but his breathing was heavy and I became aware that his cock was pressing up against my ass. He must have known I was awake because he whispered, Jerry, I have to jerk off. Is that okay? I didn't know what he was talking about but replied, Sure. Go ahead.

Can I press against you? he asked. Now I really was wondering what this was all about. Again, I said, Sure. Cory pulled down my pyjama bottoms to my knees and gently pressed his hard cock against my closed thighs from behind. He wasn't wearing anything except his t-shirt. At first his cock just pressed lightly against the crack. Then as he kept pushing, his cock slipped through between my closed legs. I felt his cock head against my ball sack. Every so slowly, he began to thrust back and forth.

I knew nothing about masturbation but having him spooned up against me and his cock sliding between my thighs gave me a hard on. He reached over with his free hand and gently fingered my nipples. This really made me hard because I could feel a nice tickle sensation that ran right down from my nipples into my cock and balls. He kept his hand and arm pressed against my chest to keep me from sliding further away from him. I was horny without knowing what it was all about. As he slowly thrust in and out, he reached down to my crotch and began to stroke my cock. Wow, what a nice sensation.

This continued for several minutes. He alternated fingering my nipples, then my cock and balls, then just rested his hand on my belly. After a few minutes of thrusting he stopped with the hand action as his breathing became more labored and he thrust faster and faster. Suddenly he let out with an Aahhh and I felt a wet gush of warmth around my nuts and cock. He exploded cum all over my thighs, balls and onto the bed sheet.

Of course I had no idea what had happened. It seemed everything down there was warm and wet. And when I reached down to touch, it was all sticky. Corey stopped thrusting but now concentrated on stroking my cock. Very soon I began to feel a rising sensation of pleasure in my cock, balls and belly. And then a wave of good feeling down there that was so intense I could not believe it. I had my first orgasm. What an unbelievable experience.

Now it was cleanup time. Corey took off his t-shirt and wiped himself then gave it to me to do the same. There was a wet spot on my side where his cum had soaked into the sheet. I balked at lying on the spot because it was now cold. He agreed to switch places. We also agreed not to tell anyone about this. Soon we fell asleep.

This began a three year long routine. Almost every week, Corey would do me between the thighs from behind while jerking me off. Of course I quickly learned how to jerk myself off and did so with my fist every day. But I looked forward to Wednesday nights when Corey would do it for me. It was the coolest to be done by someone else. And having him pump his cock between my legs was no big deal. I tried sliding my cock between his thighs the way he did it but I didn't like it nearly as much as he did. I started to cum a few months later so we had quite the mess to clean up after a session. We soon started using a towel under us to catch most of the cum.

Corey never tried to do anything else. Our routine stayed much the same for the next three years. Occasionally we just jerked one another off but usually he would do the thigh routine. It was a mutual masturbation session that we both enjoyed. Corey went off to study music at college when he turned 19 so that ended our Wednesday night jerk offs. I moved out of state too when I left for college so Corey and I never got together again. I met him once while switching planes. He was with his girlfriend and we talked for a few minutes. No mention of our little secret that time though. Maybe one of these days.



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