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Copping a Feel

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I was inspired the other day to reminisce about a few sexual encounters I have had with policeman involving masturbation and I decided to share them here.


I have three episodes to relate, having to do with sexual interactions with policemen regarding masturbation; I think they are interesting. I hope you do, too.

The first has to do with a cop I was on a bowling league with. Very sweet guy, about 30 years old, 5-10, with impish features, solidly built although not a body builder. I had a little crush on him. I had met his wife and two cute little boys. He usually showed up in uniform, and changed in the locker room, which had a one-stall shower. I tried to discreetly watch him shower, but he was very modest and I never saw more than his yummy hairy chest. One night he was in a foul mood, which I had never seen. I asked him if he was OK, and he said that his wife had told him she wanted him to quit bowling. He was very upset because bowling was his only away time, and he said that every weekend and most days after work he did chores around the house and spent time with his family, taking them to mini golf and such. He said his wife has a lot of free time to spend with her friends and he feels that she isn't being fair. This was a tournament night and he bowled brilliantly, never better, it was like he channeled his anger into the ball. After the game (which we won), I offered to take him home, as his partner had dropped him off in their squad car. He accepted. We got into my car, and as I was about to start the engine, he said, "No, wait, I just can't go home yet, I don't want to go home." He started to talk, telling me how he and his wife used to have great sex, but didn’t have sex much anymore, and when they did, it was not like it used to be. He then said that she hadn’t sucked his dick in almost five years. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I blurted out, “I’ll suck your dick if you want.” He looked at me startled and said, “Really? Serious?” I said “yes” and he undid his zipper and pulled out his dick, which was rapidly growing into a nice six incher. I reached out and stroked him and fondled his balls. He moaned and said, “Oh, fuck.” I then leaned over to go down on him, but he said, “Wait, wait, no, I can’t.” I backed off. We just sat there as the minutes went by. His cock was still very hard and did not seem to be going down. I finally said, “You want me to just jerk you off?” He put his arm over his eyes and after a minute said, “Yeah, OK.” I started to jerk him off, and he came pretty soon after that, a really big load. He kept his arm over his eyes the whole time. I cleaned him up with a t-shirt I had in my bowling bag, I then took him home to my house. I didn’t have a guestroom, so he fell on to the couch and soon started to snore. I was still very horny, so I sat in the armchair next to the couch and masturbated while he slept. I went to bed and he was gone when I got up the next day. He was very distant with me at the remaining tournaments and when the season was over he said he wasn’t going to join the league the next year. I never saw him again.

Second episode. On Christmas Day 2011 I went to the porno theater that is not far from my house. I was hosting the holiday and I had to get away from the sweetness and light for a bit. The place was deserted and I was sitting by myself, lugubriously jacking off. I heard the door buzz open, so I zipped up, as I usually do until I see who is coming in to the theater. I am glad I did, it was a cop in full uniform. I expected him to shine his flashlight around and be gone, but he surprised me, did not shine his flashlight, and sat down about two chairs away from me. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes, but I finally had to say something. I said, “Hey, Merry Christmas, so are you on duty or what’s up?” He replied, “Yeah, I’m on duty but I haven’t had a call all day and I’m bored. I drive by here all the time and just thought I would see what it’s like.” I didn’t quite know what to make of that, and I said nothing. The movie was very hot, and after a few minutes the cop said, “You can jerk off if you want, I don’t care.” Well, I couldn’t quite just start doing that, so I said, “I will if you will.” He did not reply, did not start jerking off, and left. Oh well. But it was an interesting encounter.

Third episode. Back in 2000 I had a business trip to one of the largest cities in the mid-west. I found a porno theater to check out. It was a real theater that showed regular movies back in the 1940s – 50s, and had become a porno place in the 60s. By the year 2000, they were showing video. Not many people there, no one I wanted to play with, I think they were mostly homeless who scrounged up the $7 admit fee just for shelter. Anyway, I was sitting in the back row, half-heartedly jerking off, when I sensed a presence standing to my left. I could tell it was a slim man. I started to put on a little show, hoping he would be interested and join me. He watched for a good three or four minutes and the next thing I knew he was shining a flashlight in my eyes saying that I was under arrest for lewd conduct. He pulled me into the lobby, and as we went into the light I saw that he had a hard-on, totally visible in his pants; big, too, a good 7 inches. I said, “I can’t believe you’re busting me when you’re standing there with a big boner.” He said nastily, “The difference between you and me is that I know when to keep it in my pants.” I don’t know what came over me, but I said, “Maybe I can change your mind” and I grabbed his dick. Next thing I knew I was on the floor with his knee in my back and cuffs on my wrists. He took me to the station where he put me in a holding cell. He said that it would take about an hour for them to process me and then I could go. There was another guy in the cell, young, maybe 21 or 22. I was in a defiant mood and still horny and I asked the guy if he minded if I jerked off. He said “whatever”. So I jacked off in the holding cell. I noticed the other guy watching intently and his hard dick sticking out of the leg of his shorts, but he didn’t do anything. When I came, there was nothing to wipe up with, so I just pulled up my pants. After a few minutes, there was a big wet stain in my crotch. An officer came to the door and called me. He saw the wet spot and asked, “Did you piss your pants?” I replied, “No, I spermed my pants.” He just shook his head and laughed, and was actually very nice to me as he took my prints, and even called me a cab since we were miles and miles from where I was arrested. As a post script, I hired a lawyer for $700 and he was able to plead it down to disturbing the peace. Keep in mind that this city has a very high crime rate, so I wonder how they can justify spending their resources on arresting lonely guys jerking off in porno theaters, where there are no kids and no one to complain. Don’t answer that question, I don’t want to know.



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