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This is definitely 'F', but its more about how I came to love masturbation over and above sex with men.


I suppose Megan was really to blame. We had been friends since forever but when puberty hit, it seemed to happen to both of us at exactly the same time. We experimented with periods, sexy underwear (usually borrowed from her older sister) and we shared what we had done with boys. (This would be around 15 or so I guess). Megan and I had both made out and experienced that anticipatory tingle down below. WE had both progressed to letting boys touch our breasts and had bras that were grubby and runckled up, and of course, on those nights we also discovered, independently of each other that after a long kissing and boob touching session with our respective boyfriends, when we got home, and changed for bed, our panties were damp and smelled musky. And partly this was the beginning. I learned to masturbate to orgasm after one of those sessions and quickly shared my new skill with Meg.

But it was Meg who went the whole route first. She phoned me one night and asked if it was safe to talk. Well, the short version is that (she was just turned 16) she had gone the whole route with her boy at his house and had gotten home several hours later. 'OMG, Jayne, getting fucked is GREAT, but shit... it SMELLS!' She said that by the time she got home, her panties were FULL of sperm and to use her words, 'It makes you smell awful.'

Well, I have always been hyper about being clean down below and more or less there and then decided that my fingers were my best friends. I learned, oh so many ways to masturbate. I could do it fast, slow, urgently, even violently. I could cum by squeezing my legs together... hard to describe but other girls will know what I mean. And I even learned that I could cum JUST by thinking dirty thoughts. (If it was the right time of the month and I felt in that kinda mood)

Then, the inevitable day when I got laid too.. and damnit, Meg was right. Now, I love feeling wet down there, TOTALLY love it, but when its a boys sperm its different and DAMN, if you don't wash right away, YUCK!

So, here I am. I love cumming and then again, I like getting fucked, but I LOATH sperm running out of my hole.

I dont have an active interest in other girls. Thats not to say I wouldn't go along with it for the experience, but I wouldnt try to make it happen either.

Yesterday a writer on here asked about whether other girls have used another girl's panties to masturbate with. Well, ok. I have a couple of times. Its cool and well, bad too, right?

So, I masturbate, like right now, when I am doing something. I sit with my legs apart and my panties tugged up tight. OH yes, I shave too.. in fact I have since I started to get hair. So does Meg, and there were only a couple of girls in our class who didnt. I stroke myself through the material, and pat at my pussy. Then, I tug the material aside, like I[m doing right now. I love being exposed like that and sometimes I do it in class too at Uni. I like being 'exposed' and it lets me finger myself more easilly.

Right now I just pushed a middle finger right inside. I need to pee real bad too, but that made it feel better. If I press my g-spot it feels so intense! I'm due on in a couple days so I can actually feel my cervix too. Damn I am horny right before a period. (And during it too!) I just licked my finger. I love my own taste. Some days, when I do this I think about wetting myself. Can't right now though.. I need to cum and I don't have a lot of time.

I'm gonna stop now and rub myself off.

OMG that was soooo fucking intense. I was imagining a lecturer at college screwing me in front of the class. Everyone was masturbating and getting off with each other and one girl, (let's call her Lucy) who is the class virgin had three guys in her at once. DAMN that made me cum BIG time.




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