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Confessions of a Plumper Addict

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Confession of a plumper addict
 I like to read all personal stories posted here especially those by women and those where a female in a position of authority is involved. How much do I wish to have a understanding nurse, aunt or older sister like some of you! ;) I believe this is my early childhood conditioning. I was often cuddled by my overly affectionate mother and this probably started my fascination with plump big titted ladies. They are symbols of fertility, abundance and nourishment and they take place of mothers, goddesses etc., in other words, a pronounced female principle.
At about 3 years of age I remember staring at my mother's swollen breasts (85C bra) when she breastfed my younger brother. Once I even asked her, "Why I don't have big and fat titties?" (I don't remember the answer though. ;)
Approximately at the same time I started to play with myself: usually lying in my bed on the right side, pressing a blanket between my legs and having its corner wrapped around my little semi-erected cock. By rubbing it I experienced pleasurable feelings and managed to reach a kind of orgasm when a bit of liquid oozed out. This became my favorite pastime which increased in frequency as I grew. Therefore I don't remember my first "real" orgasm with ejaculation - it could be anytime between 9 or 10 years. I never did it with my brother, other boys or anyone else, just solo.
Because of presence of other family members, especially my brother with whom I shared the bedroom, I was limited in fulfilling my desires. For example, I couldn't wank in a bathtub. Only much later I started to enjoy the pleasure of stroking my cock lubed by plant oil in hot water and cumming into the water.
In our family the sex issues were not discussed and my brother and me felt that our parents were not into answering our questions, probably because of their Catholic background (although they didn't practice, you know, under the communist regime in Eastern Europe...). [Here I'd like to make a little digression. In many postings here I see examples of guilt caused by religious influences. The Judeo-Christian traditions don't tell _why_ the sexual behavior is limited or forbidden. Many people try to get out of the shackles of their shallow and dogmatic teachings. The Eastern traditions which I know of a bit, on the other hand, do provide explanation. According to the Eastern paradigm material pleasure in general and sexual pleasure specifically is considered a bond to the material world. And this is a realm of suffering in the form of birth, old age, disease, and death. The more attachment to enjoyment the stronger the bond. In this way one is said to undergo continuous rebirth in material bodies till becoming sufficiently detached from sense pleasure. Therefore the goal of all the Eastern spiritual traditions is to diminish this attachment, usually by regulating the life in different ways.]
Still when I was about 11 they bought a book for young boys and put it into the library for our easy access so we could learn about all this stuff by ourselves. The book didn't condemn masturbation just recommended more creative activities like art and sports to replace or limit it. But at this time I was already completely into it. With the puberty the intensity of my self-pleasuring grew to 2-3 times a day, rarely more. I did it everywhere I could but mainly at home. I almost never had wet dreams. Those few involved me fucking and playing with the tits of a chubby girls or ladies. I was attracted to mature women but not into relationships with girls of my age. They must have thought I'm weird when I didn't respond to their advances. ;) Only later I learned that this distance from women is a result of my negative karmic experience.
I looked for inspiration which I found in book classics like Nana and Decameron. Because the pornography was forbidden under communist rule I couldn't find much pictorial material so I started to draw my fantasies - women with big, heavy, swaying tits and large asses. When I saw such ladies on the street I retained them in my mind and fantasized about kneading their udders, face diving into them and fucking between them while jacking off. I also imagined - and still imagine - wrestling with these plumpers, letting them crush and choke me by their soft and heavy bodies and huge tits, watching them jumping up and down making their heavy pleasure mountains flop along and their fleshy folds shake, fucking their huge soft butts from behind, spanking them, watching the flesh tremble and finally cumming on their faces or tits and smearing the cum on them together with their help.
From time to time I also wanted to stop or at least limit my frequent wanking (which I felt is weakening me) but I couldn't do so for a time longer than two or three weeks. Still I learned that to abstain for few days improved the quality of my orgasms.
Few times some of the boys brought some western pornomagazines to school and we stared at the attractive female curves. Once a friend brought some really hot stories and I had to think of them for a long time. When about 18 I found a collection of videotapes at my cousin's house and I happily cummed watching the actors (few BBWs among them). Once I found my father's condom box and learned how to use condoms. I disliked the diminished pleasure it caused though.
One of my favorite sports, cycling, made me realize that prolonged pressure on perineum can make me hard. Thus I started to press on it with one hand while jacking off with the other to increase my pleasure. Much later I learned that the perineum area corresponds to the seat of "sexual chakra". Tantric teachings also approved my prolonged masturbosessions to increase the pleasurable feelings. These sessions could take several hours of stop-and-go wanking and achieved pleasure is far beyond normal. This I used to learn also in private videocabins in adult stores where I used to sit for several hours. Most guys are finished after several minutes so I wonder what the employees thought about me. ;)
Thanks to this training I managed to achieve very high endurance and output in sex with a partner. Sometimes the women can't believe that they tire by giving you passionate blowjobs, handjobs, titjobs and fucks before making you cum. ;)
I like traveling and used to hitch-hike a lot (still do when there is a chance). My most remarkable sexual experiences involve horny lady drivers giving me a ride and getting what they wanted. ;) In this way I also naturally met many gays and with one I decided to try it out. I only realized the repulsiveness and later on when meeting a gay with a bulge in his pants I simply tell him that this is not my preference.
My favorite jack off method: lying comfortably in my bed or nice warm tub I lubricate my hard cock with appropriate lube (usually plant oil) and caress it with both hands e.g. holding the staff with one hand and with flat palm of the other hand slide all over its head (this gives incredible feelings which I can't bear for a long time) or clasping both hands together and letting them slide over the red head like imitation pussy. I can vary the speed and pressure much more than any cunt can do. Regarding the cum: I tasted it but don't really like it.
Nowadays I wank to orgasm about twice a week. I don't use any special objects, just imagination-boosting stories and pictures of models like Jenny Hill, Chessie Moore, Roberta Smallwood, Twin Towers, Norma Stitz, Shauna Moon, Eve St. Clair or Suzie Sparks (I told you I am an avowed BBW megatits fan ;) from the net. Btw, many sites advertise "big tits" but they usually have just an average-sized models far from these ladies' sizes. My collection of pix is about 30 Mb and I try to add to it as regularly as possible. I especially like those of doggie style fucking, titfucking and titplay pix. Plus facials, handjobs and blowjobs. Unfortunately there are few BBW Mpegs, at least I don't knowabout them.
Have fun & cum!



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