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Confession of Fantasies While Jerking

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Ever wonder what other men fantasize about while jerking off? This story is one answer to that question.


I am from tiny islands in the literal middle of the Pacific Ocean, just south of the equator, but I received most of my formal education in the States, and had lived there half my life. I've returned to the islands since 9/11 infamous event. Male bonding throughout the Pacific islanders, Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia, with no exception, is part of the culture, thus, male-male sexual experiences are not looked upon as a big deal, as it is in the West. It happens all the time, but without parading about it. I've had sex with both genders, but mostly with males, I'm genuinely comfortable with my sexuality. In my view, the human race is simply a sexual being. I'm attracted to women who are genuinely feminine, and to men who are genuinely masculine. Male Pacific islanders, in general, have no hang-up's on the so called machoism, we do not even have a word for such a concept or reality. My sexual encounters with island men, almost all who have kids, have been terribly sensual and masculine, perhaps because I'm well acquainted with each of them, most of who are relatives. In my life time, I've had little problem attracting others, I've gotten used to being admired by others, but I always accept this as complimentary with gratitude and without being conceited. Ever since I can remember, I've always wondered what other men fantasize about during masturbation, so I am going to answer this question from my personal perspective. This is in hope that others who also ask the same question may get at least one answer from one male.

I jerk off at least once a day 7 days a week, other times more. I've been told that I have great imagination skills. Such skill is the cornerstone of each and all of my masturbation sessions. What do I picture to get me off? It really varies, and really depends on the moment's mood, ranging from imagining a pussy, penetrating a pussy, never anal with men or women, watching a couple screwing in the missionary position the most. I also fantasize about fucking a lady while sucking on a cock and she's sucking on his balls, watching a man jerking off, jerking a guy off, being jerked off by another man, sucking a cock, messaging and sucking on testicles, and so on. I'm getting a raging hard-on just recalling what turns me on during jerking off sessions.

Here's my actual fantasy during this morning's jerk off session. A employee at work and I've become good friends since he joined our company. He's in his early 30's, is a carpenter by trade and has broad shoulders, he's naturally well built and terribly masculine. These are some of the features that caused me to like him. I'm aware, on the other hand, that he admires my intellect. I've also accompanied him during his discrete dates with a lady. I've wondered what it would be like to go a bit further in our friendship, into the sexual realm. I would not be surprised if he wonders the same.

This morning there's no preliminary state. All of a sudden I'm on top of him, skin on skin, cocks on cocks, testicles on testicles, slowly and sensually humping against each other. My elbows were over his wide shoulders and my hands holding his head, my lips sensually study his muscular neck, his hands holding me manly over my back. 'How can I get closer to this dude! This feels terribly sensual and masculine!' are lines that flashed through my mind. Then all of a sudden I got off him, and said, 'wait.' I walked over to my closet and took out a lube, then returned and got on top of him, and collapsed our cocks together and began slowly stroking them together while at the same our balls are against each other. Not long after I poured lotion on our dicks while one hand held the cocks together. I returned to the original position, but this time the humping was much more sensual due the much smoother friction from the lube. He was humping away as well. All of a sudden, I realized he had came and I thought to myself, ' This masculine dude is just as turned on as much as I!' I kept going quietly moaning. Then when he lowered his hands from my back to hold my buns, encouraging the humping movement, I came in three seconds, literally. I heard myself moan loudly while I came, something I seldom do. That was one of the best cums in recent time!'

Whew! That was an interesting reflection or recall.



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