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Confession 5 from a News Lady

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Of all places...


Most of my Sundays these days are spent in open houses, but when I was News Lady some of those Sundays would be spent very sexily alone in my bed.

Usually after church my son and I would go out to a restaurant for brunch. Afterwards upon arriving home he would run off to his room to play or get together with the neighbor boy to play soft ball.

I would go to my room remove my 'Sunday best' along with the rest of my clothing and put on a negligee for some playtime of my own.

My playthings consisted of two vibrators; one of which is red and ribbed, this one is for my pussy; the other for a little bit of anal play. Of course mirrors, a couple of fluffy pillows and soft classical piano music or smooth jazz in the background, volume at low.

Hard to believe less than 2 hours earlier I was properly dressed kneeling, praying, and lusting in church.

Prior to being a reporter/anchor I was married. On a quite a few Sundays (but not during football season, ha-ha) when returning home my husband and I would remove each others clothing and I do recall as he undressed me he would call me his 'sexy church wife' and we would make passionate love usually on the soft rug in our living room.

Anyway, one Sunday last fall, I had to take care of my needs immediately.

I don't know why but I was very horny as soon as I woke up. I started to pleasure myself but didn't finish. I needed to wake up my son, as Mass would start in less than 90 minutes.

I got dressed in a very nice black Chic pants suit and we left for church.

The service was a bit long and boring, my mind drifted. I was admiring how nice everyone looked. There was Fred and his wife Terri kneeling one row down and to the right of us.

They were a great looking couple; they saw me with my son and smiled. As I kneeled I was curious about their sex life, how often? Was Terri the aggressor? I thought of me and my ex being so passionate after church.

A myriad of thoughts went through my mind. How often do they masturbate? Do they ever sneak off and do it alone outside of home?

That longing was occurring between my legs. Everyone suddenly moved from a kneeling to a sitting position. The priest began his homily.

As I sat I could see Fred's crotch, no outline but I wondered what his cock is like.

Does Terri ever give him a nice hand job? I glanced at Terri; I wondered how she looked in the nude. I thought of her 'area' and wondered is it shaved? She was/is extremely attractive, I am not bi, but thought to myself if I were to ever experiment, I hope she would allow me to do it with her.

My pussy was soaked during this service, and my son sitting next to me completely clueless as to what is going through mommy's mind.

I excused myself and went to the ladies room in the back of the church. Going to a stall I undid my pants, pushed them down a bit along with my spotted panties and began giving myself a very much needed finger job. In the background the priest was finishing his talk, the church music started up again, and here is News Lady sitting on the toilet doing this forbidden deed.

The irony!

It was an incredible cum!!

I quickly got ready to go back to the pew. Mass was just about over, people were filing out of the church. Fred and Terri smiled at us and also left.

My son and I left for brunch; I knew he had plans afterward to play a supervised softball game with some friends at a nearby park.

This would give me a few hours alone with my thoughts and toys in my room.



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