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Confession 4 from News Lady (Concluded)

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This was such a hot solo session at work


As most of you know, I am now a 'celebrity Realtor'. While typing Confession 4 for Solo Touch, I was interrupted by the sound of footsteps and voices entering that open house.

So, I will complete it now.

It's a new day; most of it will be spent here at home. I will be making calls, working on proposals and of course engage in masturbation. Oh how this lady loves to pleasure herself.

You may wonder how often I masturbate. It all depends on the need, sometimes once every five days, and sometimes five times a day.

Those five times a day sessions usually occur on a Sunday, after church. I do eye many of those very handsomely dressed men and their very attractive wives. They smile at me of course, because I'm their local news gal.

There I kneel in my very proper business suit having very improper lustful thoughts, fantasies, about just him, or just her, or the three of us, if they only knew.

That may be a confession for another day.

Anyway, to conclude Confession 4;

I have showered and am wearing a very comfy and short robe. This will allow me easy access to my already sexually charged body.

I'm thinking back now to that wonderful masturbation session at my old news office.

I remember it was intense, and I couldn't make any noise so not to be heard. That definitely added to my excitement.

So in my fantasy with this college kid named Dan, I unveiled my very pink pussy to him. My legs spread apart; I slowly spread the plump pinkish-reddish lips apart with my slender fingertips inviting him to 'look at the pink'. He sees it, pink covered with wet. My fingertip pulls back the hood, showing off my very aroused clit. Again I instruct him in a very soft whispery voice to 'look at it, look at News Lady's (I actually used my real name) pink.'

This is the real show he wanted to see, not my news show.

He stares at it. His mouth opens, as if in total disbelief. His eyes riveted to my turned on pussy, he watches me slowly glide a middle finger inside. His extremely hard cock pointing straight upward, as if saluting this news lady's secret private area.

In this wild fantasy I gazed at his cock, wanting it so badly. I will admit to you that at that point in my life I didn't have cock for months. I was divorced, with a child, and just didn't have time to date much. Oh how I craved for cock.

So here I was sitting in my office, my denim skirt hiked up, no panties and with an incredible urge to fuck. What to do?

To help solve this little dilemma I remember reaching into my purse and pulling out a hairbrush. The rounded handle will do fine.

I also took out a small hand mirror placed it on my desk and maneuvered it so that I could watch my pussy get fucked. Yes readers you already know how much I love to watch my pussy being entertained. I watch and often times pretend a viewer is watching instead.

My hand caressed this make believe cock, bringing it to my mouth I kissed it and allowed my tongue to move up and down, how I wished it was real. My other hand was massaging a breast, index finger at times flicking a hardened nipple.

Bringing the saliva laced handle to my extremely aroused pussy, it makes a slow entry, and in my fantasy that sexy hunk Dan has entered me I can feel the enlarged clit rubbing against it as he slowly goes deeper inside me.

I think back to when I could saw the outline of his hardon; he clearly wanted me to see it.

I am picking up speed as the 'cock' glides in and out of me, looking into the mirror, viewing the onslaught.

What a contrast, as I think of his very rigid teen cock pounding into News Lady's much older mature pussy. What a HOT turn on. My hips wildly move back and forth matching his rhythm.

My other hand leaves the breast and glides over my stomach, teases the belly button, and slowly floats over my very smooth tanned legs that he was staring at, getting so turned on by.

Hearing people near my door, they must think I am concentrating and working on a news story.

I think to myself what a sight they would see, News Lady being so extremely naughty with legs spread open, skirt hiked high, humping her hairbrush and watching herself in the mirror.

I remember knowing I was going to cum in a very big way, my imaginary partner sliding that hard cock in and out of this older ladies hungry, slightly hairy pussy.

When he said 'you're a MILF' (Mom I would Like to Fuck}, I am sure this is what he meant. Not 'most intelligent lady friend' kind of cute though I thought smiling as I continued fucking myself.

I was pushing that brush handle in and out, really picking up the pace, my pussy humping it so well, glancing down at the mirror, so much wetness on this make believe cock. My free hand now goes to my pubic hairs and tugs at a few of the short curly strands, mixing a little pain with my pleasure.

My secretions were leaking out of me, some of it trickling on the chair, some of it trickles towards my ass.

I could really feel the build; this was going to be a huge O.

Biting my lower lip, semi-gently so not to moan or scream.

News Lady can not, must not be heard.

Suddenly I squint my eyes shut, throwing my head back, arching my body, bucking...god how I needed to scream.

Then it was over.

A tear of joy comes out of an eye.

I gently pulled out the handle from my folds.

I brought it again to my mouth, kissing it, licking it, tasting myself, and carefully lay the hairbrush on my desk.

I needed to rest for a few moments.

Rest and then make myself look presentable and of course professional.

I will leave my office, smile at my coworkers, nod in agreement, and then they will know News Lady had terrific success with whatever she was working on.



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