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Comparing Sizes

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A true story from about three years ago. Sorry if its not very well told!


When I was 17 years old, I was at a party for a girl from college. It was in the first month or so of the new year, so I was doing my best to try and not be super introverted.

I was a tall guy, with a mediumish build. Not buff, but not really skinny. I had short brown hair, and blue eyes behind glasses. I was the quiet nerd of our little social circle, not really used to going to parties like this.

So when I again felt the need to pee, it was a relief. A bit of time on my own.

I went upstairs and the loud music ebbed away. The party was in the girls house, so her bathroom was tidy and neat. It was weird to be in this place, like it was private. I went over to the toilet, and started to do my guy thing.

Now, I apparently didn't lock the door properly. I nearly sprayed pee all over the place as I heard the door open loudly behind me.

'Jeez Pete learn to lock a door would you?' said a voice. It was Adrian, the boyfriend of the birthday girl. He was a little shorter than me, and more on the muscled side of skinny. His hair was short black and gelled. You could say he wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, but he was a genuinely cool guy and he had bags of confidence.

At this point, I'm still peeing. So when Adrian walks in, locks the door there's not much I can do about it. He walked over to the sink next to the toilet, unzipped his jeans and sniffed, I looked away.

'So what do you think?' he said.


'The party? Bit lame right.'

'Uh..yeah sure'. I said. Rumors floated through our entire circle about how 'hung' Adrian was, and now he was next to me, with his dick hanging out, and he was acting like it was nothing!

My eyes dipped down quickly, trying to sneak a peak. It was just a flash, but I remember thinking how big it was. Probably only four inches, but fleshy and thick.

'Wow' I said.

'What?' He responded, and then either must have guessed or maybe seen the blush on my face. 'Oh, yeah. Its pretty big.'

He shook it out and a little more of it came into view. I was trying not to make eye contact, even though I had finished peeing awhile ago. He leaned over and eyed my protusion obviously.

'Your's is fine too'. I was much smaller. Like three inches soft.

But then, I'm not sure what it was. The temporary madness or just genuine curiosity.

'How..how big does it get? You know when its.....hard' I said choking on the last word. He was quiet for a bit, like he was considering.

'You can see if you like'. He turned and sat on the edge of a bath. He reached up, peeled off his white tshirt and started stroking himself through his zipper.

I was shocked. I'd expected maybe an answer but not really this. But then Adrian was like that. And secretly I was ecstatic. I'd always wondered what he looked like downstairs, or hard, or how he would jerk off.

Weird I know, but still.

After about maybe a minute he kicked his jeans off to the bathroom floor. Now he was stood, in just his underwear, but his hard dick was pulled out the top. He made soft grunting noises.

My cock was rock stiff in my pants, but I wasn't thinking clearly. It was like I wasn't there or, was in a dream.

Randomly, impossibly, he reached over and tugged my jeans down over my boner. I looked at him questioningly.

'You looked like you needed some help' he shrugged, and went back to moving his hand up and down.

Now hard, his cock was possibly six inches and maybe a bit longer. Not huge in the grand scheme of porno's, but it was still bigger than mine. Mine had grown to maybe five inches. He was using his full fist to slowly kneed his foreskin up and down. His eyes were locked on mine or gazing almost lovingly at his cock.

Suddenly, I was filled with confidence. The impossibility of the situation hit me, and I decided 'screw it'. I reached over, my hands seeming to take forever to reach Adrian's skin. I pulled his underwear down, and he stepped out of them, calmly like I had just held a door open for him.

I stripped off my remaining clothes. Now we were both stood, naked in someone elses bathroom. He made a comment about my pubes, I didn't shave while he did. Then he took my hand, and placed it on his cock. He leaned back casually, while my mind was exploding.

I pulled my hand down, and then up. He shuddered and moaned, and my dick throbbed. I hadn't even noticed he was jerking me off as well. Adiran and I jerked each other off, him being as loud as possible while I just shuddered and twitched silently.

Suddenly, Adrian started swearing more. Moaning, saying my name telling me to keep going. His whole body thrusted forward, and spunk shot out of his giant dick and sprayed his chest and stomach with thick white liquid.

I came immediately, my own cum leaping across and mingling with his. It took us maybe a minute to regain our breaths and take stock of the situation.

'Well..uh..crap,' said Adrian, grinning at me, 'I am a mess'.

He reached down, and I almost leapt back so he could. I hadn't even noticed how close I was to him, our legs almost touching.

Adrian plucked his boxers from the bathroom floor, and slowly mopped up his chest. He handed them back to me, sodden with cum.

'Here ya go', he said. He pulled on his shirt, washed his hands, zipped up his jeans carefully. He opened the door, looked back at me, still naked and hard. Still shocked at what had just happened.

'Shit..that was..hot' he said, grinned and left.



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