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Commuting on a Tram

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This true story goes all the way back to 1979 whilst working in Melbourne. I used to commute to work by way of Melbourne's famous trams as they were more convenient than buses or trains. I lived in the middle suburbs and my normal trip home took around 45 minutes.

At peak hour, from 5 pm to 6.30 pm, there was standing room only on these bone rattlers. After all the seats were taken, people had to stand up, body to body, and at times, hard to breathe. From the roof of the tram, there were two rails running along the entire length of the tram, with many hand grips for stability, so a commuter would not fall over when the tram stopped and started.

This particular night I was about the last person on this heavily packed tram. Whilst waiting, I had noticed this attractive, leggy brunette. Women above normal, always attracted my attention for some reason. In this packed tram I randomly found myself right behind this woman whom I had been observing minutes earlier.She was facing away from me so could not know who was behind her. As we arrived and departed the first of many stops, the jolting of the tram caused friction between her butt and the front of my trousers, Each and every bump and jolt had an effect on me, making my cock grow very hard.

After stopping at the next stop there was a jolt and could feel her butt hit hard against my hard cock. She turned around, thinking someone was touching her up, but when she turned around, both my hands were hanging onto the roof grips. As we approached the next stop, the same thing happened and she turned around again. I said to her that if she keeps bumping into me like that all the time, that I will have an accident before long. She twigged pretty quickly and as the tram took off again, she poked her butt back into my crotch and started wriggling it around. She could surely feel the hardness of my cock poking into the back of her skirt. Everyone else in the tram was oblivious as to what was going on.

It wasn't long before I felt a hand wander down to my crotch and feel my hardness. The woman turned around, smiled and whispered to me if I was feeling horny. I replied that only special women make me horny. While we were both standing, the brunette turned around to face me in the crowd. She took one hand off the roof grip and with her other hand, unzipped my trousers. She soon had her hand inside my trousers and my jocks. I whispered to her to keep going and reciprocated by putting a hand up her short but loose skirt and feeling her pussy through her panties. My cock was so hard I was close to bursting. I maneuvered my fingers under her elastic and felt a soft downy bush. Pushing further, I inserted a finger into her wet pussy. She let out a little moan and put her head on my shoulder. We were both wanking each other off in a crowded tram, at peak hour, and nobody at all noticed.

After several more stops I couldn't hold back any more and let go with half a dozen strong spurts of cum over her gentle fingers. I thanked her very much for what she had done and told her my stop was only two more stops away. She said she had a fair way to go yet. As I was still fingering this gorgeous woman, she got out a pen and paper from her handbag and slipped something into my trouser pocket.

After alighting from the tram and walking to my flat where I lived, I pulled out the piece of paper. It only had a telephone number on it. Later that evening, I got the courage to make a phone call, and sure enough, it was the woman from the tram. Her name was Sarah and she was 27 years old. I was invited around to dinner two night later, after which, we fucked our hearts out all that night. I only lived and worked in Melbourne for 18 months, but kept touch with her for several years before she was killed in a tragic accident. In hindsight, she would have made a wonderful wife.



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