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College Roomies II

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I decided to investigate going to college after some encouragement from Malcolm. I rode with him on the city bus to the campus about ten blocks from his house where I now lived. While he attended classes, I walked around campus and reviewed the course catalog. By the time he finished his last afternoon class and we were on the bus back home, I told Malcolm I might enroll for the coming Spring semester.
Malcolm's girlfriend Katie transferred to a smaller college about a four-hour drive away. Her new school was more respected in her field of study. The separation was tough for the two of them, Malcolm admitted. I don't think he ever cheated on her, but he was a very cute guy. I think he just had some occasional encounters, one of which was me a couple of times. Another encounter I was aware of was a study partner of his from class. He said there was a time when they were studying at her apartment and ended up masturbating in front of one another before the evening was over. She got kind of hung up on him after that and showed up on our front porch more than once looking for him.
He explained to me one morning as we drank coffee in the kitchen how she had been wearing baggy sweats when he arrived one school night at her apartment for their study date. Apparently, after they studied for an hour or so she kept reaching into the front of her sweat pants as they sat on her couch reviewing the material. Malcolm said he asked her, half joking, if she had an itch. 'She just said, 'Yes, I do. Do you mind if I scratch it?' Then she stood up and dropped her sweats. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She sat back on the couch and began pulling lightly on her pubic hair.'
I listened incredulously as Malcolm explained how he watched as she said she needed some help and retrieved a small vibrator from her bedroom. She handed it to him and asked, 'Could you?' Except he apparently was not as gentle as she preferred. He said his girlfriend Katie preferred to be diddled rather vigorously. But this girl preferred a 'very light touch on her clit' and proceeded to do it herself.
I was stunned by what Malcolm was saying had happened. He said he figured the studying was over for the night since she was just laying back on her side of the couch, masturbating with her vibrator. So, he slid his pants down and began to jack off as well. When they finished, he got dressed and came home. Now he avoided her.
I couldn't believe this girl just started to play with herself in front of him, and said so. Malcolm said Katie often fingered herself during their lovemaking. He loved watching her. But that encounter with his classmate was just bizarre, he said. I felt flush. And he said the vibrator the girl used was tiny, a few inches long. He said the vibrator he and Katie used was larger, maybe six or seven inches. I stared at him as he said this.
He asked me if I used one. I said NO! I've never done that. Ever? he asked. NO! It was embarassing. He said sometimes he and Katie was just masturbate one another rather than make love. 'Sauntering through the pleasure,' he called it. 'You should try it.' He said it was very relaxing.
He poured another cup of coffee and topped off mine, then went upstairs. A couple of minutes later he came down holding a cream-colored tapered cylinder and handed it to me. I had never seen a vibrator before. He said the speed control was on the bottom, and he reached over to turn it on. It hummed in my hand. Feel free to try it, he said. NOW?? I asked. 'No, not now,' he answered. 'Use it whenever you feel like it.'
'I don't think so,' I said.
'I can show you how Katie does it,' he offered. 'But you can't say anything to her. That would be the end for sure.'
I looked at him, unsure what he meant by showing me how Katie did it. On him? Or on me? He said, 'C'mon. Ted's gone. It won't take long.' I followed him up to my room and he motioned for me to sit on my bed. I was very nervous, but excited. He said, lie back. He pulled off my jeans and my panties. 'Now THAT is red hair,' he said. I felt his fingers lightly touch me. 'You're very wet,' he whispered. 'Close your eyes.' I did. I heard the buzz of the vibrator and a moment later what felt like a sensational shock as he began running it over my pussy. It was delightful.
'Can I open my eyes?' I asked. 'No, don't,' he said. I remember thinking how unfair it was that he could see and I could not. But it felt so good. He asked if I wanted more or less pressure. I said I didn't know, so he pressed a bit harder, occasionally inserting the vibrator into my vagina. The sensation was tingly, but not tickling. It seemed to mount, like it was snowballing. I didn't want him to stop. Just go, I thought. I heard the vibrator speed increase and I felt a wave of sensation wash over me as I came. It was extraordinary. My heart was pounding.
I opened my eyes. 'Pretty good one?' he asked. I didn't say anything; I felt so relaxed, even being naked from the waist down with my legs spread. He said, 'Now it's my turn.' He tossed the vibrator onto the bed beside me and loosened his belt before dropping his jeans. I could see his erection through his briefs. He peeled them down, grabbed his hardon, and began to jack off. I just watched him with his pants at his ankles as he waddled over to my bedside table to pull a couple tissues from the box there. The top of his penis was very red and looked swollen. His hand moved faster and faster until he grunted and came into the wad of tissues in his other hand, then he slowed his rhythm.
I watched, amazed, as his peter, still swollen, went from erect to hanging down between his legs. 'I needed that,' he said. Me too, I thought.
More later about when Ted moves out, I start school, and Aaron and Kip move in...



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