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College Roomate

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Find a friend, or a cool roomate.


I recently moved into a dorm at a large state university. From the start my roommate, Adam, seemed very cool, and we have a lot in common. One is a complete lack of modesty. On the first night there, he walked out of the bathroom butt naked, unpacked more of his stuff, and worked on his computer, still naked, and didn't feel the need to even throw on a pair of boxers when one of the guys next door came in. He went to bed later, still naked. I'll admit I did snatch a glance of his goods, which were impressive: a pretty fat Johnson, cut, and huge balls. He obviously trimmed a good bit down there.

The next afternoon, I walked in to find Adam sitting at his computer stroking a huge boner. It was probably 7 inches hard. He looked up, laughed, then went back to stroking as if I wasn't there. I just stood there not really knowing what to say. I guess Adam realized this, and he brought me out of my stupor by tossing me his can of Vaseline, and said that there were tissues on the desk.

'Dude, it's always better doing it with someone else.' Adam said very casually.

Due to his lack of inhibition and my by now throbbing hard dick, I stripped, lubed up, and began stroking. I propped up against the bed behind Adam, who turned around facing me.

'Nice package,' he said to me pointing at my dick. 'Six and a half or seven inches, I'd say. And big around. The girls probably like that thing.'

'7 by 5 inches,' I told him.

We both hit it a while longer. I noticed Adam stroked with his left hand, up and down two or three strokes, then three around the head. He alternated pinching his nipples and squeezing his balls with his right hand. I use much of the same technique.

Adam was much further along than I. After a few more minutes, he began breathing heavily, stretched out his legs, pulled on his balls, and shot a rope of cum up on his shoulder, followed by 2 or 3 ropes up his chest and abs. It was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I wanted to make this one last, so I stopped for a minute.

'Need a hand?' Adam, again very casually, asked.

What the hell, I thought. When my girlfriend wouldn't let me go all the way, she'd usually compromise with a hand job. This wouldn't be that different, so I gave him the go ahead.

Without saying anything else, Adam sat down in front of me, grabbed by dick and started stroking. He also rubbed my aching balls. I took care of my nips. I noticed his dick was getting hard again, too, so I reached over and returned the favor. This was a first for me.

'Now that's the trick.' he said. His cock was definitely larger than mine.

It usually takes me a long time to cum, but, after only a few minutes, I was about to shoot. Adam, I guess, could tell, so he started stroking faster. I let out groan and shot a thick rope up on my chest, then another few all over me and Adam. It was disgusting but funny. Now I had to finish Adam.

I repeated the technique, alternating between slow and fast series of strokes. Soon enough Adam was ready to cum again, and he let out a yell with a thick rope up on his stomach. The rest dribbled down my hand. Again, it was disgusting but funny.

It's now a few weeks and a few mutual sessions later. We lend a hand to each other as much as possible. Adam wants to go for a full fledged circle jerk with the guys next door. More on that if it happens.



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