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College Experience

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True Story


I went off to college at 18 (back in 1948). Previously, I had many jerking off experiences with about a dozen boys - one boy about two times a week. Did get my cock up one boys ass a couple of times, but he couldn't take me because I am so thick.
At college, I lived in a home converted into 4 efficiency apartments on the second and third floors. I lived on the second floor with a roommate who was straight as an arrow. I never heard him jerk off, but I jerked off every day.
After a while the landlady told me that the guy in the apartment next to me when home fairly frequently. His home was about 200 miles away and I could easily get a Greyhound Bus to my hometown that was only about 35 miles from his home. So, I went to his apartment one evening (he worked during the day).
I asked about him about possibly getting a ride with him to his home city. We got to talking some. I found out that he was 28 and worked for a telephone company. After a few minutes he put his hand on my cock. I didn't object or move because it felt good and I had been used to doing it with my buddies in high school. Then he really started feeling me up. It took only a few seconds for me to get a hard on.
After he had rubbed my hard on some, he put his thumb on one side of my hard cock and his forefinger on the other side. Then he moved his fingers up and down on my hard on like he was jerking me. I just stood there and let him do whatever he wanted to because it felt so good.
Then he unzipped my pants and put his hand inside and tried to get my cock out of my jockey shorts, but he couldn't stretch the fly on the shorts enough to get my 6-1/2 inch cock out, so he asked me to take it out. I gladly did so.
Then he said, boy you certainly have a thick cock, the women will love it. I measure 6.3' girth, which calculates to 2' thick. Then he started jerking me off. I still didn't object because I was used to it with my high school buddies. After a few minutes, he stopped and went to another room and got a towel.
He handed me the towel and told me to hold it and shoot my load of cum onto it.
As he started jerking me off again, I put my hand on his cock feeling him up through his pants. He already had a hard on, so I unzipped his pants, took his cock out and started jerking him off. It wasn't too long before we both shot our loads.
He told me to come back in a week or two and he might have an idea of when he would be driving home. Well, I went back in a couple of weeks. He started off immediately feeling me up. As I got hard, I reached over and started feeling him up because I had enjoyed our previous jerk off meeting.
He suggested that we both take off our pants. I agreed. Then he told me to lie on the bed. He pushed my legs apart, got between them so our hard cocks were touching. Then he took my hard on and put it between his legs and started a fucking motion - in reality, he was jerking me off using his legs. Pretty soon, I shot several loads of my cum onto the back of his legs.
While he was jerking me off, his hard cock rubbed my belly some and he got quite hot. After I cum, he asked me if it was OK for him to jerk off and shoot his load onto my belly. I agreed. Pretty soon he shot eight loads of cum on my belly and pubic hair. Then, he got a towel and wiped up both our loads of cum.
Again, he had me come back in two week. The same sequence was repeated. After I lay on his bed, he got beside me and sucked me off - the first time I had a blow job.
Hope you enjoyed this true story and maybe even jerked off to it.



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