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College Campout

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It was early Fall my sophomore year in college. Several of my friends and I headed off campus for a campout at one of the girl's homes about two hours away. There were two carloads of us. My buddy Rigs and I were accompanied by five other girls. None of us really had any attraction towards each other although there certainly were a few lookers in the midst. One of the girls did have a crush on me but had recently I started dating another so I really wasn't interested.

Once we arrived at the farmhouse, we put up two tents. A few of us were going to camp out while the others slept in the house. Rigs broke out the beer and we all started to have a great time. The best looking girl was Kelly. Kelly was a double D and liked to show it always wearing very tight tube tops and no bra. Her ass was also as fine of an ass as you will find. Those tight shorts of hers always accented every curve including a nice camel toe.

With a campfire going, the beer tasted pretty good and we all got a good buzz on. So good in fact that I climbed into one of the tents and fell asleep quite early. The next morning I woke up about eight and looked over and saw Kelly sleeping next to me. A sleeping bag covered her shorts but left her beautiful breasts in plain few just below the tube top. Instantly I got a hard on trying to remember if anything had happened. Apparently nothing had, as I was fully clothed. My stirring woke up Kelly so we both stepped out of the tent and stretched. Seeing that nice tight ass again, I told her she better not stretch too much or she'd loose those shorts. With that she took off towards the house with me directly behind in hot pursuit. Before she got to the house I grabbed the back of her shorts and gave them a slight tug. In view for a brief instance was the unbelievable perfectly round ass I had craved to see. But then just like that her shorts were pulled up and the race was over. Once inside Kelly told all the girls I had depantsed her. Grinning I said I never did such a thing and the subject was over.

We packed up and headed back to campus Sunday night without incident. However when we were just a couple of miles from the dorms, the lead car pulled into a small isolated park. The girls yelled that they had to pee so we all got out and stretched our legs. Suddenly behind me I felt footsteps and the next thing I knew I was on my stomach with several of the girls on top of me. 'Now its your turn' Diane yelled. 'You're going to get it now' was Kelly's comments with a huge smile on her face as she sat directly in front of me. Four girls each had an arm and a leg with Kelly giving out the commands. All I had on was a thin white tee shirt and my favorite pair of faded blue jeans. I had used my last clean pair of underwear during the campout so I was freeballing.

'Let's depanse him !'one of the girls said. The others agreed. I had a huge grin on my face as I felt their weak attempts to pull my arms free. By now I had both hands on the sides of my body tightly clutching my pants. Being in great shape and a former high school football player I knew they weren't going to win this one. Rigs sat off to the side looking the other way saying he wanted no part of this.

The battle continued on as the girls tried to hit my hands trying to break my grip. Nothing doing. It wasn't going to happen. Occasionally one of them was able to grab the back of my jeans providing a quick glimpse of my bare ass to their delight.

As their efforts continued, I started to feel my jeans start to rip just below the belt line. I still laughed, as I knew as long as I was on my stomach that they weren't going to get them off. As a matter of fact, I soon realized that I was starting to like this attention a little too much as I felt the familiar swelling of an erection.

The pulling and tugging continued on and I could tell they were getting tired. Finally one of the said 'Let's roll him over.' Quickly I analyzed the situation and decided this may not be the best strategy for me in my condition. Their efforts now began in earnest to rock me and turn me over. With my hands around my waist, this effort paid off and I was soon on my back.

With the sun setting, it was just dark enough that they didn't realize I was fully erect by now. The tip of my cock barely covered by my thin worn out pair of jeans. With the girls faces in full few I could see they all had huge smiles. I started realizing that they weren't going to quit until they got what they wanted. My attempts to thwart them now went on the offense. Occasionally I'd grab a breast quickly and give it a squeeze before returning to my grip. Rhonda was kneeing over me so her breasts, although B in size took the brunt of my new offensive.

The girls now renewed their tugging on my pants and I felt them rip further and further from the waistband. By now my fingers were curled completely around it as the fabric just below the hips and separated. One of the girls yelled, 'He doesn't have any underwear on!' and the frenzy continued. Finally, my pants slowly ripped away on both sides of my zipper and my thighs were exposed. By now everyone was panting and laughing and I gave in.

Rhonda took my right arm, Diane took my left, and two of the other girls each climbed on a leg. This allowed Kelly free access to my zipper. My erection could now easily be traced through my jeans. This did not go unnoticed by Kelly as the back of her hand definitely brushed against it as she undid the snap of my jeans and undid my zipper.

The tugs began again on my jeans and my pants slowly slipped down inch by inch. First my pubic hair was exposed in the cool night air and then my thick, erect cock and tight nut sack. I was in a state of sexual heat as I could tell the girls were. With a final tug my jeans were lowered to my knees and I was exposed. Kelly quickly jumped on my jeans to pin my legs down even further. Five pairs of eyes started at my virgin erect cock throbbing in the cool air. The girls' laughs now turned to ooohs and ahs. I then told them ok enough is enough. Fair is fair. Let's go. But they didn't' move. Suddenly I looked down and realized Kelly was taking something out of her pocket. It was a tiny bottle of hand cream and then I panicked. I began say NO! NO! NO! I've got a girlfriend. 'We know' was all I heard.

Kelly then poured the contents of the bottle into her hand and grabbed my cock. Instantly I quit complaining as her fingers curled around the shaft. Embarrassed, turned on, and erect. I was in such a state of confusion I didn't know what to think. Slowing she began pumping it up and down with the rest of the girls watching. Being on my back I could see in their eyes just how badly they wanted to see me cum. I began moaning as Kelly let the tip slip out of her hand as she worked my shaft. Looking down I could see the precum forming. One of the girls whispered, 'Keep going Kelly. He's going to cum.' So she did. It wasn't soon after that I felt the spasm begin deep in my body. Trying to prevent it I was able to hold it off for another 30 seconds or so but I know that I was going to cum. Kelly knew it too as her other hand now fondled my balls. Her final effort was a slight squeeze of my balls and I lost it. Sperm exploded out of my cock in clear view of the girls. The spasms were so strong it was all I could do but pass out. Cheers now filled the air as the girls saw the white spunk land on my thighs and the grass below me.



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