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Colin's Hour of Need

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In England, students usually move to University at 18yrs, but more and more are taking a year off. I did this arriving at University at age 20 to find there was a wide age of people on my chosen course. I quickly made friends with a number of guys, both male and female, but by far my best and closest mate was another 20 year old, Colin. Goodness knows why, we just hit it off, but we were as different as chalk and cheese. He was extremely good looking, dark swarthy complexion, sporty and well-built. We both had our fair share of girlfriends, Colin was very popular, often 'running' two or three girlfriends at once, usually in different parts of the country!

After our first year, we both left for home, we lived relatively close, but we saw little of each other as we both had to work. Midway through the summer vacation I received a devastating 'phone call to say Colin had been involved in a one vehicle accident late one night and was very ill. I visited him in hospital as soon as I could and he certainly was in a mess, two broken arms, pelvis and back injuries together with a cracked femur and ankle. However, he was fit and young and soon came home to be cared for by his parents and younger brother and a succession of girlfriends. I visited him several times and one day I was asked by his mum if I could stay over the following weekend to look after him as they were going to a wedding and couldn't get out of it.

So I moved in on the Friday as the three of them went off after giving me full instructions about what I should do to help Colin who was by now very fed up with his enforced confinement to bed.

On the Saturday we were playing cards and then I suggested a movie. Looking through his collection he hinted that there were better ones in the cupboard, porn. However he seemed uncharacteristically reluctant to see one.

'Isn't it obvious?' he asked me. I clicked.

'It's all very well' he continued 'but I've no action with my arms plastered up like this. It was alright last weekend when Vicky was here, as she, er ,helped me.'

'Well, I'm not in the same league as Vicky' I jested thinking about the gorgeous, sexy Vicky who must be very capable of keeping Colin warm on winter nights!

Colin's eyebrows raised slightly, 'Yea, right, but a week's been a long time mate'.

He seemed to become increasingly embarrassed at what he wanted to say next

'I usually jack off at least one a day. Come on, we're mates, if you don't mind, I'd do it for you, and it's a real turn on movie. I don't mind if you want jerk off too.'

I'd not seriously thought about this before, but anyone with a sudden enforced physical inability to sexually relieve himself in the normal way would have a real problem. Neither had I thought about Colin in this way. However I must have been keen because I remember feeling a growing boner telling me that this could not only help a mate out, but be a bit of fun. A few awkward seconds ticked by.

'OK, of course I will' I said 'just let me know I'm doing it right as everyone's wanking mechanism is different and it's all down to how you like it.'

So we started watching the movie and with Colin clearly getting turned on, he indicated that with a bit of care, his boxers would come off over his plaster covered legs. I managed it and at the same time wriggled him around to pull up his T-shirt exposing a tight hairy stomach with black chest hair bunching between two extremely well-developed pecs each with a pronounced dark round nipple. Being so intimate and looking at my vulnerable friend, my boner was rock hard. Of course I'd helped him wash, with difficulty, and he'd expressed a degree of embarrassment using a toilet and asking me to look after his personal hygiene. In this different sexually charged atmosphere I hadn't appreciated just how good a body he had with a perfect uncut cock, large hairy balls and pubes, no wonder the girls loved him.

'I'll let you into a secret' he half-whispered. ' Last Sunday, Vicky and I managed to go the whole way, with a bit of manipulation, but in a funny way I think she enjoyed it, I did.'

'Blimey' I exclaimed ' that must have been a difficult job.'

'It was, but after all these weeks it was better than anything you could have imagined.'

With the movie in full swing, Colin indicated I should start on him and I did this with the best intentions of really turning him on. In a strange, unique way my friend was someone I admired, we shared all our secrets together, we cared for each other and therefore I'd do anything for him, including this. I tried to think how I'd feel if I was in his situation. Cupping his balls, running my fingers through his shiny black pubes, up and over his chest, lightly massaging his nipples, under his armpits and through his hair and face then down again to clasp his growing member which I slowly started to wank, had him groaning and sighing in ecstasy. I repeated this many times until his cock was rock hard at about 6.5', pointing straight upwards with his knob eye open widely.

'Hold the foreskin so it exposes my knob each time you rub down, not too hard though' he instructed.

I was a bit concerned that I was hurting him as I was a 7' cut job and had no problems with this. In fact, I could remember us going on a camping weekend not long ago and once when we needed a pee, we stood together. Colin admired my cut cock stating he wished he was circumcised, but couldn't face the pain if he had 'the cut' now.

'God, you're good at this, I've never experienced anything like it. Girls just can't do it properly, don't get me wrong, I love women, but I usually have to finish myself off, don't you?'

I agreed and continued silently helping him to forget his aches and pains for the time being. I was enjoying this surprise weekend activity and even more so, didn't realise I would be finding it a real turn on. I was aching to get my cock out.

Colin started to increase his breathing and moans after a few minutes. His orgasm was getting nearer. His eyes were glued to the TV screen

'Faster please.'

His hips wanted to move with the motion of my hand, but pain intervened. Leaving the action entirely to me I bent down and dropped some moisture from my mouth on to his engorged knob. I desperately wanted to take him in my mouth, I don't know how I stopped myself. After several more minutes lost in a world of bliss his exposed knob shot cum all over his chest, my hand and the bed. I could feel his penis fully expanding with every shot he delivered. After a few minutes, panting and exhausted he said that he'd never, ever, in all his years of shooting his loads had a jerk off like that. I had surprised myself, not realising I was so good. I cleaned him up waiting a fair few minutes for his cock to go soft and stop leaking blobs of cum. He hadn't noticed my boner and I'm glad about that.

'Mate,' Colin said later that night 'thanks a lot, if you do that to yourself, no wonder you're always looking pleased with yourself. I'll return the favour when I can.'

'Sure' I said.

'There's only one better, a full blow job, but I can't expect you to do that!' If only he knew.

At 0200 Colin called me wanting a pee. As I waited for him to finish, I vaguely wondered why some guys' cocks seem to be only slightly smaller when limp than when fully erect. Colin's was like this. I'd often seen him in gym shorts with a noticeable protrusion flopping from side to side as he ran, lucky lad, mine often went so small I wondered if it would ever return to full size when needed. I dealt with his pee before lifting up his boxers; as I did I noticed he was at half mast again.

'Please?' began Colin.

I didn't need to reply except to say that as I was so tired, it wouldn't be like last time. After only a few minutes of my attention Colin splattered cum over some tissues I had laid out over his T shirt.

'Bloody hell' was all he could say, laying there totally exhausted.

Colin recovered well and returned to University later that next term. We were so busy, we hardly met each other and it was only as I drove him home from University for Christmas that we talked about what had been happening since his accident.

Up until then, he hadn't remembered to return that favour. I wasn't expecting him to, isn't that what being close buddies is all about, helping a friend in his hour of need?

However, it wasn't long before there was a further twist to my story.

To be continued.



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