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Civil War Reenacting Fun

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When I was growing up my dad was big into Civil War reenactments and the whole family would travel a lot of weekends to different battlefields participating, mom and my sister in their big old skirts and stuff, and me as a boy in civilian clothes and when I got old enough as a soldier, too.

When I was 17 we had been going for many years and you get to know a lot of people. There was another family that were always at the same events, but from a different state and they had a daughter about my age named Amanda. By the time she was 17 as well she had filled out nicely and looked incredible in those old fashioned dresses with the corsets that squeezed her boobs together and showed a lot of cleavage. I couldn't help but imagine what was underneath her hooped skirt. She was about 5-5, 120 pounds, shoulder length brunette, deep brown eyes, perfect face, etc. Every civil war soldier boy's dream, haha.

We hit it off and would hang out a lot during our free time at reenactments and were kind of unofficially dating, at least at reenactments we were. We never saw each other any other times since we lived like 12 hours away from each other.

Anyway, we got a little closer each reenactment and after holding hands it moved to kissing, then light petting over her dress and finally one weekend after the dance we were both hot. Hiding back in the trees near the camping area, leaning with her back up against a big pine tree and me standing pressing against her. We had unlaced the top of her dress and pulled her boobs out for the first time and they were incredible 34C and milky white in the moonlight with tiny light pink nipples. I sucked them into my mouth and squeezed the other with my hand and fingers. She was moaning and rubbing my back and squeezing my ass. 'I want to go farther. Do you want to go farther?' she asked me. Hell yes, I did. 'We can't have sex though. Not here. Not yet.' she said. Oh well.

She reached down and pulled up the front of her dress and reached underneath, and wiggled her hips a little and pulled down her underwear to her thighs. 'There. God I'm so wet.' It was all I needed to hear. I reached my right hand down, found her thighs, slid up and felt the warm heat, then found the promised land, two very wet and smoothly shaved pussy lips. I began rubbing, spreading her wetness around. She reached down, tugged my uniform pants down with a little help from my free hand, and soon had my hard cock freed. She wrapped her hand around it and began pumping it. We kept kissing, she kept stroking, I kept rubbing and fingering her incredibly hot and wet pussy. My cock was dripping precum, which added nice lubrication for her hand. We were both moaning but trying to be quiet. 'Oh God I'm gonna cum.' She said. 'Me too, don't stop.' I moaned back. She began to tremble slightly and breath heavier, moaning more, then suddenly her thighs squeezed tight against my thrusting fingers, she moaned louder and dug her face into my shoulder and her hips started bucking as she came. That set me over the edge. I pushed my hips forward so that my cock was under her dress and pressed against her body just above her pussy while she kept squeezing and I let go, pumping a huge amount of jizz onto her skin, feeling it splash back onto my and run down her pussy onto my hand and fingers. We both moaned and cummed for like thirty seconds and I had never shot so much cum in my life, my balls, my hand, her hand, her crotch and pussy and down her thighs were covered in it. In addition to her cum running down her own legs and all over my hand and fingers, it was incredibly hot. As we slowly relaxed her thighs weakened their grip on my hand and I took my fingers out of her soaked pussy and she let go of my rapidly softening cock. We held each other and panted heavily as we recovered, then kissed some more. We didn't have any way to clean up all the cum so she said 'Hold my skirt up' so I did. She reached down and took her underwear the rest of the way off and said 'we'll have to use this'. We wiped the cum off of her crotch, pussy, and thighs as best as we could then dropped her skirt and I wiped some of the cum off of my cock, balls, and hand with her underwear. She said 'You can keep those as a souvenier. You deserve it. That was amazing.' 'Won't your parents find out you are missing panties?' 'I'll think of something.' she said. We made our way back to the dance and nobody ever knew.

She said later that her mom did notice she was missing a pair of underwear and asked what happened and Amanda had to make up a story on the spot real fast and couldn't think of anything else so she had to tell her mom that she had an accident in her underwear on her way to the portapotties and had to throw them away because they were too badly stained. She said it was totally embarrasing to tell her mom that she had pooped her panties at age 17 even if it wasn't true, but said it was still worth it because the orgasm was so amazing, lol. We were better prepared for the cum after that, lol.

That wasn't the last adventure we got to enjoy with each other, but it was the first and one of the hottest.



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