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Christmas Shopping

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On a cold day last December I drove into the city for a day of Christmas shopping. After completing my purchases I was looking for a place to get warm and I noticed an adult movie theater down the street.

After I paid my admisssion, I noticed that there were actually two theaters inside and that a few men were walking back and forth between the theaters. One of the theaters was showing a film involving heterosexual sex; the other was showing men having sex with each other.

I sat down and after my eyes adjusted to the darkness I noticed that a tall man, probably in his early 30's, sitting a few seats down from me. I could see that his pants were open and that he was masturbating his erect penis. I could also see that a guy sitting behind and between us, a short guy in his late 20's, was checking out my neighbor's hard-on while rubbing the crotch of his own pants.

Eventually the short guy leaned forward and had some words with the tall guy. The short guy then leaned over to me and asked if I was interested in getting together at the tall guy's house. I said 'sure, why not.'

We walked out of the theater and introduced ourselves on the sidewalk. The short guy's name was Kevin. He was 27 and was an accountant. He was cute. Kevin had well groomed brown hair, brown eyes, was wearing jeans, a turtleneck shirt, boatshoes and wool socks, and a corduroy jacket. The tall guy's name was Chris, he was 32, had dirty blond hair and blue eyes, and was wearing jeans, sneakers and a ski jacket. Chris suggested we go to his apartment about four blocks away.

After arriving at Chris's apartment we all took off our jackets. Chris's phone rang, and while he went to answer it Kevin and I stepped close to each other and started to fondle each other's genitals through our jeans. My penis quickly became erect inside my jeans and I could feel Kevin's hardness as well. After fondling and kissing for a few minutes, Chris came back to the living room and started to undress. Taking our cue from him, Kevin and I disengaged and started to strip as well.

Chris and I got naked fairly quickly, but Kevin took his time. First he pulled off his turtleneck, revealing a well toned, hairy torso. Next he kicked off his boatshoes and stripped off his socks, revealing equally hairy ankles. Then he ripped open the buttons on his jeans and pulled them down along with his white briefs. He had a beautiful body, covered with an ample (but not gross) coat of brown fur from his neck to his feet. He had a lush growth of pubic hair that framed his very erect and very cute, but short (about 4'), circumsized penis. Kevin said let's go to the bedroom.

We all flopped down on Chris's bed. Chris and Kevin played with each other's penises for a few moments, before Kevin turned his attention to me.

He started licking my nipples while simultaneously stroking my erection, while I was doing the same to him. From time to time we would take a break from our mutual masturbation while we rubbed our rock hard penises against through each other's hairy pubic bush.

Eventually, I felt my testicles tighten, and that telltale warm sensation starting to swell up within my genitals. I knew I couldn't control it, couldn't hold back, so I let myself go, and the orgasm took over. My penis started to convulse again and again as it ejaculated load after load of hot semen. I could smell that sweet bleach-like aroma of a fresh load. Some ended up in the hair on Kevin's belly, some in his pubic bush, some in my own. Most of my semen, which seemed as though as it was the largest load I had ever ejaculated, ended up on Chris's clean bed sheets.

I knew I had no energy remaining, so I cleaned up, dressed, and started to head out. Kevin and Chris were sitting nude on the sofa (looking as though they had other things in mind). I said 'thanks,' and headed toward the door. Chris jokingly said 'I hope you left some change on the table so I can pay for the laundry that you will have caused me to do!'

(This a 100% true story that actually happened).



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