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Christmas Present for a Young Man

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What happened when I was propositioned at a Christmas party...


I'm Isabel, I'm 52, happily married with two daughters (aged 30 and 25) and a son aged 23. A few weeks ago, I was on a Christmas night out in a local pub with all my work colleagues, we had a few drinks and a few laughs, I was really enjoying the night. I'd put on a black knee-length dress that only showed the top of my cleavage (42gg) and sheer black tights and heels, and had my shoulder-length brown hair straightened.

Most of my colleagues at work are in their 30s or 40s, but there is one young man, Tony, who, at 19, is the youngest person there. I'd caught him a couple of times looking at my chest in work and had an idea he fancied me, he's a good-looking young boy, but the age gap meant that I didn't really think of him in that way.

Anyway, the night was going well, and near the end of the evening, I was chatting with Tony, and sure enough, I noticed him glancing at my cleavage and legs. In the loo, a colleague, Sarah, said to me 'Young Tony really likes you'.

'Don't be silly,' I said, 'I'm old enough to be his mother.'

Maybe it was the wine I'd drank, but I was beginning to enjoy his attention.

Later, as the evening finished and people started heading home, Sarah, Tony and I headed to the main street to make our way home. Sarah got on a night bus, and I asked Tony how he was getting home. 'Taxi,' he said 'unless you want to go somewhere else?'

I laughed, 'I'm too old for nightclubs, Tony.'

He swallowed and looked down, nervously.

'Is that what you meant?' I asked.

He looked me in the eye and leaned in close to me, as if to kiss me. I put my hand on his chest and held him back. 'Tony, I'm old enough to be your mother'

'I don't care,' he said.

I thought for a moment. I've never cheated on my husband, and never would, but surely a little fun wouldn't hurt?

'Not here. Not out in the street. Come on.'

We walked to the taxi rank, got in a taxi and I gave the driver my sister's address. Carole was away visiting her in-laws for Christmas and I had her spare key to look after the place.

Once we got there, I led Tony in to the living room. We sat down on the couch and I leaned over to him. He started kissing me, his young lips massaging mine and his tongue probing my mouth eagerly. He ran his hands over my hips and down my thighs. 'Hang on,' I said. 'Tony, just so you know, this is a one-time only thing. I'm not sleeping with you, we can have a bit of fun, then you're going home. OK? And you mention this to no-one in work, ever. Understood?'

He nodded and started kissing me again, rubbing my left boob as he did so. Much as it felt great to feel so attractive, I still wasn't going to have sex with another man, so I gently pushed Tony back, undid his belt trousers and slipped his jeans and tight black underwear down.

His penis was already erect but actually fairly small, maybe only four inches or so, uncircumcised, with the purplish head peeking out from his thick foreskin. I ran my fingers through his thick halo of pubic hair and gently began to move his penis up and down. He gasped and lay back, watching me wank him. Maybe he'd had too much to drink, but after a while, it became obvious that he was having trouble coming. Maybe he needed some help. I slid my dress up as far as it would go, showing off my black nylon-clad legs and black panties. He ran his hand over my thigh and made toward my crotch. To be honest, much as I was enjoying the feeling of a hard cock in my hand, I wasn't quite comfortable with him touching my pussy, so I took his hand and sucked his finger, in what I hoped was a seductive way. I kept wanking him, my hand moving faster and faster and then, suddenly, Tony groaned and a huge blast of sperm leapt from the end of his cock. Smaller strings blasted over my fingers as I slowed my strokes. He gasped and kissed me again, his small penis rapidly softening. I rubbed his semen on the thigh of my tights and we sat snuggling for a while. Eventually, I phoned Tony a taxi to get him home, and I made my own way home.

I put my cum-stained tights in the bin and crept into bed naked alongside my husband, enjoying the familiar feel of his warm body, overweight and hairy though he is. He turned to me, and put his arm round me, I felt his soft but large penis press against me, and I fell asleep.

Next morning, my husband went to work, and I had a long slow wank myself, rubbing my clit and even taking my cum-stained tights out of the bin and placing them over my face, breathing in the smell of teenage semen while I orgasmed, raising my hips and grinding my fingers into my fanny.

On the Monday morning, when I walked into work, Tony immediately turned bright red and hasn't been able to speak to me since! But every time I see him, I think of the smell of his sperm on my tights as I brought myself off.



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