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Christians Can Masturbate Too

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[Webmaster's note: On another part of this website there is much information countering the claims of some christians that it is sinful to masturbate. They have lots of so-called ammunition from the bible and illogical arguments to support their claims. The first letter below, from a 15 year old girl, shows the frustration that the traditional christian anti-masturbation rhetoric can cause. However, to her credit, Kim was able to come up with some rationalizations between her faith and her physical needs which have allowed her to continue enjoying masturbation. The second piece below was submitted by a christian masturbator and it goes even farther in helping people who have a strong faith justify their need for sexual expression through masturbation. While I don't personally agree with some of the points in this essay, it is presented here with the hope that it will be helpful to many people with strong christian convictions. His ultimate message, to go ahead and masturbate, is in keeping with the objective of this website. Finally, there is another submission which adds some information and links.]

Kim's Story:
I a fifteen year old girl, and I just started masturbating three days ago. I haven't actually come yet, and the second night I tried, I gave up in yet another failed attempt. After I lay down to go to sleep, I felt a tremendous amount of guilt. To put it bluntly, I was horrified. I am a die-hard Christian, and I was shocked that I had done such a thing. I cried silently for hours. The next day I got on the net and found some Christian/masturbation web-sites. I soon found out that the question on whether it is right or wrong to masturbate is totally up for debate. No one really knows. I felt a lot better.
Then yesterday at work, I started thinking about my W.W.J.D. band. What would Jesus do? I was clueless. But I soon started thinking some more. Jesus was created in human form, right? Right. He WAS actually a HE. So HE had HIS own equipment. I started to wonder if Jesus himself ever masturbated, (as bad as it may sound.) I wondered if he EVER once got excited. He was a male, with all human feelings. He had to! I feel a lot better now about what I'm still trying to do. --Kim
I've read the many submissions regarding Christians and masturbation, which seem to reflect mostly how a person feels regarding the practice. The average person seems to think that masturbation is something that, in their own estimation, would be unpleasing to God. Centuries of over-zealous Christians have taken this line, thereby making themselves and others feel a strong sense of guilt.
I personally believe that what the Bible says is true, and I will not go beyond that. To add to what the Bible says is basically putting human words in God's mouth, and human opinions in God's mind. So we have to take what the Bible says at face value and make the appropriate applications.
We can be assured that men (I've chosen to deal with my own gender here) have been masturbating ever since the beginning. As long as men have had penises and hands and have been horny, you can be assured that they have masturbated. It is not an innovation of the 20th century. And it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that if you rub your penis with your hand, you will ejaculate. In fact I would speculate that young men of yesteryear probably did it more, since there weren't all of the other activities to occupy their time (T.V., Sega, Videos, etc.).
Regardless of how much or little men have masturbated over the last several thousand years, we know it happened; furthermore God knew it happened and that it will continue to happen. So how has God chosen to deal with this?
There is only one section in the Bible that could even remotely be applied to the physical act of masturbation. In Leviticus 15, 16-18 we read: When a man has an emission of semen, he must bathe his whole body with water, and he will be unclean till evening. Any clothing or leather that has semen on it must be washed with water, and it will be unclean till evening. When a man lies with a woman and there is an emission of semen, both must bathe with water, and they will be unclean till evening.
The first thing to note here, is that a distinction is made between a man simply having an emission of semen, and having an emission of semen with a woman. For a man to have an emission of semen by himself, this would be most often through masturbation, or less frequently by nocturnal emission. This section of the Bible is a part of the Old Testament ceremonial law, and not part of the moral law (e.g. committing adultery). An emission of semen is considered on the same plane as a woman's menstrual flow. And the only result of either is that they were "ceremonially unclean." Neither were considered sinful.
The "sin of Onan" is often cited as a case against masturbation (cf. Genesis 38, 8-10). Onan refused to obey God's command to father a child by his dead brother's wife, so he withdrew and ejaculated on the ground. For doing this, God put him to death. However this does not condemn masturbation. Even a cursory look at this section shows that the sin committed was disobeying a direct command of God. Ejaculating on the ground was not what got Onan in trouble. This section has nothing to do with masturbation.
The last place is where Jesus speaks of lust being the same as committing adultery (cf. Matthew 5, 27-28). Paul also talks about "burning with lust" (cf. I Corinthians 7, 1 ff). Certainly we can't argue with that. But one would then have to ask, isn't masturbation the primary way to control a person's lust? If a person lusts and masturbates, has he committed two sins? Is there any difference between lusting and masturbating, as opposed to lusting and not masturbating? I would think that lusting and not masturbating would be worse, because there is no relief; and one can be consumed by such a burning lust. Of course the ideal way to take care of sinful lust is to get married and have sex on a regular basis. But not everybody can do that, nor would it be proper to marry the first person that came along just to have sex.
A second thing should be considered as well. Is masturbation always connected with lust? This is subjective and is something that each person would have to ask of themselves. Speaking for myself, the two are generally connected; however I have at times awakened at night with a full erection and slowly masturbated myself with no particular lustful thoughts. I did it because it felt great!
The bottom line to all this is simple. In the Bible, God in no place says either directly or indirectly that masturbation is a sin. The ejaculation of semen would make you ceremonially unclean in the Old Testament. Onan was judged for disobeying God, and not for ejaculating on the ground. Jesus equates sexual lust with the sin of adultery. However none of these instances condemn masturbation.
But here is where the sinful human mind likes to work. The devil convinces us that masturbation is shameful and dirty and childish. He convinces us that God doesn't like it (even though God doesn't say so) and that masturbation is only for losers. He wants us to feel guilty when we masturbate. Moreover, the devil wants us to be totally consumed by burning lust and passion. And since he convinces people of all these things, when burning passion is felt, people are then tempted to seek out a wrongful release through a one-night stand or a prostitute rather than masturbate. Wrongful sexual relations can wind up in pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.
God has made us sexual beings. It's nothing to be ashamed about. God's ultimate design is that sex take place in marriage. However God has also given us a way whereby we can take care of our sexual urges. That way is through masturbation. Even though masturbation should not be a permanent substitute for marital sex, yet he's given us a quick and easy way to take care of things when normal sexual relations are not possible. So we can masturbate to our heart's content, without guilt or fear of judgment, knowing that this is something God in his wisdom permits us to do. It's the safest form of sex possible. And we can put away all of the old myths and fables about masturbation; none of them are true. Besides it has been said that in order for a man to maintain a healthy prostate, he should have a minimum of three ejaculations per week. Masturbation is even good for you!
Personally speaking, of course I masturbate. I started when I was 13. I often do it once or twice a day, or sometimes I wait two or three days. Masturbation doesn't consume my life. But it is something I enjoy, and I thank God that he has made it not only possible, but profitable for my life as well. I definitely remember the guilt feelings and all the other associated baggage the devil attached to it. But through the truth of God's Word, I have become convinced that a Christian not only can masturbate, he WILL masturbate and do it often!
Please, if you have a friend who is feeling guilty about masturbating for religious reasons, please print out this article and pass it along to him. You'll be making a positive difference in his life! May God bless you. --Anon.====
Even as a Christian, I've enjoyed masturbation since age 13 without guilt; I'm 34 now. Yet by my late teens I was aware that many youths suffer torment about it, & wished there was some way I could help. Anyway, because it's such a personal matter, I felt that there is no way. So all I've ever done is try to formulate sensible explanations for why it's ok, & tried to work out sensible refutations to arguments against it. But then I finally get started on the internet, and entered "masturbation AND Christians" into various search engines. After a few weeks it was quite obvious that there are about ten times more web sites or documents staunchly against masturbation than there were sites or documents supporting it. Your site is the only one I've found that has more than one article about masturbation for the Christian from a supportive angle. Well done! Top site! But it's not very prominent during engine searches. I've found 6 articles so far; 2 of them are ONLY on your site. These are "Christians can masturbate too" [you're reading that page] & "Flipping off the pleasure police" [anti-christian page linked below]. Another 2 that you have each exist on another site.
But here are 2 articles that you don't have yet. They are "Wanking: The Last Taboo" -by David McKay, at cust.idl.com.au/fold/teach/sex_marriage/Wanking.html and also at www.pnc.com.au/~pvogel/cm/spring96/wanking.htm
and there is "Re: question" -by Felix Theonugraha, 17 Feb 1999, at
This last one is actually a posting to the forum alt.religion.christian-teen which I accessed through www.deja.com
I hope you can include these extra 2 articles on your site, & also find a way to be hit more often when someone uses a search engine to read about this topic. Do you know of any other web pages that may help a young Christian to stop feeling guilty about masturbation? --anon....====
Webmaster's note: Ok, here's some suggestions--
Here's a link to a christian pro-masturbation site: http://www.libchrist.com/sexed/masturbation.html

And, Now, A Word From Some Mormon Readers...
hi, im very happy for you guys! i myself enjoy a fulfilling and exciting sex life with my husband, we are definately not inhibited! yes you guessed it were mormons, me since age 12 (im 34, im an emt) and my husband all his life 6th generation from ogden utah! not just cause were in the medical field --but because actually, for me, the catholic church taught me that sex was dirty, the mormon church taught me since age 12 it is beautiful and enjoyable, but wait till you are married, and let me tell you, if you saw some of the infections and diseases we have to see each day, you might agree, and hey by the way, our church is the only church that says sex is so beautiful, if we remain faithful to Christ, we can enjoy sex in the next life with our spouse! thats why all the other religions give us a hard time, so look again, i think your missing about 9 million others members that dont have a problem with it, obviously the teenagers (mormon and other ) in utah from your statistics dont seem too inhibited! rock on--sheila and bruce



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