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Christian College Part 3

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It was tough then, but looking back I can now laugh.

You have to understand that, during the 1970's, I spent five years in two Christian colleges and the subject of masturbation was never seriously talked about once. Sometimes a guy would make a joke implying some private activity, but it was so vague that most guys listening would probably not even get it. Masturbation was not only a taboo subject in mixed company, it was taboo in the privacy of your dorm room. (Okay, I was a geek which did somewhat limit my opportunites for sexual discussion, but sometimes I would pretend to be reading and listen to the lower half of the grade curve talk.) That is why I started my quest for the secret of the Holy Grail of Masturbation. (Call me Sir Strokealot.)

After my previous failure (Part 2) to share masturbation with a Christian friend, I decided to try another approach. I read a 'letter to the editor' in a small Christian publication by a Christian college student sharing the difficulties of dealing with sex with all of the extra rules Fundamentalists add to the Bible. I wrote to him at the college he listed-the letter got through-and he answered back. We started a series of letters talking about how we had been raised to be afraid of solo sex (could lead to mental problems), and close male friends (could lead to shared masturbation or worse). (There were no websites like Solo Touch back then so obviously finding someone to talk about this was very difficult.)

When he graduated finally, I invited him to visit me for awhile. He lived in Boston and I lived in Seattle and we had never met except through snail mail. (I hear yah, I was definitely Clueless in Seattle.) The day arrived when I drove to Sea-Tac Airport to pick him up. I masturbated like crazy just thinking about finally having someone to talk to (and to actually study someone else's technique) about a life-long taboo among Christian fundamentalists. We both felt that Christianity was real, but that the 'fundies' had added a whole bunch of rules that are never mentioned in the Bible. I anticipated being finally able to break through my childhood fears.

In the Bible the word for friend, I had discovered, meant 'to tie a knot.' Friendship was created by God and meant to be close. I picked him up at the airport and we started our anticipated conversation. I was ready for a mutual session right away, but he felt it was important to go slow. O Darn! Even though I had two beds, he thought it would be nice to sleep the first couple of nights in the same bed. We laid there locked in a hug and talking about all of our fears and failures trying to be a real, not a phony, Christian. After his warning about going slow I was afraid to openly masturbate before he was ready so I waited until he was asleep. I snuggled up next to him so I could feel his warmth and hear him breathe and quietly had a great session.

The next morning I got up first to fix breakfast. As I was setting the table, he stumbled into the kitchen right from the shower totally nude. I was wearing shorts. I couldn't believe how casual he was. For fundies, nudity is bad so I thought he was beginning to open up. He sat at the table and ate. I kept watching his cock to see if it was starting to stiffen as I figured that would be a sign he was ready to share. Nothing happened. He JUST ate breakfast. Well, maybe later.

Several nights later-and I was still waiting for a sign-he said he would like to sleep in the other bed for a change. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of his bed pounding against the wall as he was apparently masturbating with such force as to rock the whole bed. The next morning at breakfast I mentioned I had to masturbate to the sounds he made and was curious about his method which created such a racket. He got red in the face and apologized for making noise and said he wasn't even aware he was making noise, and he wouldn't do it again. And I thought it was a sign he was ready to talk about it. O darn!

After a couple of weeks I grew tired of waiting for a sign. I told him it was time we broke through our false inhibitions and finally watch each other masturbate. He replied that as much as he liked to talk about doing it in letters, and as much as he liked to joke about masturbation in person, he just couldn't bring himself to break the rules he was raised with and actually do it. My heart dropped. I felt conned. He implied in his letters that he was ready to have a friend to bond with and to experience the joys of mutually watching each other pleasure themselves.

Another dry well. O darn!

I am an avid bicyclist-geeks do things that do not require the assembling of a team-and am told I have a great body. (What about my mind?)

But the strangers that stop me in the mall and in parks might say that to everyone they want to be 'friends' with for fifteen minutes. But for a Christian masturbation is not about anonymous sharing, but something between friends who know, care, and want to be around you the rest of the time. Those strangers who stop me get such a funny look on their faces when I suggest we go and get a coffee. (Geek foreplay.)

I know growing up today must be much easier to do such things because even fundamentalists are beginning to realize they were adding to the Ten Commandments with an Eleventh. (God had Ten Commandments but His silence about masturbation was seen obviously as a major oversight.) (I was told, 'God made IT for just creating babies.' But I don't want 10,000 kids!) But back in the 1970's you can't believe how difficult it was to share such things as discussed on this site. I tried several times bringing the subject up with Christian friends and got labelled as some kind of deviant. Growing up in a small school and church, you had to be very cautious to avoid being totally ostracized. I received the silent treatment several times for daring to mention the unmentionable. Once when I was very bold, I turned around while changing out of my bathing suit with a friend to reveal my fully erect pride-of-my-life. The other guy acted like he had never seen one before. (Was that possible?) Shock, disgust, horror, and I'm not speaking to you! O darn!

I still remain a devout Christian and can only laugh at those times, but they were painful times. Finally I can enjoy this very special gift from God and be thankful for it and the release it provides. But I remain very careful about the subject around my fellow Christians. I really love reading the stories on this site of Christian guys who are free to masturbate with caring friends. Thanks.



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