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Chris and Anna. Before the Big Night

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I think that it was very sudden, the change between us being just good freinds and then sex buddies. Certainly it seemed to unlock a secret door in me. I had, I think been having really raunchy and downright dirty thoughts, and the thing is, they must have come from me, because there was no way I had come into contact with any of the things I suddenly found myself thinking of.

On the day that Chris had booked a motel room for the night, we went to the pictures. Naturally, I thought something sexy would happen there, and I made sure that what I wore would not get in the way. I dont like dressing 'tarty', and I know Chris much prefers ordinary, (he calls it real-life) clothes. The film was quite horny and we sat in the cinema with my coat over our knees and Chris had his hand up my skirt. I was really getting horny and had opened my legs real wide and had lumped down in my chair as his fingers pressed my panties against my clit. Suddenly, being there in public made it all the more horny. In fact, I whispered to him 'I wonder if anyone knows what we're doing. Maybe some guy is watching and beating off.' I guess I said it louder than I thought becase from behind me came 'Yes. I do and I am.' For a brief moment, I was horrified then it all became really sexy. 'Tell me what he's doing to you,' came the voice from behind. I turned my head to find a guy who could easilly have been my father's age. 'I've got my legs spread and my boyfriend is rubbing my... (i really wanted to talk dirty, but for some reason, I balked for a moment then..) cunt through my panties. My clit is hard and I want his fingers in my hole.' He said 'I have my cock out and I'm jacking off. Do you mind?' I said 'No.. in fact its a turn on.' Chris whispered directly into my ear. 'Let's go to the car with this guy.' Suddenly I felt widly erotic. I turned to the guy and said 'If you like, you can come with us to our car. You can watch Chris make me cum.'

The three of us left the cinema and walked to our car. We made the guy get in front while we took the back seat. Chris leaned me back against the rear door and spread my legs. I was wet as all hell and Chris pulled my panties to one side to show this stranger my pussy. Then he gave me a really good finger fucking. The guy had his cock out and was jacking like crazy. Chris pushed a finger into my asshole and I came loud and hard. Then I felt something splatter onto my legs. The guy in front had shot his load all over me. He thanked us and left. Chris got into the front and drove to the motel.

When we got to our room I wanted to shower, but he held me and said 'No. I want to make love to you as you are now.' I told him I have another man's sperm on me. He said 'Yes. You little whore. Would you have fucked him?' I thought for a moment and said 'Yes, if you wanted me to.' He held me and kissed me for ages, asking me questions. 'Would you have sucked him?' (Yes) 'Would you have let him do it inside you?' (again, Yes) Would you have taken him up your ass?' (Mmm.. YES) All the time, Chris was undressing me until I was naked in his arms. Then he pushed me onto the bed. 'Masturbate for me.' I began to rub myself and this guy's cum into my pussy and I came immediately.

That was the start of a journey into eroticism that continues still. Part of it is that Chris wants me to write here what he does with me.

I cant write about the fucking, but there are things we have got each other to do. Next time, I will get Chris to write about how I made him live out some of my erotic ideas.



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