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Choir Retreat & Shoe Size Theory

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This happened back in my senior year of high school. John and I were both 17.

One Saturday my high school had a service project at the school to clean up the campus and the grounds. Picking up trash, raking leaves, mulching, etc. I was on trash crew and we split up into pairs. John and I, knowing each other from choir since freshman year, decided to pair up. We had some stuff in common, but he was sort of a dork. John was also on the wrestling team, but he wasn't a cool jock, he was kinda lame. I, on the other hand, was well liked by everyone at the high school and was elected class president and won awards, all that jazz... John was definitely the more attractive and well built guy though. John was about 5'10' and close to 200 pounds(all muscle). He had huge biceps and pecs. I on the other hand was 6' tall and a little chunky, weighing about 215. All in all, we were both pretty good looking guys.

That day John and I played two different games while out looking for trash, 'Truth or Dare' and 'Would you Rather?'. We talked about everything from girlfriends, to hot girls at our school. However the questions got more and more risqué as we went. We finally began to talk about penis size. John asked if I'd ever heard that if you divide your shoe size by two and then add one, you get your penis size. John said we should calculate and see if the numbers we get match our penis sizes. John said he wore a size 14 shoe, so 14/2 is 7, plus 1 is 8. I kinda found that difficult to believe, but I took his word for it. He then asked my shoe size, and I told him I wore a size 12. 12/2 is 6 plus 1 is 7. My penis(at that time) was not 7 inches long, so I was honest when I told him that it wasn't true for me. He told me that it wasn't the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that mattered. Pompous asshole... Later that day after our service project he asked me if I could come over to his house to hang out a while, but I had other plans.

About a week or so later it was time for the annual choir retreat. We stayed in a bunch of cabins in the middle of a forest, and there were two bathhouses. One for men, and one for women. The bath houses had a whole row of sinks across from a whole row of stalls/urinals. Then on the other side of the bath house was a big block with shower heads on three sides with some benches in the middle. There were wooden partitions that separated the shower heads into little cubicles, but there were no curtains or doors. I am a very private guy, and I don't flaunt my manhood or any part of my body in front of others. I get in, do my business and get out. I am modest, wear a towel, and never show my dick long enough for someone to get a really good look. Not because I am embarrassed or ashamed, but because that it how I was raised. Others in the bath house were a little less modest and proudly swung their manhood around and openly exposed themselves to the other guys.

I woke up early the first morning we were there at the camp and went ahead to the showers to get cleaned up. The bath house was empty except for a few crickets, so I went straight to the shower block to enjoy the hot water while it lasted. I stripped down, left my towel and clothes on the bench in the middle of the block and took my soap and shampoo to a cubicle on the left hand side. A few minutes into my warm relaxing shower, I hear the front door to the bathhouse creak open and shut. Someone was either coming in to take a piss or enter the shower block. I hear whistling getting closer and closer, but I don't think anything of it and continue. I turn off the water and go out to the bench area in the middle of the shower block to get my towel when I hear a voice say, 'Hey. Got any shampoo I could borrow?' Before I could even answer or wrap a towel around me, the guy walks out of his cubicle dripping wet, naked, shower still running, and it was John. And then and there, I saw the most impressive man meat I have ever seen. I am not gay, but it was kinda hypnotizing. I couldn't help but stare at it. John noticed this and he was flattered(not like his ego needed any more satisfaction). He looked me up and down and said, 'Nice dick, dude.'

'Uh, yeah. You too.' I uttered. He was semi erect, plump, large and in charge. His full nut sac hung lower than mine, and his cock was circumcised(same as me).

The puzzle to John's request for shampoo is that he has a buzzed head. A little hair, but not really enough to need shampoo. He said, 'Why don't you come here and let me use some of your shampoo.' And before I knew it, John and I were standing in the same cubicle and I was squeezing a glob of shampoo into his hand. He said 'I know it's not the best lube, but it'll do.' WHAT??!! He starts pumping his dick and with each beat of his heart, you could watch his dick grow larger and larger until it reached about 7.5-8 inches long. I was shocked. By this time I am hard as a rock too and he just looks at me saying with his face, 'Well aren't you gonna join me?' I squirt some shampoo in my palm as well and start to pump my shaft. I was surprisingly thicker than John, but I still measured in at about six inches long. Standing in such close proximity to another person while jacking our respective dicks sent me and John over the edge pretty quickly. Within about three minutes, John and I exploded our massive teenage loads onto the shower floor and walls. Cum spewing glob after glob out of our post adolescent cocks, and it was HOT!

I said, 'Wow, so I guess you were telling the truth about your show size theory. I wish it were the same for me'.

He said, 'You are pretty close to the theory in length. But your girth is massive, it looked like you were stroking a soda can.' And before I could thank him for his complements, I heard the bathhouse door creak open. I ran out of his cubicle toward the benches with my semi hard dick swinging, wrapped my towel around me, and headed back to my cabin. John finished his shower and hopefully cleaned up the cum.

Luckily we didn't get caught. I'll never forget my experience with John at choir retreat because that was my first time jacking with a guy. John and I still hang out occasionally when we are home from college, but I never did anything like that with him again. I guess guys just get horny and need some relief.

I ended up getting closer to the shoe size theory and today at 21 years old I measure out at 6.75 inches(7 on a extra horny day).

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