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Cheerleaders Fun

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Ok so umm.. Saturday morning we had cheerleading practice and me and my friend ashley always have to work together when we do the stunts. Well first off I'm bi and shes straight (well was straight, now bi). well we were practing this one stunt and she had to sit on my shoulders and she was wearing a practice skirt and I thought she had shorts on under neath and turns out she didn't have anything on because when she was sitting on my shoulders I felt her crotch and felt not shorts or atleast any panties. at that moment I just got turned on by that.

so I let her down and when I did I rubbed my hand in her crotch just to let her know I knew she wasn't wearing anything underneath. so after practice we went to my house and I just had this urge to finger myself, but she was like can I change really quick and so I was dammit in my mind because I wanted to go finger myself in the bathroom but at the same time I was like ok, so I told her ok after a min. or 2 I went to my room but to my surprise I saw her sniffing my panties through the door crack.

at this point I was just so turned on, I continued to watch and then she looked through my panties some more and found my blue dildo and she started sucking it and then she went to my bed and started rubbing her pussy with it, at this point I couldn't control my urge I just came in the room right as she had the dildo back in her mouth. and her legs up, she must of fel embarassed but I quickly just went over to her and was like relax.

i went over her and kissed her and then grabbed her tits and moved my way down, I then took the dildo and sucked it a lil and then slowly put it in her pussy and then as I kept taking it in and out I rubbed her clit very fast. after 3 min. she couldn't take it, she literally exploded her pussy juice all over me and at this time I was completely naked.

she was like passed out but after a few min. she recovered and she was like that was amazing. I then took my very wet dildo and put it in my pussy and she was like the least I can do is help u, so I let her do all the work, and it was very good.

after saturday morning, we became really close, even more than before. so during lunch today there is this one cheerleader (named jami) who sits with me and ashley and she has never even been kissed so we thought maybe we can get her to help us, and I was so horny today I brought my dildo and vibe and so after school I went to the locker room with ashley and it was just us 2 and then all of the sudden jami comes in and I started taking my clothes off to change and so did ashley following my lead, because we have uniforms for school but we can change after school. and well me and ashley were wearing thongs and we couldn't help but jami look at us and then she must of saw in my locker because I had the dildo and vibe in there because she then said are those urs and I was like yea, she was like oh, are those what I think they are and I was like what u never seen a vibe or dildo and she was like no, and ashley was like oh well today is ur lucky day and she locked the door. and then jami was like uhhh and then I was like come here and she came slowly and I was like sit down and she did and then ashley came up behind her and started to massage her neck and back..

at that time ashley said lay down on the bench and she did and just kept massaging her for almost 20 min. so after 20 min. ashley moved her hand to up her shirt and took it off and then un did her bra (by the way she is an A cup) and so she massaged her more and then I started rubbing her thighs and she just twitched a lil but let me and then I moved up and took her white panites off and I then un did her skirt and took it off.

by now she was completely naked and me and ashley were in a bras and thongs and so we decided to get naked and then all of the sudden we heard a noise and it turned out wit was another cheerleader named megan, she was kinda big and she was just in a bra and panties I she saw what we were doin to jami so looked so stunned I then said I know ur not bi but jami has never had a orgasm, so megan got naked and ashley was still massaging jami and I pulled out my dildo and had megan suck it and as megan sucked it I started rubbing jami's clit and she shook a lil and then megan handed me the dildo and I slowly put it up her butt and then I was like megan suck on my vibe now and then I was able to get the dildo half way up her butt before she screamed a lil. so I stopped, by then the vibe was nice and wet so I slowly put it in her pussy and she shook some more but ashley kept her calm, by now ashley was rubbing her tits and I was workin on jami and then megan went to her locker and came back wit the biggest dildo I ever seen and she was like this is for u melissa and she shoved it right in my pussy, omg it was so amazing but I stopped focusing on my plesure and focused on jami.

i then turned on the vibe slowly to high and kept moving it in and out, and as I was doing that jami started moaning realy loudly and then she let out a loud moan UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and she just gushed out everywhere and she passed out some what. as this point I was licking her pussy juice off of her legs and I had my butt the air and megan was just goin to work on me. she kept it going and going so finally I blasted a powerful orgasm on her face and passed out right by jami's pussyi then heard megan and ashley pick up jami and cleaned her off because she was so out of itand then they cleaned me off and I looked over and I saw then go as it with my vibe and dildo and her big ass dildo and they had some powerful orgasms.

at this point we just layed in the locker room naked for like an hour until we decided we had to go, I can't wait until 2morrow !! hehehe



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