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Cheerleaders are SO Sexy!!

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My sister's best friend was so hot and sexy!


When I was only 16 my older sister was 18 and a senior cheerleader. Although she was a "hottie" herself I had my eyes glued to her best friend Valerie. Valerie had dark black hair, a great smile and of course I couldn't help but notice her tight ass and her perky breasts. Although the cheerlaeading uniforms were not very revealing whey they jumped around it was easy to get a quick view of their panties. Valerie did not know of my interest in her but one weekend she stayed the night with my sister.
Since my sister had a very small bedroom Valerie had to sleep in the guest bedroom which was just off my bedroom. They both ran around that night with just t-shirts and panties and I could stop sneaking a peak at Valerie's long sexy legs. While they were downstairs watching TV together I was able to sneak into Valerie's room and I feverishly looked for a pair of her panties. My luck was great and to my suprise I found her cheerleading panties that were still damp and smelled of her sweet pussy. I quickly stashed them under my mattress for later use.
After everyone had gone to bed that night I took out Valerie's panties and began to jack off while licking and sucking on the moist crotch. Her aroma was intoxicating and I struggled not to come to fast. In my extasy of smelling her panties I did not hear Valerie as she quietly entered my bedroom. When she spoke out to me my heart almost jumped out of my chest. She laughed and said she did not know there were so many ways to use a pair of her panties. I was so hard and horny that I just kept stroking my throbbing hard cock. As Valerie came closer to the bed I noticed that she had her hand in her silk panties and was fingering herself frantically. She asked if I had ever thought about her before and I told her I jacked off all the time thinking about her and her sexy cheerleading outfit.
She asked me if she could touch my cock and I told her to go ahead. As she gently stroked it she seemed worried that she would break it or something with her weak grip. I put my hand around hers and showed her how to grip it tighter. She kneeled next to my bed to get a better angle. As she began to stroke it harder I began to moan and groan. She told me she had never seen a guy "come" before and she asked me how much I usually came. I told her when I thought about her I usually came all over my chest but today I felt like I would shoot all over the walls! She laughed as she kept stroking me. Then she leaned forward and ran her tongue over my shaft and as it got wet she stroked it again as my cock my sucking noises in her hand. She told me she did not want me to come in her mouth but she wanted to feel it in her mouth. I promised her I wouldn't and she gently took half my shaft into her warm wet mouth. She then began to run her tounge under the sensitive underside and she began to massage my balls. I told her I needed to pull out and she took my cock out of her mouth but continued to stroke me. I was a slave to her wonderful hand jacking me off and when I started to come I ended up shooting all over my chest and even shot two strands on my cheek and my chin. Valerie continued to jack me off while she licked the come of my cheek and chin and some of it off my chest. I told her I had never ejaculated that hard and that much and told her she must have magic fingers.
Valerie then told me it did not seem fair that I was the only one to come. She asked me if I had ever fingered anyone and I told her no. She then took my hand and gently put it in her panties. As my fingers explored her pussy lips she was obviouly wet from jacking me off. I asked her if I could taste her and she climbed on top of me on the bed. She then placed her hips right over my face and lowered herself onto my face. I could not believe how sweet and musky she smelled and she tasted even better. At first I just kissed her pussy hairs but then I licked her clit and she began to wiggle and moan. She told me she had never had anyone lick her pussy before but that I was great!! I began to flick my tongue over her pussy lips and even lightly bite on her clit and she came all over my face. I could not believe how much this girl could "come" on my face but she did three times in a row. Unfortunately we heard a noise that she thought was my sister and she got off my bed and went back to her bedroom. From that day on I have tasted many sweet pussies but none as sweet as Valerie's!!



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