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Changing Room Masturbation

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When I was a teenager, my mid-size town still had a thriving downtown shopping district. Lots of department stores, little dress shops, variety (5 & Dimes, we called them) stores, etc. For a year or more when I was 14-15 Years old, I would spend most of my Saturdays walking around the crowded streets and shops looking for sexy females that I would remember when I went home and jacked off. There was one dept. store that had changing rooms for girls to try on clothes that had little curtains that did not come all the way together. I could sit on a little bench and pretend I was waiting fo mom or sis or whoever. From that bench I could see into 2 different little rooms where girls where changing. Even when they pulled the curtains all the way closed, there was still a 2-3 in. gap that I could look straight into. I saw lots of girls and women of all ages in just bra and panties. Once in a while, I even saw a girl topless, but they were usually like 12 or 13 year old with their breasts just developing. Once a hot woman in her 30s took off everything but her pantyhose with no panties underneath. I had to use the store's bathroom to masturbate in that day.

I have many such stories of my Saturdays downtown, but the hottest one took place in the shoe dept. of the same store I mentioned above. Sometimes when women/girls would be trying on shoes, you could see right up her dress or skirt. So I had seen a lot of leg and thigh and sometimes panty-covered female crotch. Really hot stuff for a 14 yr old horndog like I was. One Sat. morning, I was cruising through this store, came to the shoe dept and saw a 15 or 16 year old girl trying on shoes. She was a little chubby but also really cute. A male shoe dept. clerk was helping her try on shoes. He was only around 19 or 20 himself and was obviously enjoying looking up her short white skirt as he kneeled right in front of her and she spread her legs as he put her shoe on for her. His face was red and he kept looking around to see if anybody was watching him. I was standing a little ways behind him, so he could not see me, but she could see me and she started watching ME watching THEM. She was biting her lower lip as she spread her chubby thighs, looking at the shoe guy then at me.Then he went to the back room to get more shoes, and I had her all to myself. I pretended to look at mens shoes on a table right beside where she was seated. She said Hi and looked me up and down. I think she could tell my dick was hard because her glance stayed on my crotch area quite a while. The clerk came back, she tried on one more pair, but did not buy anything. When she left, I decided to follow her and try to catch another glimpse up her skirt. She went to the clothing area and I looked at men's clothes which was right beside the ladie's area. I was close enough to keep watching her. Then she motioned with her finger for me to come over to her! I nervously approached her, and she asked me if I thought a particular top would look good on her. Of course I said yes, and she said what about these pants, too small for my big ass, she asked. I said, turn around, and she did and bent over and shook her big but sexy ass right at me. She said she would try on the top and pants and ask me again if she looked okay in them. Being very famaliar with the changing area, I followed her and took my spot on my little bench. She went into the wrong changing room, one that I could not see into! I said 'HEY' (I still did not know her name) 'How about this middle room?' She shrugged her shoulders and just said 'O.K.', no questions asked.

She went in and left the gap in the middle of the two curtains open even MORE than it normally was ! There was at least 5 or 6 inches for me to look into. The bench being only 4 or 5 feet away, I had a real good view inside the little room. Luckily, there was no one else around as my eyes were glued to that opening. She took her little white skirt off first. She was wearing blue silk panties, not a thong, but with just elastic at the sides. It came down low in the front, and I could see hair on her slightly protruding belly. (Later in life, I learned this is called a 'treasure trail') As for that moment, it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Pussy hair growing up to the girl's belly button! I was already hard, but the show had just begun.

The girl pulled her panties forward with her thumb, looked down at herself, then looked out straight at me, bitng her lip as I had seen her do when she was flashing the shoe clerk. SHe put her hand down into her panties and rubbed lightly for just a few seconds, then smelled those fingers, and took her top off. She had a white padded bra on. She squeezed her tits through her bra, the reached around and unhooked it. But she turned around with her back towards me before she threw the bra to the floor. She only had her panties on and little white and pink ankle socks. I couldn't wait to jack off to this sight! She reached to her sides and pulled her panties down just over her ass, no farther. She squatted slightly as her hands went for her pussy. I coudn't really see it,but I knew, for the first time I was watching a girl jerk-off! I had to stop touching myself as I knew I would be cumming in my pants soon. I could hear her moan now as her left hand obviously pulling her panties down as she stoked her pussy with her right one. Right then, she whirled around and almost fell against the back wall of the little room. Her breasts were small and hard, a smallish B-cup, tiny little hard nipples, and her aerolas covered half her tits. I looked down to the hair on her belly, and started to feel my hard dick again, through my jeans. I stared at the dark brown hair clearly visible as she still held her panties down with her left thumb, and her right hand was clearly rubbing her hairy slit. When she opened her eyes a few seconds later, I was standing right in front of her in the entrance to the changing room. At first, she started to pull her panties up. Then she saw my hard 6' dick in my hand. Her eyes widened; probably the first erect cock she had ever seen. She looked scared for a second, then smiled and pulled her wet panties down almost to her knees. left hand rubbing her tits, right hand rubbing her clit from side to side. Her hand moved down to her opening once to bring back juices to lube her clit. She put one foot on the chair beside her, leaned against the wall, started to rub REALLY fast and hard, and started to grunt and shake. As she climaxed, I shot my massive load into the little room, hitting her leg and her panties which were now down on one ankle, and the carpet. She had opened her eyes in time to see some of my cum hitting her body. Her 'tit hand' reached down and smeered some of my hot cream on her little tits. She reached out, took hold of my half-hard dick, squeezed a few more drops out, smelled the cum on her fingers, and then tasted my salty sperm. She licked her lips and got more off her tits and licked her fingers again. I looked at her pussy. The hair all around her hole was soaked. I wanted to kneel in front of her and taste her creamy pussy, but I was afraid it was past time for someone else to be coming to the changing rooms. I just said, we better get dressed. Maybe she sensed I wanted to taste and smell her pussy, because before she put her panties back on, she wiped them up and down her soggy slit and handed them to me, again biting that lower lip. As I sniffed, breathing in deeply,and ran my tounge over the wet crotch, she started to rub her pussy again. I handed the panties back to her and she told me to keep them. She put her bra, shirt, skirt and shoes on while I made sure no one was coming. She kissed my cheek as she left, and said 'See you next week'. I stuffed her wet panties in my pocket, went home, went to sleep and re-lived that day in my dreams. When I awoke I masturbated with her smelly panties wrapped around my dick, the first of MANY such times.

I did not even know the name of this hot girl I had shared my first mutual masturbation session with. Or where she lived, phone number, nothing. The next Saturday, I was at the store as soon they opened. She did not show up. But the NEXT Saturday, there she was, dressed in an even hotter outfit than the last time. We talked, had lunch, and, deciding the changing rooms were too dangerous, went to her uncle's house where no one was home. We explored each other's bodies to the fullest, and jerked off and jerked each other off all over Uncle's house! We spent time togther, off and on, for a few months until she moved to a small town 30 miles away. We would still talk on the phone, but gradually drifted away from each other, probably because the sex-play was the main attraction for us both.

I still have fond memories of my first masturbation partner, and will be jerking off in just a few minutes as I review my story. I hope all you kids out there find you a willing partner to masturbate with. It's a thousand times better than jerking off alone!



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