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This happened a long time ago but it's still fresh in my mind. I have thought fondly of this many, many times over the years.


I had been sailing on the college team for a couple of years and was able to prep a boat on a late fall day for a short afternoon sail with a girl I had only met that week. We drove out to the lake and together prepped the boat even though it was blowing fairly hard and it was a 40 degreee farenheit afternoon. We got out and sailed in a high wind for nearly an hour. As we headed back, I thoughtlessly sat on the side, the boat wheeled out in the turn and I got myself dunked in the middle of the lake. Of course I had forgotten to put on a life jacket and had on a heavy sweater. I had trouble climbing back in, but with her help was able to get in with the only thing harmed being my ego. But, heck, these things do happen and I got back to the dock soaking wet and shivering in about an hour.

Once there I had to haul the boat and put it all away and it was overcast, cold and another hour back to school. Luckily we had brought changes of clothing, just in case.

We walked to the car and right off she said she would help me change. She was very chatty and said, don't worry, 'you've nothing my brothers don't have'. I was a bit apprehensive but quickly bit onto the idea. As we both peeled off the cold clothes I felt myself stiffen a bit with the exposure and cold. As I stood there in only my undies she was quick to grab the undies and pull them down. It was like a total focus on that act. Yup, it popped out nearly in her face. Now I am about average in size and like most guys think it's too small, but her quick comment was, 'it's beautiful'.

Gosh, I was so taken with her acceptance I just stood there with her looking at it and said, 'do you think so'? She reached up and felt it and started to comment on the size of the head and the pee hole. It was so odd to be having a conversation about my cock with her so focused on it. She said she had seen both her brothers, who were younger than her, but never one that was hard.

I said, 'do you want to see me jerk off'? Immediately, I began to show her how I go about it and then asked if she would like to try. With that she began to move her hand up and down and in about two minutes I shot my load onto her sweater. She giggled and shrieked, thinking it was great fun. I could only agree.

We then finished the dressing bit, drove back to campus and had a normal date that night. We were able to finish the evening with her jerking me off again in front of the girls dorms in the front seat of my old bench seat car.

We did it many times later in the year and then she transferred to a state school in another state.



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