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Caught With Sisters Panties

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I'd stolen her panties and then I got caught!


I have three older sisters and they're all attractive and well built. Being the youngest and a horny teenager, I had regular fantasies of them while masturbation and enjoyed all of them. With all of those pretty panties spread all over their rooms and the single bathroom that we shared it was only natural that I had developed a huge panty fetish and began to 'borrow' them while beating off. One day after school I found myself in the house alone and had taken two pairs of them from the hamper in the bathroom. I had one to my nose enjoying the sweet smells of pussy and the other wrapped around my erection masturbating with it when one of my sisters, Debby came into the bath and saw me.

She shreiked and said: KEVIN! I can't believe your doing this! I leapt up and tried to hide my erection with little success while she continued to yell at me. I begged and pleaded with her not to tell my mother or other sisters when she noticed that both panties were hers. Then she surprised me when she asked if I always used only her panties? I admitted to her that while there was no way for me to know who they belonged to that they did smell wonderful. She smiled and told me she would not tell anyone on one condition. That I would let her dress me in her panties and then masturbate in them while she watched. She looked at me waiting for my reply. She said, Common Kevin, I KNOW you want me to watch you stroking your cock for me. Please do it for me now... I'll tell mom, Barbara and Tammy if you don't let me!

What could I say, She was right. I had often wanted her to watch me jacking off for her so I said Yeah sure. She told me to sit down on the floor again just how I was when she came in and begin again. She sat down with me and when she saw my hard cock, she whispered, ohh Kev that's a nice prick, Jack it for me so I can watch. I want to see it cum in my panties. I stroked my hardon with her silky panties while she continued to encourage me. Oh Yeah Kev, it looks like it feels good, does it feel good when you use my panties on your cock? I said, Hell yes it feels great and I love that your watching me abuse these panties of yours. Where do you want me to cum? CUM in my panties Kev, CUM IN MY PANTIES while I watch you masturbate for me! That's it Kev stroke it faster, Yeah, Oh my god I'm getting wet watching you do this for me.. Tell me when your gonna shoot your cum Kev.. I kept wanking for her and her words were going to make me erupt into her dirty panties while she watched me beating my meat for her!

I was close now and began the short strokes when I began to GRUNT & PANT.. Oh shit Debby HERE I CUM! She put her hands on my thighs, Yeah Kevin, Do it, Do it for me! Cum in my panties, Cum as much as you can! I love watching your cock Cum in them.. Ohh Here it is.. My cock was now convulsing with stream after stream of warm cum into her panties while she squeezed my thighs, Yes, Yes, YES. CUM KEVIN, KEEP CUMMING IN MY FUCKING PANTIES! After thirty seconds of cumming my cock was spent and Debby told me she wanted them back so she could keep them. I told her I thought we should put them in the wash and that's when she reminded me she would decide when she wanted me to use them again.. Yeah, she made me masturbate in that same pair of her panties quite a few times whenever we had time alone. She also let me watch her frig her pussy a few times and even let me finger her wet snatch while she rubbed her swollen clit to climax. Debby & I enjoyed many close masturbation sessions for a long time and I will remember them for the rest of my days. I never got to do this with either of my other sisters though. I didn't care. Debby was hot and she knew it.



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