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Caught Sunning

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One of my most memorable teen experience-Part I.


I think I was about 16 years old when this took place, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

First of all, let me say that in my family nudity is no big deal. My siblings and I have seen each other nude many a times. When we go to the country club, seeing dad and my brothers nude in the locker room is nothing new. So, it is nothing new if we go out back and sunbathe in the nude.

Well this took place on a hot summer afternoon. I was home alone and decided to catch some sun before anyone got home. It was a very hot day, so I decided to jump in the pool to cool off and then relax under the sun. I didn't want to get a tan line so I decided to go sunning in the nude. I pulled off my swim trunks and laid out on the lounge chair to relax.

I was relaxing so much that I must have dozed off, because I didn't even hear the side gate open and close. When I woke up and realized I was still sunbathing, I lifted my head to look down at my body to make sure I wasn't getting sunburned. Luckily I wasn't asleep too long because I wasn't burned at all. But, as I was fully waking up and began sitting up, I was startled to see the guy that takes care of our pool standing not too far from me. I must have been thinking about something sexy while snoozing, because when I sat up, I felt the tip of my cock poke me in the stomach. I embarrasingly greeted the pool guy and tried to play it off by saying something like 'Hi, I'm just catching some sun and didn't want to get a tan line'. Sounds lame now, but at the time it was the only thing that I thought of to say.

He replied by saying 'you're the little one... I mean, youngest one in the family'. He blushed and apologeticaly said, 'you know what I mean.' I grinned and said, that I was the middle child. Let me backup and say that I always had a crush on this guy. He was a hot blonde, blue-eyed guy that I've seen in school. He was an athlete at school, so he had a very nice body too. He was the first guy that stunned me when I first started high school. He was a junior back then. He just graduated with my older brother and was working the summer for the pool company.

Back to the story, I knew he was flirting with me when he finally said that I wasn't the little kid he remembered a few years back and he winked at me. Wow, did he really take notice of me back then. I was flattered. He also said that catching me laying there naked had made him horny. My cock was a bit soft by now, but then as he stood there looking at me I felt it poke me again. Jake, his name, said that I must be horny too since he could see me getting hard again. I was indeed getting quite horny too, seeing my old-crush standing next to me. I could definitely see a bulge in the front of his shorts too. So, I told him that since he saw me nude that it would only be fair that I see him in the nude too.

At first he was unsure and asked if anyone else was home. I told him I was the only one home this afternoon. Then, he said that even though he had work to do, fair is fair. Looking back, I don't think I had to twist his arm too hard. He quickly pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it towards me. He had nice tight abs and the muscles in his chest and arms were sexy. Then he slowly unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down. Hmmm no underwear? I thought to myself. His cock wasn't hard, but his cock look full and large. The tip of his cock hung lower than his balls. I've never seen a guy before whose cock hung like his. Even though I catch glimpses of the guys in the locker room at school or at the club, I've never seen one quite like his. It was such a beautiful sight.

By this time I had unconsciously grabbed my cock already and had begun rubbing my cock. He asked me if I jacked off a lot. I said, 'huh?' Then I realized that I had my hand around my cock. He told me that he had never seen another guy jerk off and asked me if I would for him. I said that I would if he would show me too... since fair is fair. He smiled and said he would.

I wanted this experience to last awhile, so I said that first I wanted to cool off and jump in the pool and that he should join me. We swam around a little bit and played tag in the pool... mostly just trying to grab one another. I swam to the edge and pulled myself out of the pool and laid back down on the lounge chair. He swam a bit more and then joined me on the chair. He straddled my ankles and told me how hot I looked. He asked me if I was going to jerk off for him. I said that I would.

I grabbed my cock which was semi-hard by now. The sun was glaring a bit in my eyes, so I closed them and began to stroke my cock. I asked him to grab the suntan oil and squeeze some on my hand and cock. Usually I jerk with a dry hand, but the feeling of the oil made me hard in no time. I was there masturbating in front of one of the most hottest guys I know. My fantasy coming true. My breaths were becoming deeper and he asked me if I was close to cumming. I told him it felt so good to stroke with the oil, and with him watching me, it got me really horny. He told me to stroke but do not cum yet.

I was pumping my hand in a nice pace... up and down. Then I told him I was close. He told me to stop, so I took my hand away and lay there. My cock was throbbing and he told me how nice my cock looked. With my eyes still closed, I was a bit startled when he grabbed my cock with both hands and started to masturbate me. I opened my eyes, but the sunlight was too bright and I squinted to look at his hands wrapped around my cock. I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the feeling I was having. He stopped stroking me but kept his hands wrapped around my cock. He told me that he could feel my pulse and that my cock was really hard.

Being a little bit inexperienced back then, I have never used two hands while masturbating, so the feeling felt unusual but very nice. Jake started to stroke me again. The tip of my cock was getting quite sensitive. I accidentally let out quite a loud moan, and he gently squeezed by cock harder and began stroking me faster. My legs were pinned underneath him, so I couldn't really move much. I was in total bliss, and he pumped my cock faster and faster. I told him that I was about to cum and that he should stop. He didn't say a word, but started to stroke me faster and harder. Then it happened, the most wonderful feeling and orgasm I had ever experienced. I came, and the first spray hit my chin and the next few squirts flew up and onto my stomach. When I masturbate I stop stroking when I start cumming, but Jake kept his hands tightly gripped around my cock and kept stroking. Another new sensation I was feeling. He kept jerking me and after the fifth or sixth shot of cum I thought I was done cumming (like usual) when all of a sudden a second wave of an orgasmm hit me. He stroked me about 5 more pumps and I began having another orgasm and started to cum again. This time the cum was more liquid and two shots hit me in the face and the third shot went somewhere pass my head. Still stroking me, the rest of my cum sprayed my stomach and drooled down his hand. I was gasping for breath by now and told him to stop, but he told me he wouldn't until I began getting soft. I was pinned so I decided to enjoy the experience I was having.

Well, time went by and Jake continued to stroke me and then finally my cock began to lose its erection.

I finally caught my breath and sat up and felt the cum dripping down the front of my body. I told him that I have never experienced a cumshot like that and have never cum so much in my life. I asked him if he can have two orgasms like that and if it is normal to have. He said he had but it didn't happen all the time. He then got up off my ankles and tagged my shoulder and said 'you're it', and he jumped into the pool to cool off again.

We swam a bit to cool off and for me to wash my cum off my body. It was neat because there was so much cum at first that you could see some of it floating in the water.

Jake then got out of the pool and said it was his turn.

(To be continued) Part II coming in a couple of days.



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