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Caught Stealing Her Panties

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I have a fetish with panties, that's about all there is to it. Anyway, to my story. Recently a friend and I went to visit some friends in down town, we'll call them Sara and Bob, they are our friends that live in a one bed apartment in downtown. Well me and my friend went there to relax. I removed myself to go to the bathroom because I needed to go pee. As I walked to the bathroom I happened to pass a closet. At the top was a shelf and on it was all her panties. The second I saw them I knew what I had to do. This hall was away from everyone so I had a little bit of time to snoop around. I looked through her panties, she had cotton, silk, boxers. I grabbed a sexy silky thong from the pile, one she would notice was missing. I went in the bathroom and wrapped those panties around my dick and jacked off like crazy, leaving them soaked with my special sauce. I took them and threw them back in her panty pile all messy and went back to the party.

I've done this everytime we go over there, it's such a rush, I guess because she is hot, and never knows what happened to her panties, she just grabs a pair of underwear and puts them on in the morning.

Well this particular time we were over there, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. As I walked past the hall I noticed a bright blue thong sitting there, silk, I had to have it. I took it in the bathroom and did my thing, I heard the front door creek so I figured they went to get some food or something, next thing that happened shocked me more than anything in my life. Sara opened the bathroom door to me jacking off in her panties. I just froze because I didn't know what to expect. She just started laughing and said it was ok, she knew I did that to her panties, she said it was kind of a turn on. To have someone that turned on by her panties. I told her sorry, that I wouldn't do it anymore, and that it was really just a fetish. She stared at my dick a little bit and said she wanted to watch me. She said it was a fetish for her to have me do that.

Wow, that's the last thing I thought she would say, I mean, what girl wants a guy going through her panties and jacking off in them, and then putting them back in the drawer that's really gross for that girl but oh well. I said ok though, and started going at it. She said that's now what she meant. The next thing I knew she pulled down her pants, and said she wanted me to use the panties she was wearing. By this time I was red in the face, my dick was really hard. She took off the thong she was wearing and threw them at me. She sat across from me so I could get a good view of her pussy while I wacked off in her panties. I wrapped her underwear around my shaft and pumped it for about five minutes until I came like a volcano. She said it was cool I did that, she actually got turned on by the fact that I did it. She took the cum soaked panties I just made and put them back on, wow, she put them back on!!, she put her jeans back on and told me to clean up and come back to the living room.

She said it turned her on just as much as it probably turned me on. She said next time I'm over and want to do that, tell her and she will take the panties she has on off, and leave them in the bathroom for me. Nowadays, everytime I stop by we do this, and it never gets anymore hotter, it's our little secret, oh how I love panties!!



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