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Caught on Camera

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Christian Guys - Keep telling your stories.


Let me introduce myself, I am the dad [Logan] and this story is about my younger son [Mitchell] and his college roommate [Dylan]. I am a conservative republican, moderate Southern Baptist Deacon and dad of two wonderful sons [Jake & Mitchell]. I stress that I am a moderate Southern Baptist because the fundamentalists are the Baptists who pretend that they do not jack-off and want guys to grow up with guilt over the subject.

I was a virgin on my wedding night because my dad told me that jacking-off was great and that having sex before marriage was not the way God set things up. I can say this has worked out very well for me and I hope both of my sons will take their dad's lead on the subject.

Well last weekend, Mitchell came home for the first time this semester. He is a twenty year old junior at one of our state's wonderful Christian universities. His new roommate this year is Dylan. Both Mitchell's and Dylan's roommates left the university for different schools at the end of last year. Mitchell and Dylan had met and become friends so they decided to room together this school year.

When Mitchell and Dylan arrived at the house on a Friday night, I was in my office working, and Mitchell's mom [Helen] was gone for the weekend. Mitchell and Dylan poked their heads into the office and told me they were going to swim for a while and then head to Mitchell's room to crash.

We talked for a few minutes and discovered that they had eaten on the way home and that they wanted to get come clothes into the washer and just hang at the house. That was fine with me. I knew that we would all probably watch a movie later in the evening, which would be fine with me if we did or if we did not. Mitchell brings home his laundry every time he comes home and this time his roommate brought his laundry also. I know it is a lot better to do your laundry at home when maybe mom or dad one will help than doing it at school.

Mitchell and Dylan headed to the pool. Both stripped naked and jumped in. The pool is easily seen from my office and bedroom. I have always skinny dipped with the boys in our pool and as long as they were young they always swam naked. As they got older the only time they swam naked was when their mom was gone. I have seen just about everything you can imagine in that pool. I have seen five or six guys skinny dip with viscous horseplay. I have watched them stand in front of the pool jet for a little stimulation. I have never seen anybody jack-off in the pool, but I am reasonably sure they have when I was not home.

Mitchell and Dylan swam for about an hour and then headed to Mitchell's room. I watched them play 'up periscope' while they were in the water. This is when you float on your back and stick your hard dick out of the water. I am sure this is something that just about every guy who has ever skinny dipped has done. It is something that I do when Helen and I are in the pool together. Even at 50 it is still fun to be horny. Both of them took turns standing in front of the jet, but neither one of them shot their load in the water. They just allowed themselves the pleasure of a hardon, not the pleasure of a good cum shot.

This next part is where the story takes a different slant. Our house is very large with two master bedroom suites - one at one end of the house and the other at the other end of the house. The guest bedroom is next to Helen's and my suite. There is always an option for our son's guest to take the guest room, but that has never occurred. There is only one bed in Mitchell's room, but that has never seemed to matter. When both boys were home we had twin beds in that room and they always shared the room. When Mitchell the younger son went to college we replaced the twin beds with a queen size bed so that all of the sheets in the house would be the same size. Well back to the fact that the house is very large.

For security reasons, we had two computer cams placed in Mitchell's room when he went to college. The cams are pointed at windows in the room, but there is no place in the room that is not covered by the cameras. Yes, the bed is very much in the camera's eye. I did not think anything about the cameras being in the room when Mitchell and Dylan headed to the room for some relaxation. The camera monitor is in my office where I was working.

I looked up just as Mitchell and Dylan entered the room. Each had their backpack over one shoulder and a towel over the other and both were stark naked. Neither one of them had put any clothes on for the trip from the pool to the room. I did not think much of it because I have slept naked since college and have put both boys to bed naked from the time they got out of diapers. It just seems to me like guys are supposed to sleep naked. Mitchell and Dylan put their backpacks on the desk and then threw their towels over the chairs in the room, Dylan grabbed the TV remote and both guys flopped on the bed. At this point I must admit I was a little curious as to what they were going to do.

We have always had a no porn policy in our home and for that reason we do not have any of the cable movie channels. I have always told my boys that porn is something to stay away from because it can and will become an addiction. There is nothing healthy about a guy having to use porn to get horny and jack-off. Well my curiosity about what Mitchell and Dylan were going to do was quickly answered. They both lay on the bed naked, uncovered, watching TV and then a little dick stroking turned into a lot of stroking and Mitchell got up and retrieved a bottle of KY jelly from his backpack and both guys just went at their own dick for a while. Each one of them would stop for a while until their rock hard dicks became semi-hard dicks and then right back to full steam ahead.

They were both having a great time without a clue that dad could see everything going on. After close to two hours, both of them shot huge loads all over their stomachs. I must admit that it was nice to watch my son and his friend enjoy jacking-off together. Yes, I did watch, and after about thirty minutes into the show, I jacked-off right along with them.

I had a great time, they had a great time, we all had a great time. I did not join the guys in Mitchell's room and I think that dads that jack-off with their sons are crossing a line of familiarity that should not be crossed.

I did not really know what to tell Mitchell about the cameras in his room, but the subject did come up the next morning at breakfast. Sometime in the evening either Dylan or Mitchell one noticed the cameras. Neither one of the cameras is hidden they are both in plain site. Mitchell asked me what the cameras were for in his room and I told him they were tied into the home security system. Mitchell then asked how the cameras are monitored and I told him the monitor is in my office. I could tell that Mitchell wanted very badly to ask me what I saw, but he did not say anything else.

Because I am a little bit ornery after breakfast I told Mitchell and Dylan that they could come to my office and see the equipment and how it works. I told them that we have an eight day backup on the hard drive and that the picture quality is very excellent for each of the cameras. Now I am really having fun with both of them, because they are about to explode. I winked at Mitchell, but he did not have a clue about what I was winking at. I took the guys to the office and showed them how to retrieve by camera, time and date and then I left the room.

I did not say a word to either of them about how to erase the disk or anything else at that moment. The only way to erase any part of the video is with a password and Helen and I are the only ones with the password. After a few minutes Mitchell and Dylan came and found me in the den and he asked me how often I watched the video. I told him that I normally did not watch any of the video, the only reason to watch the video would be if there was a break-in at the house and then the police would need to see the video. I was having a great time with the two of them by now. I asked them if they were impressed with the quality of the video and then I asked them if they would like for me to make copies of anything for them. Once again I winked at Mitchell and this time he looked right at me and asked me if I had seen anything on the monitor the previous evening when I was working at my desk.

I gave him one of those blank looks that dads do so well and pretended not to know what he was talking about. I then lost it, I began to laugh and I said 'do you mean when you two went to bed and had a wonderful time jacking-off?' Both of the guys' faces began to glow red with embarrassment. I then told them that I had wondered what they were going to do, that they had done what I would have done at their age, and that I grew up jacking-off with my best friend. This was much more information than Mitchell was interested in. He then asked me to make sure I erased the video before mom came home. We all three went to the computer and I erased the video with them there - I inserted a DVD and made a copy of the show and handed it to Mitchell- I do not think this would be porn - I mean a video of yourself jacking-off with your roommate and best friend.

I did not want either of them to be embarrassed about the jack-off performance and I shared with both of them that I thought what they had done was as normal as breathing and that I had jacked-off with my college roommate the whole time I was in college and that neither one of them should feel any guilt or embarrassment over them getting caught on camera. When Mitchell was about 9 and 1/2 and his brother was about 10 1/2, the two boys are eleven months apart, I had sat both of them down and told them that (1) jacking-off is a lot of fun and God's way of letting guys be virgins on their wedding nights, and (2) I expected them to be virgins on their wedding nights.

I told Mitchell how to turn the cameras off when he got back to his room if he did not want me to see everything that was going on in his room. That night both of the guys performed a little in front of the cameras right before they went to bed and then one of the turned both of the cameras off. I am sure they repeated the night before, I know I did.

As a dad it felt great to know that my son was enjoying the same pleasures that I did at his age. I had no idea how much pride I would feel knowing that my son jacks-off. I know that sounds a little odd, but I look at him more complete now that I know that he enjoys shooting a good load all over his chest with his college roommate. It was also great to know that neither guy touched the other. It appears that they both have very good sexual identity - jacking-off together means keeping your hands to yourself. The only touching either of them did to the other was an occasional kick or punch, nothing in any way sexual. I know that both of them are horny as hell, just like all guys their age and that they are taking care of their hornyness by jacking-off - way to go guys.

I do not know if Mitchell has listened to me about remaining a virgin until his wedding night, all I can do on this subject is to hope that being a virgin for his wife is as important for him as it was for me. I am a little curious about when and how Mitchell learned to jack-off; if he jacked-off with his brother; if he stays away from porn and, if he ever jacked-off with his buddies that spent the night, mostly guys from church. I guess I will never know.



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