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Caught Naked By the Cleaning Ladies

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First time with two women


A couple of days ago I spent the morning on a construction site my firm was working on. That afternoon I had a business appointment in the city. After leaving the construction site I hit the gym for an hour as I had lots of time before my meeting. I usually shower at the gym, but because I needed to go home and change for my meeting anyhow, I decided to shower at home. I got home stripped down, then went into the kitchen to grab a glass of juice. While in the kitchen the phone rings, so I deal with the call standing naked in the kitchen. Just as I am hanging up I hear the front door open, and wonder who the hell it is, and then realize it is the day that the cleaning company cleans the house.

Shit here I am naked trapped in the kitchen, and I have to pass the front door to get to the bedroom. Just as I am looking for something to cover up with 2 ladies walk around the corner and catch me standing in the kitchen naked. I look at them and then they see me and I see them both glance down at my hairless member. Shit what do I say. They are both in their 30's and they look up with a slight smile on their faces. I start to explain that I had forgotten this is the day they come to do the house, and I had to come home and have a shower etc etc. All the time they continue to look me over, and the attention makes my member start to stiffen a bit.

Neither women has said a word yet, but they are not getting out of the way so for me to get to the bedroom either and I would have to squeeze by the two of them to get there. I say I should probably get into the shower, and then one of them says that they will need to clean the shower today or something like that. As I start to squeeze by them she drops her hands down to her sides and I feel her fingers lightly rub against my cock. She says to her co worker that she is going to start her work in the bathroom, so they both follow me into the bedroom and then the bathroom.

At this stage I am wonder how this will play out, so I turn on shower, which has 2 shower heads, and a bunch of body jets, and is larger enough for 3 or 4 people. I say that there should be lots of room for all of us in there at the same time, so if they need to clean the shower now is the time to do it. The glance at each other, and I can see one say to the other 'what the hell why not' and they start to remove their uniforms and are soon naked. We all head to the shower, and are soon lathered up with soap. I am sandwiched between the two of them, and feel two ample set of tits rubbing against me, which gets me even harder then I was before. I reach down and pull two plump asses toward me. Soon hands are everywhere, and I have my hands slowly rubbing one pussy and then another, and I feel a pair of hands slowly rubbing my cock.

One lady has a hairy bush covering her pussy, while the other is smooth. I am now kneeling in front of them, rubbing both their clits at the same time... slipping my fingers into their wet slits. They start to sway their hips, and are soon bucking against my fingers. soon I feel the hairly one clutch against my fingers and I know she has cum, and then start to work harder on the smooth one, and soon she cums also.

Now they stand one in front of me, and one behind .. I feel the one behind me reach around and starts rubbing my cock. The other reaches behind me and starts fingering my ass, and I feel a finger start to slide into my ass ... which almost sends me over the edge. They start working my cock balls and ass, and in no time I am shoting ropes of cum all over the place.

After a brief rest I realize I need to get going soon to get to my meeting, so quickly clean up. As I leave they are still in the shower, and I wonder how much actual cleaning they will do that day. Now I think I might accidentally get caught naked on cleaning day again sometime soon



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