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'Caught' Naked (and Jerking) by Gf's Mom

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I've been living with my girlfriend for five years now and all is great. Her mom is a late 50 divorcee who spends a lot of time helping out around our house. She seems to love nothing more than fixing this and that.

Now I've an exhibitional streak in me and have in the past exposed myself in chat rooms which I found exhilarating. I also love stories of people caught masterbating. Maybe it was time to give myself a new experience...

I felt sorry for my gfs mom (Laura) having no sex life for 20 years and I thought maybe the sight of a bit of flesh might be a treat for her. (and a thrill for me!!)

I had an opportunity come up. My girlfriend was out shopping and Laura was fixing a panel in our room. I was having a shower and was imagining how arousing it would be if she walked in and caught me all naked and wet. Of course there was no way she was going to deliberately walk in on me.

I heard her walk downstairs to get a drink and I quickly got out of the shower (still naked) and went into my room. Then it occurred to me that Laura could come back to finish the job!!

Ok this is it I thought, but I got to make it look realistic. I put a tshirt on so I wouldn't appear naked immediately, (after all she had to see my penis for this to be complete). I also put a towel over my head so I pretended not to see her come in.

I stood for ages half naked with a towel over my head. I was so nervous I couldn't get an erection so my penis was a flaccid two inches. I combed my ginger pubic hair to try and make it look better.

Eventually I heard her coming back up the stairs and then I positioned myself facing the door and heard the door handle turn. No turning back I thought as Laura came into the room.

'Oh, hello' she said at first as she came into the room then she must have seen I was naked from the waist down because she quickly apologised and left the room saying 'I'll come back later'. I covered my genitals (too late of course) so it wouldn't be obvious. Success! I quickly started stroking imagining what Laura must have been thinking when she saw my soft penis. I came shortly after.

Months later, I wanted to repeat the experience but maybe catch me fully naked, maybe with an erection, or best yet in full masturbation! once again my gf had gone out shopping and her mom was going to inspect our ceiling as there was water damage appearing. I prepared myself by lying on my bed, naked and massaging the head of my penis. I was five inches and just needed an audience. I had the door ajar and the radio on so when(if?) Laura came in I had an excuse.

As I stroked I heard her coming up the stairs with the ladders and thought 'yes!!!'. Then Laura popped her head round the door and gave a cheerful 'hello'. She got a full view of my naked body amd it was completely obvious with my hand movements that she had just caught me in the most private act of self pleasure.

Pretendeding to be shocked I grabbed the pillow and covered my private parts. Surprisingly, Laura wasn't shocked like last time and simply put the ladder against the wall and actually CONTINUED TO TALK TO ME BEHIND THE DOOR!!

Wow I thought as she said she thought I was in the other room. She told me how she planned to look in the roof space. Totally aroused, I gave several rubs and I literally came right away! Quickly I wiped the cum on some dirty clothes and quickly put on my pants and went to Laura to see if she needed help with the ladders (while pretending to be embarrassed and saying 'I thought you were all out')

Sometimes I wonder if I could do it again. Maybe she could catch me ejaculating even though the timing would be difficult. I have thought it would be cool if I could walk in on her even though there's no way she would masterbate in our bathroom (well... probably not). I could 'accidentally' walk in her while she was using the toilet (the locks on our doors can be unlocked from the otherside with a coin). I could wait til I hear her urinate, then quickly burst in, then quickly apologise and leave. I wouldn't see her pussy but I'm pretty sure I'd see her bush lol (wonder if its grey yet and still bushy)

Anyway, hope you enjoy my experience. Let me know what you think and if you have any similar stories...



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