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Caught My Dad

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Caught my Dad

When I was growing up I was fascinated by my father's penis. I was cut, he was not. He had a beautiful black bush, I of course had no hair down there. His foreskin lay in the way that makes a penis look like it's squared off at the tip. When I was very little we used to pee together, so I saw his dick a lot then. I also learned from him his way of holding it, which was between his forefinger and his middle finger , instead of between thumb and the rest of the fingers the way most guys piss.

I was always hoping to catch a glimpse of his dickhead, or better yet of his erection. No luck for a very long time. Once I had started to jack off I wanted to know if he did it too. The best I could manage was discovering his stash of condoms in his underwear drawer. Every once in a while I'd sneak one into my room and fill it up.

Then one night I got close to my goal. We, my mom, my dad, and me had been to a wedding. The two of them were pretty tired. When we got home I went up to bed first. Then I heard them in the bathroom and decided I'd go see what I could see. The bathroom door was open, as it often was in our house. My mom was standing in a nightgown at the sink brushing her teeth; my dad was standing at the toilet in his underwear (jockey shorts in those days, with his white wife-beater still on. He was about to take his dick out to piss. My mom must have known he was hard. When she saw me coming she told him to wait a minute. Damn! Because I was fairly sure he had a stiffie going.

However, thinking fast when I got back to my room, I found some excuse to call him to come talk to me. Lord knows what possessed him to do what he did, but instead of pulling the front of his wife-beater down so it would cover his hardon, he stuffed the shirt inside his underwear, making his erection that much more prominent. I was shaking with excitement while trying not to be too obvious about looking at it. Needless to say, I came a few times in a row that night after he took his dick away to go have sex with my mother.

Every summer we rented the same cottage at the seashore. It was a nice place but the owners' funds had run out before they could finish the interior. The walls were knotty pine boards but the boards were only on one side of the studs, which meant that if a knot had shrunk and fallen out, you could see from one room into another. This was also true of the attic floorboards. From up above there, it was my private play space. I once caught my dad adjusting his hardon in his shorts, but I got to the knothole too late to see if he had been playing with himself before that. He was alone in the bedroom and obviously a bit worked up. That time he was careful to pull his shirt down in front before he went out to play bridge.

Complete success came one day when I was in my own bedroom. I had a knothole looking into the bathroom. The shower stall was dead ahead, in full view, while the sink was just barely visible on the near wall. You could just see the corner of the sink, but anyone standing in front of it was in full view. I would always try to be in my my room when my dad was showering. I often saw him with a slight chubby as he stepped out to dry off. Then one day I hit the jackpot. As he got out of the shower he had a definite semi, and I saw the head of his cock for the first time. First he put his underwear on, then he changed his mind and took it back off, stood at the sink and proceeded to jack off. There he was in all his glory, about the same size and shape as me. He didn't last very long. Neither did I.



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