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Caught in the Shower

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I've read several stories of roommates afraid to let the other know they had a tough time finding the privacy to masturbate. He or she may be having the same problem! Why don't you just ask?


Since I first learned to enjoy masturbating I have beat off at least once a day. This all changed when I went to college. My roommate was the same age but we never discussed sex or what we did on dates. I decided we both were probably too shy to admit we did it however, I felt he had to enjoy it to. I was soon to find out.

One morning I woke up early and went to the group bath room to take a P. Of course I had to wait a few minutes to let my hardon go down. Since I was up so early I decided I could jump in the four man shower and get off before anyone else was awake.

As soon as the water warmed and was hitting my dick my erection immediately returned. I turned my back to the water and began soaping my dick and started to beat off. The shower didn't have a door so anyone walking in could see what I was doing. I knew I had to hurry before someone came in and lo and behold, as soon as I was really getting into it, in walked my roommate.

I was caught and embarrassed and probably red faced. As it turned out I could see he had a hard on pushing out his towel and he smiled and said, 'Ever since we started rooming together I've needed to do that too but was afraid it would embarrass you if I mentioned it'. Slow down and let me take a P and I'll join you.

I was about to cum when he opened the door and had to squeeze my dick to keep it from shooting off. Before he finished it had gone done a bit but in no time he was back with his hardon and said, 'Now we can beat off to together without having to hide, OK?'

He turned on the shower and began to soap up. As I watched him my hardon returned. I told him I used to beat off with my best friend when we were young but this was the first since then.

My roommate's dick was the same size as mine and we both were circumcised so they looked like twins. We decided we were finally able to beat off totally free of being afraid of being caught, except by someone else. This really excited me as I hadn't beat off and watched anyone else cum since I did it with my best friend when we learned together when we were probably twelve.

In a few minutes I had that throbbing sensation and I felt he had to be getting close too. I told him I usually rinsed off the suds just before I was about to cum so I could watch it shoot off. He said, 'Me too, are you ready?' I said, just about'.

We rinsed off the suds and turned to face each other. Up to now we had been going sort of slow but then we started to beat faster and were ready to watch our cum shoot off. I was the first to say, 'I'm going to cum'. When I said that, I watched him and we came together. Freedom to masturbate at last..... and cum was everywhere.

At first it was embarrassing being caught but as it turned out it was a blessing in disguise. We were both relieved we could masturbate without worrying about being caught from then on. We didn't always do it together but several times when everyone was asleep we certainly did. All it took was the question, 'Do you have a hardon?'

It's really better watching someone else enjoy themselves too. Seeing their facial expression and their body tense up when they are ready to cum actually makes for a more intense sensation when you cum too. It usually sets me over the edge.

Even before we married, my wife and I masturbated together and always wondered if other couples felt comfortable doing it too and could have the same intense climax we did while watching each other cum simultaneously. After all mutual masturbation is usually more exciting that going it alone and not always having to look over your shoulder afraid of being caught.

Admitting what you like to do will often open doors you previously thought were forever closed. You will never know what a roommate or wife would like to do until you ask....would you mind if I?

My wife or I never refused in fact we openly discussed our fantasies even during breakfast.

Another first! One morning we were in our robes during breakfast and hers was open and her 36C tits were exposed and she noticed I was getting a hardon. She caught me looking then looked down and said, 'I see you're aroused looking at my tits. I did that on purpose. Why don't you beat off and let me watch you cum?' After I came she handed me a napkin to clean up and we went on eating.

It doesn't get better than that!



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