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Caught in the Backyard Part 1

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My stepmother is submitting 'Caught in the Backyard Part 2.'


My story happened when I was fifteen. I was all alone in the house watching the television feeling really horny. It was late at night and dark outside. I thought it might be cool to walk out into the backyard naked. I took of all of my clothes to go outside. I knew my stepmother would not be home for a couple of hours, and dad was away on a business trip.

I turned off the lights in the house and stepped outside. The cool night air felt good on my skin. My dick stood straight up. It made me really excited to be outside this way. I started to stroke away. This felt so good. I started to stroke faster. The lights came on in the house.

My stepmother was standing at the door. I tried to cover myself with my hands. She opened the door and told me to come inside. I was covering up my dick with my hands as I walked into the house.

I was standing naked in front of her trying to keep my dick covered up. 'What are you doing?' she asked. I knew that I had been caught. My stepmother was staring at me. 'Don't tell dad,' I pleaded. 'Drop your hands,' she said. I dropped my hands to my side.

She looked at me and said, 'Don't worry, this will be our little secret. Now I want you to turn around and let me look at you.' I slowly turned around and was feeling really embarrassed. 'My you have grown,' she said. 'Did it feel good masturbating outside?' she asked. I didn't know what to say but just mumbled out a 'yes.'

What she said next surprised me. 'Masturbation is normal. When I was in my teenage years, I would get the urge to do it now and then,' she told me. 'I used to do it at night in bed while I was thinking about my boy friend.' She looked at me. 'You look surprised. I was young once and I thought sneaking off to play with myself was exciting.'

I didn't now what to say, I really never thought of her doing that. What happened next was really surprising. 'I know that I shouldn't do this but it seems so exciting and it reminds me of when I was a teenager,' she told me. 'If I don't tell your father about what you were doing, you don't tell him about what I am going to do next, you promise?'

I didn't know what she was planning but I agreed not to tell. She went around the house and turned off all of the lights. She came back into the kitchen. 'You promise not to tell?' she again asked. I assured her I would not tell. She stepped outside into the backyard. She took one look around and then stopped facing away from me. I could still see her in the darkness. She reached back and unzipped her dress and then let it fall to the ground. She then pushed her slip to the ground. My stepmother was now standing in the backyard in just her bra and pantyhose. Still facing away from me I watched as she removed her bra. She then pushed her panties and panty hose off.

My stepmother was now naked in our backyard. 'Why don't you come out and join me?' she asked. I slowly stepped out into the yard. My dick was fully erect. I stopped just outside the door and covered my dick with my hands. She looked at me and asked 'What's wrong?' 'I am embarrassed,' I answered. 'Well don't be,' she replied. 'You are right, this does feel good. Come over and stand next to me, I don't bite.' I walked up to her still covering my hard-on with my hands. Looking at my stepmother I could really see everything. I was feeling really nervous. 'Drop your hands,' she told me. 'Don't be so shy.' I slowly dropped my hands.

'You have never seen a nude woman before have you?' She asked. She slowly turned around and stopped while she was facing me. 'No,' was all I could say. 'I used to look better when I was twenty,' she said. 'How often do you masturbate?' she asked.

'About twice a week,' I replied. 'Do you feel like doing it now?' she then asked as she looked at my erect dick. 'Yes,' I replied. I was now feeling comfortable. 'Show me how you do it,' she said. I started to stoke myself and it felt good. My stepmother watched me as I keep going. It didn't take long before I shot my load.

She grabbed her dress and wiped me off. She smiled at me and asked if I felt better. I felt great. 'What about yourself?' I asked. 'Don't you feel like doing it?' 'It wouldn't be right,' she answered. 'I have never masturbated in front of anyone before.' I told her that if I could do it so could she. She looked at me, 'You won't tell anyone, promise?' she asked. I promised.

She walked over to the picnic table and lay on it. She spread her legs slightly. She placed one hand on her pussy and started to play with her tits with the other. She started to rub her nipples. They stuck out as soon as she touched them. Her fingers went into her pussy. I could see her fingers moving in and out. She began to moan. Her hips started to move with her fingers. I was erect again. I started to stroke myself. Everything happened so fast. She cried out as she came. I shot my load.

Everything was quite for a few moments. She looked at me and I looked at her. She lay there for awhile. 'We have got to talk about this right now,' she quietly said. She picked up her clothes and headed into our house. I followed her in. 'Would you please go and get your robe on?' she asked as we walked inside. 'Meet back here at the table.'

When I returned to the kitchen she was in her robe sitting at the table. 'It looks like I got carried away and I am sorry.' She said. 'I like to try new and exciting things. I have always been a little wild. I have to admit that being naked and masturbating under the stars with the risk of being caught is truly exciting. You will never tell anyone about this night.' It never happened again, but I think about that night a lot.



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