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Caught In My New Bedroom

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Back when I was still at home, part of our basement was changed over to a bedroom that my older brother slept in until he went off to college. As soon as it was open I wanted to move down there, not just for the privacy but also for the pure freedom I could have being two floors away from my parents. I kept asking but my mom kept saying no because she didn't think I was old enough to be that far away. Finally, once I turned 15, she finally agreed to let me move down there and I loved it instantly. I could stay up late and no one would know, I wouldn't have to worry about the volume of my TV or stereo, and the best part was I could start sleeping naked and masturbate pretty much whenever I wanted. Since the stairs going downstairs were wooden, it would let me know if anyone was coming down so I could cover up and act like I was sleeping if needed.

This worked great for a couple weeks until one morning I got careless. It was on a Saturday and was a little late in the morning, but I was pretty horny and decided to jack off anyway. Sometimes I just use my imagination but that morning I decided to use one of my magazines for help. I got out of bed and went over to my dresser and picked one I had hidden and jumped back onto my bed, cock already rock hard and ready. I started flipping through the pages, taking in all the shots of naked women posing and full-on sex, both men and women and lesbians. I'm not sure how long I was at it but I guess I was focusing too hard on the pictures and I didn't hear anyone coming down the stairs. I was laying on my side stroking pretty hard and fast, not too far away from an orgasm when all of a sudden it just felt like someone was around. I glanced over and I saw my mom standing there, hand covering her mouth and eyes wide open. I don't know how long she was there, maybe a couple seconds, maybe a couple minutes, but what was certain was that she watched me masturbate. My own mother, seeing me completely naked, tugging and playing with my erect penis, almost seeing me cum. I didn't say a word, I just closed the magazine quickly and curled up, trying to cover myself and just stared back at her. There was about a 5 second awkward silence before she finally said "I'm so sorry honey, I didn't mean to interrupt you...we're running to the store...go ahead." She then slowly turned and walked away. It figured, that time I could hear her on the stairs loud and clear.

I just rolled over onto my back and closed my eyes, not being able to wrap my mind around the fact that my mother just caught me masturbating. I laid there for a minute, but surprisingly my erection did not go away. If anything, the situation actually made me hornier and I had a line of pre-cum that had rolled down the shaft. I grabbed it and started stroking again, the wetness making a squishing sound as my fist went up and down. All of a sudden my penis was tingling and I had never felt so horny in my life. I started moving around as I stroked, digging my heels into the mattress and bouncing my ass as I stroked as hard as I could, almost to the point of it hurting. I felt that my orgasm was coming, and this time I didn't hold back. I have always had quiet orgasms, but this time was different. I couldn't help it but I started groaning and grunting with every jolt through my fiery-hot penis. "Ohh...ohhh...yeah...Ahhh...UNGH!" With the last one I landed on my back and lifted my feet in the air, cumming like never before. Thick, white strands of cum shooting all over my chest and belly, every pulse shooting through my body like an electric shock. When every drop was finally milked out I laid there spread-eagle, almost motionless catching my breath. My mind was in a fog but I decided I needed a shower to wash all the cum off of me, and I said to hell with it and got up and walked out of my room still naked. At that point I didn't even care if they were still home, but thinking back now, luckily they weren't. I went upstairs and jumped in the shower, replaying what had just happened in my head. I couldn't believe it, but I was actually feeling horny again, just at the thought of someone seeing me masturbate. By the time I got out I was fully erect again and needed to cum. I dried off and walked back downstairs, my stiff penis leading the way. I sat on the edge of my bed and started stroking again, eyes closed and my head thrown back. I thought about it over and over until I came again, this time shooting onto the carpet between my feet. I finally started feeling satisfied so I got dressed, throwing on a shirt and shorts and going upstairs.

I really didn't want to be around when they got home because I figured it would be pretty awkward and that we needed a little space for the rest of the day, so I grabbed my sandals and my bike and rode over to a friends' house for a while. The next morning when we saw each other I finally felt comfortable enough with what happened to talk about it if need be. I was glad that I was, because she brought it up. First she asked me how often I masturbated (it was kind of weird to hear my mom use the word 'masturbate'), and I told her usually every night, sometimes in the morning. She also said she didn't see any dirty clothes laying around and asked me if I had slept naked, and I told her that I had been. She said OK, and that from now on if she needed anything she would call for me before she got to my room, and I told her I would try to keep my door closed if I masturbated in the morning, or if I was just laying around naked. We both felt OK with the terms and I headed back downstairs, my heart pounding and hands shaking just from having a conversation with my mom about my masturbation habits. I paced around my room a few times, then quietly pushed my door closed, dropped my shorts and started stroking myself, having a quick cum before going on with the rest of my day.

That was the only time anyone ever walked in on me masturbating, but the thought of it is still there many times when I start to jerk off, and every time it happens it makes my orgasm that much better.



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