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Caught Her Through the Doorway

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This incident started my interest in catching female's masturbating. I have been fortunate to have caught several but wish there was a site dedicated to true female masturbation video's but the Internet is full of fake pay sites. Bev is not her real name btw.


Growing up in a large family we often had sleep overs including our older sister's high school friends. We had three basement rooms which were shared two per room. The older girls and boys stayed downstairs while the parents and younger siblings remained upstairs. At 13 I knew what a turn on female breasts and pubic hair was. This was in the 80's when no one trimmed like today. One weekend my older sister's friend Bev stayed over but my sister had to babysit for a family overnight so Bev had to stay in her room alone.

Fortunately, my sisters bedroom door was broken at the time and the only thing they used to block off the door way was a dark improvised curtain. Problem was, for them at least, the curtain was dark and non see through from the inside but as the light was turned on and when one looked in from the outside it was almost transparent.

I waited anxiously for lights out when the family took to their rooms and since it was winter, the furnace was loud enough to mask my footsteps as I snuck toward the dimly lit room. 30 years later the image of her reading a book with a sheer nightgown burns vividly in my memory. I stood inches from the curtain as I watched Bev reading a novel and saw the largest nipples I've seen before and since. Former girlfriends and ex's nipples were no match for her's. Her breasts must have been 36d with puffy areolas the size of a peach halves and nipples as long as an unshelled peanut.

My young mind was blown as I started squeezing my penis as I've done for more than a year at that point. I was scared standing there in the dark with only the dim light from her room to see by but my curiosity kept me glued to the vision before me. She must have been hot since the heating vent was blowing hot air directly on the bed and she lay mostly uncovered. Even through the nightgown one could see white panties but the triangle was still clearly visible. After what seemed like forever, she rubbed her breasts lightly and pinched her puffy nipples which became even larger but her hand went mainly to the patch of dark pubic hair between her legs. Her head was toward me and her feet pointed to the wall so I knew she couldn't see me masturbating six feet away. The book was put aside and she parted her legs a bit.

Just then, the furnace stopped as it did from time to time. I dared not move lest I give away my presence and I held my breath as I listened to Bev's soft grunts and moans. She had pulled her nighty to her stomach and her panties were stretched to one side. Her hand was on her crotch moving up and down but I could not see her fingers go in as her pubic hair covered her fingers as they disappeared into her pussy. Then, not five minutes after she started she squeezed her legs together and with a whimper, Bev started shaking from head to toes. I thought she was having a seizure but I know now what she did was have an orgasm. The shaking lasted less than a minute and she lay there quietly for a few moments.

In the meantime I was so excited I forgot to cum but stood there scared to move because it was so quiet. Mercifully, the furnace kicked in again and I swiftly went to my room. I spent the next hour cumming several times into tissues with the images of Bev's teenage masturbation session racing fervently in my thoughts. The next morning I heard her go upstairs to shower I went to the room and picked up her soiled white panties. I sniffed the sticky strong yellowish/white stuff on the crotch section. It was a musky scent and came in seconds into them. That night was when my voyeur dream came to fruition. I still run into Bev from time to time and while pushing 50 now, her chest still looks amazing. Perhaps I'll write about my other experiences another time.



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