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Caught by Stepdaughter

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Let me start by saying that I am considered to be a good looking guy and all of my wife's friends tell her how good looking I am to include her family members. I have been jerking off almost every day my entire life. My favorite thing to do is to jerk off to online lesbian videos. My 18yr old step daughter who does not live with us was home visiting for the summer. I am a good step Dad and I love her mother. I would never try to get with her. But she is sexy and I fantasize about her in different ways. For example she is bi-sexual and 90% of the girls she has had sleep over when she used to live with us were hot. I knew she was a into girls before she told me because I saw signs a while back.

I have seen her wear tight clothes around the house with no bra, etc. Once time she was lying on her stomach with her legs open and you could see her bush on one side of her shorts. I also get aroused when I come across her thongs in the wash... Sometimes when I masturbate to lesbian porn I will think of her being in the scene eating or getting her pussy ate like in the scene. She has a really nice ass and knows it. She talks about her ass a lot and wears clothes that show it off.

She is also very touchy feely with me. She will touch my leg and make comments about how hairy my leg is right in front of her Mom. She'll touch my biceps or tell me I have nice eyes, etc. A few times she'll join us in bed to watch t.v. and she'll have her foot touching me under the covers and if I move she'll move it over to me again. She will see me sitting on a couch and sit next to me and then put one foot on my leg and her legs will be spread and the shit looks good. One time I went downstairs to the kitchen in my boxers (that are the type that fit tight like briefs) and you could see my bulge, etc. Well she was in the kitchen and I immediately apologized for not having on more clothes. At the same time that I began my comment she simultaneously smiled and said, 'woh' under her breath. As I walked around the kitchen I noticed her looking away, but I saw her staring at my dick when I walked out of the kitchen and said good night to her. She said, 'good night' in a funny voice that sounded like she was feeling aroused.

On a different day: I always watch porn on my laptop late at night once my wife has gone to bed. My stepdaughter is a night owl like me, but she had gone to bed and I could heard her snoring right before I decided to go jerk off. I was feeling my usual horny self, I usually sit in the office and lock the door, but on this night I was in the living room. I will have ear bud earphones with one bud in one ear so I can hear if someone is coming with my other ear. I was deep into my porn session but wasn't close to cumming when all of a sudden my stepdaughter walked past the opening of the room to the hallway and she saw my 8 inch cock in my hand and saw me pumping it really fast.

She said, 'oh!' and rushed off back to her room. I quickly put my dick away when she popped out, but she got a good look at it because while I was trying to put it away she was staring down at it and then said what she said and ran off back to her room. She also saw that I had lesbians up on my computer screen. I quickly minimized that website and acted like I was on another. I was embarrassed and thought that maybe I should go to bed. But I was sitting there still rubbing my dick through my shorts.

After about 5 mins. she came back out and immediately sat down in the chair next to the couch I was sitting on which was at a right angle to my right. She had one foot up on the chair and was wearing her short shorts and a tight t-shirt. I obviously had stopped touching myself on the outside when I heard her door open. She said, 'hey' and I replied 'hey.' She said, 'soooo, I noticed you were watching porn. I won't say anything.' I apologized for her seeing me and she said under her breath, 'that's okay,' like she was trying to cut me off. She said she likes to watch porn too and asked me not to tell. I said I won't. There was an awkward silence for a moment and she asked what was on t.v. Now, she knows she has a really nice ass, so I think she got up on purpose to walk towards the kitchen in her tight shorts and she looked back to see that I was looking. She asked if I wanted a sandwich and I said sure.

When she came back she bent over to hand me the plate and you could see her cleavage. She has small but nice tits. My dick had gone down, but was growing hard again when she sat down. I was thinking about her seeing my dick. She was eating her sandwich and was asking me something about what was on the t.v. and then she put her plate down and said, 'I want to see it again.' I was like 'what?' She said,'you know what I'm talking about!' She told me she was nervous and that I should hurry up before she loses her cool. I was nervous too, but horny as hell.

I immediately pull the leg of my shorts to the side and pulled my throbbing dick out. She was staring at it really hard. I started to pump it slowly. She told me to go back to the website I was watching before. I maximized it and turned it so she could see it too. She immediately turned it back and said she just wanted to watch me. I was really feeling turned on and you could see she was liking it because she was staring really hard and pulled her shirt down past her waist, but rubbed her wrist against her stomach and on to her pussy on the outside of her shorts. She told me she wanted to see me make it cum. I didn't really watch the movie much. I just stared back at her and she noticed this so I guess she wanted to be sexy so she pulled her shirt up above her tits. I was like, 'oh my God!'

Her tits looked juicy as fuck! Better than I thought they would. She asked me if I liked her titties. I told her yes. Then she stuck her right hand in her shorts and began to rub her pussy. She asked if I was about to cum. I told her I was getting close. She said with a whisper 'do it quietly so Mom won't hear you.' That made me bust my nut and it shot into the air about three times. She said, 'that was hot!' She said, 'oh my God...that was hot!' She got up and still had her hand in her shorts and grabbed two paper towels from the kitchen and handed them to me to wipe everything up. When I wiped the head of my dick and my hand she said, 'hurry up and put it away before she comes out here...' I did and then continued to clean up and she laid back and rubbed her pussy really fast and came while watching me wipe up my cum. She hopped up and kissed me on the cheek and said good night and ran off to her room.

Since that night we haven't said anything to each other and it's been about a month. I purposely don't hang out by myself late so that there aren't any opportunities for us to mess up. Although that shit was amazing, I truly love my wife and don't want her to divorce me over some shit that I couldn't control because I was horny. Her daughter still walks around in skimpy clothes and looks at me like she is horny sometimes.



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