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Caught By Son's Friend

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Once each month I travel to a distant state that I used to live in while my children were growing up. I always stay in the same 'suite-type' motel and last month was not expected to be different. While I was doing some shopping at a large mall I ran into an old friend of my adult son, Michelle. She had at one time been his roommate when they were both about 19. I know that they had been sexually involved since she attended my daughter's wedding as his date and we had some great pictures of her at the wedding. She had worn a dress that was very short and very low-cut and very clingy. She was and continued to be a real stunner, small at about 5'0' and petite at not even 100#. My memory quickly flashed on the fact that I had many times used the pictures of her in that white dress to masturbate. On several, her lace panties were visible as she sat on a chair at her table with her legs slightly parted. There was also one that was taken from above that clearly showed the nipple on her right breast. So, when she called my name as we passed in the mall, I felt my heart skip a beat. She told me she had seen my son a few months back and he had told her I had moved to another state. Since I knew that both she and my son had long since moved on to other relationships, and I had been divorced for several years, I fondly remembered jacking off to her images, now almost ten years ago. Anyway, Michelle was her old bubbly self and she suggested that we stop at a nearby coffee bar to catch up on 'old' times. We sat for about 30 minutes talking about what was going on in our lives, all the while as I visually ate up her loveliness as she sat next to me at the small table, legs crossed, short mini-skirt, 3-inch strappy slingback dangling from her tanned bare toes. I had a raging hardon that was about to burst. Her tank top and braless perky breasts were tough to miss and I think she enjoyed squeezing them together a few times as she leaned into me and let her bouncing leg rub my pants. I thought I was going to shoot my load! Not really wanting to end this chance meeting, I did have things to do and told her we should 'do coffee' some other time. She smiled and suggested that we do better than that, and do dinner that night. She told me she was familiar with the motel where I was staying and suggested that she meet me there at 6PM and we could drive to dinner together. Great! I said as we departed. After getting the things that I had actually came to the mall to purchase, I was on my way back to my suite. I wasn't in the room 10 seconds before I had stripped naked and was whacking my pecker to the visions of Michelle's tanned loins and erect nipples. And, thinking things that I probably should not be thinking about doing with a woman over 20 years younger than myself. My own sex life was fine, but jacking off was also a fundamental part of my sexuality. Fantasy doesn't always need to become reality, but I sure was thinking naughty thoughts about shooting my load on her naked breasts and watching as the cum dripped onto her belly and down her thighs. A man can dream, can't he? And, with that thought, my fist pumped the last stroke on my penis as I felt the first of four bursts of cum shoot out of the tip and splash wetly on my chest, into my belly button, onto my jacking wrist and the last dribbles drop stickily into my pubic hair.
So, now, I thought about meeting Michelle in the lobby, or just having her up to my rooms for a glass of wine before we left for dinner. My room seemed the best option, no matter what her own intentions, however innocent, were. So, I called room service, ordered the wine and a small cheese plate and then jumped into the shower to wash off the now glistening and running sperm that had just been drained from my groin. Oh, how good it felt. Then I had a thought, that my devious mind easily conceived, I went to my overnight bag and extracted three girlie leg and nylon magazines that always take with me on trips to serve as jack-off material. I love women in heels and have often asked my former wife or many girlfriends, since my divorce, to wear their heels and pumps to bed. Several times I have been able to use the heels and pumps for my masturbation and in foreplay prior to having sex. I have shot many a load onto dark stockings that have been seductively encased in a black pump. I love shooting cum all over my lover's shoes and feet. So, on the chance that Michelle might want to use the bathroom, I placed the three magazines on the towel shelf and 'set' the stage. I also put two condoms in my open dop-kit on the double sink vanity so that they could easily be seen to anyone washing their hands. The plot thickened.
At 6PM on the dot, Michelle called from the front desk and told me she would be right up, but needed to know my room number. That was an easy fix. She indicated that she would be right up. Even at my age, I quickly felt my dick begin to stiffen! Her knock a few minutes later announced her arrival, and as I opened the door to let her in, she was laughing and walked right by me as she looked over her shoulder and told me 'I've got to pee, soooo bad!' And, with that comment, there was no stopping my 'set up' plan and I hoped she would not become offended. Waiting for her to come out got my mind thinking about her sitting on the toilet with her skirt pulled up around her waist and her panties knotted around her ankles as the pee splashed from between her thighs. Oh, what an image! She probably wasn't in there more than a couple of minutes, but, to me it seemed an eternity! I heard the water flushing as she came out and went right to the sink to wash her hands.
Now, I feigned a mock embarrassment as she came out and continued to dry her hands. I looked at her and told her that I had not thought that she would be coming to my room and that after she entered the bathroom, I had 'remembered' that I had left some 'reading' material on the shelf in the bathroom. She openly laughed and told me that it didn't surprise or offend her, and that she thought it was 'cute' that I was embarrassed. She then told me that she had looked through some of the pages and realized that I must be a real 'leg man' since that was the major theme of most of the pictures that she had seen. I told her she was definitely 'correct' and that I used the magazines 'to keep me out of the bars' when I was on my business trips. She then asked me if that meant that I used the magazines to masturbate? I couldn't believe my ears! She was asking me if I liked to jack-off to images of women with beautiful legs in high heels.'Yes' was my quiet reply. Then she told me she had a apology, herself, and that she had intended to get to her apartment to change, but had run out of time and decided that it would be better to be 'on time' and in the same outfit that I had seen her in earlier, than to be more dressed up and late.
Then she dropped a zinger, she asked me if I liked her legs and her high heels and if they met my approval?!? Needless to say, I laughed and told her they were 'perfect' and would do just fine. Then she told me that in all of her life she had actually never seen a boy or a man masturbate. I was dumbfounded. She continued that even though she had been with lots of 'guys', and then she added, of course, you must know at least one of them! She told me that she also liked to masturbate and that we should compare notes! I couldn't believe my ears! She had come over to the sofa where I was seated while she was in the bathroom and sat down next to me. As she turned her body toward mine, she laughed and proceeded to dangle a silky pair of taupe panties that she had concealed in her hand. Then as she moved closer, she moved her legs so that her hiked up skirt easily revealed her still moist pussy. Then she said,'do you want to play?' I've showed you mine, so now you have to show me yours. So much for dinner plans. As I smiled and stood up, she was quickly pulling her top out of her skirt and slipping it over her head. I was now viewing the nicest set of totally tanned B-cup breasts that I had ever seen. I unzipped my slacks and kicked off my loafers as she also stood and stepped out of her skirt. My hard on was throbbing and begged to be released from my jockey shorts. In one seemingly coordinated movement, I slipped underwear off and pulled off both of my socks. I was naked. Michelle was not! She stood in front of me, posing, naked, but for her black strappy slingback sandals with their three-inch heels. Talk about turned on! My dick was dancing in front of me and I instinctively grabbed all of it's six-inch length and began to stroke it while she stood, turning around with her hands on her slender hips. She was a minor Goddess. Petite and tanned, pussy hair nicely trimmed with dangling wisps still moist from her pee. She was smiling and laughing as she said,'OK, big-boy, jack that meat!' I didn't have to be told twice! She got behind me and gently pushed me toward the bedroom. When I got there, she completely stripped the comforter and bed sheets off of the king-sized bed and told me to lay down in the middle. At this time, I was thinking that I was really glad that she wasn't my daughter-in-law! I laid back on the bed and she walked around to the side and sat down in an easy chair, placed her legs with the heels still on onto an ottoman and spread her thighs so that I got a full view of her pussy. She wetted her fingers in her mouth and slowly began to try to match my stroking with her own rhythm with mine. Here we were, both masturbating up a storm and all because of a chance meeting at the mall! She then began to moan and asked my if I ever jacked off thinking about real people or if I only used the magazines. What an opening! I told her that I loved to look at pictures of people that I knew and then told her about how I had jacked off looking at her own pictures from the wedding! 'No way' she exclaimed.'The ones of me in the white mini-dress?', she asked.'Those are the ones, and especially the ones that show your panties and the one that shows your nipple'. I couldn't believe that I had told her that.'How many times do you think you came looking at my pictures', she asked. I told her that it was enough times to fill a couple of gallon jugs with cum.'Gallon jugs, she said? How about shooting some of that hot cum on these real flesh and blood jugs?' as she cupped her breasts and licked one of the nipples with her tongue. I could feel my orgasm building inside my balls and knew that it was only wishful thinking that this wank-off session would last forever. I asked her,'where do you want me shoot my load?' 'Tell me where you want it.' 'I want it all over my body, I want you to blow your wad on my face, on my tits, on my belly, in my snatch, and all over my feet.' 'Can you do that for me?' 'Can you please cover me with your hot cum?' That was about all that these old bones could take, and I jumped off the bed, moved over to beside the ottoman and sped my stroking to a fevered pitch. Michelle had also continued to stroke her clit with one hand, spread her pussy lips with the other hand and lick her open lips with her rosy tongue. The well was set to burst and I felt the initial spurt rising from my balls as it exited to flaring pee-hole at the end of my dick. The first blast hit Michelle directly on her chin as I watched her move her hand from her pussy lips and push some of my jism into her mouth. Now the spasms of orgasm continued to the uncontrolled rhythm of release, shot after shot after shot of hot, wet and sticky cum coated her body as I tried to meet her desired targets. As I knew the final spurts were nearing, I semi-kneeled onto the ottoman and insured that my last two cum-shots found their mark on her feet and heels. Boy, was I drained. And it didn't seem to matter that I had jacked off earlier when I returned from the mall. Talk about excitement! Now she was nearing her own peak and she asked me to put a finger up her ass with my right hand and to pinch her nipples with my left hand.'Ask and you shall receive' was my quick reply. Her eyes were now closed as she rubbed her love bug in a rotating, gyrating, up and down motion that only her own hands knew so well. As her orgasm started, she moved her legs out straight on the stool and let her tiny body slide flatter onto the recliner. Her spasms were now reaching a frenzied pace and her mind and body took over as one as her toes curled down, her body stiffened and the rhythms of ecstasy overtook her rubbing and her stomach writhed and tightened with each jolt of pleasure. And they kept cumming! 'Eat my pussy', she asked.'Suck your cum out of my cunt hair'.'Lick my asshole'.'Bite my clit'. And, I did as requested. Michelle continued to roll her hips, to open her legs, to push her cunt into my mouth as I sucked and licked, sucked and chewed, sucked and swallowed all of the savoy flavors of our combined cum and sweat. And, then we relaxed, as I pulled her from the recliner and onto the bed.
She smiled and told me she had to tell me something. She told me that when she was 18 she had been out with my son and that they had parked his car down the street so that we would not hear the engine. They then went into the back yard through the side gate with the intention of climbing through the window into his bedroom so that they could have sex. She then continued that as they were quietly passing by my bedroom window they looked in and saw my son's mother giving me head as I lay on the bed. She said that she could see that the TV was on and that there was a porno movie playing as my cock was being deep-sucked. She said that they stopped and decided to continue to watch us as my son took out his dick and began to jack-off as they watched us have sex. She told me that she pulled down her shorts and panties and that she was dripping wet from seeing me get sucked off. Then she said that she grabbed my son's cock and began to jack him in the same rhythm that his mother was sucking my dick. As she masturbated him in the dark she said he fingered her pussy but that they never stopped watching my blow-job. She said it was obvious when I began to cum because I arched my back and she saw my son's mother take my whole cock into her mouth and stop her head movements as I jerked my cum load into her stomach and she swallowed the entire load. At the same time, she said my son was shooting his own load of jism into the bushes under the window. She said that she had never had an orgasm before that night, but that she experienced her first real cum when she saw me cum. She also indicated that she had many times thought about that night when she rubbed herself off or used her vibrator or dildo. So, she said, we both used the fantasy of each other to assist us when we masturbated. Then she offered something else that she had not told me when we met at the mall. She was married. She told me that she had a good relationship with her husband of three years and had not thought that we would ever 'do' anything until she saw the leg magazines in the bathroom. She told me she was so hot looking at the pictures of legs, heels, cocks and cum that she had to take off her panties, lest they become soaking wet from her pussy juice. So, I asked her if she was going to be OK with what had happened? And, she said,'absolutely, since we really didn't have intercourse, and that she had never actually touched my cock'. She also indicated that she would be willing to meet again when I make my next trip back, as long as we limit the sexual activity to masturbation, and maybe some licking and sucking. Sure sounded OK to me, and we jumped into the shower and got dressed for dinner. What a night! Sure glad I 'have' to make these trips each month. Only 12 days until next time!



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