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Caught by Cleaner

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This happened just last week, I never thought that I would have anything to write about, and then I got caught. My sister lives in a place called Hamilton, in a rented house, but has recently bought her own place, and is due to shift house in about a weeks time, if all goes well. I live in a larger city about two hours away, and volunteered to help her clean up the garden.

I arrived late in the evening, spent the night and was ready to get stuck into work the next morning. My sister had a very long list of things that she had to do in town, and so left me to it. It was a very hot day and by the time I was finished, weeding and pruning the garden my clothes were very grubby. So I stepped out of them in the garage, and ran into the house, and had a shower. It was so hot, that I decided not to get dressed for a while, and let my body cool down.

So I made myself an iced water and then went into the little office, which is next to the back door, to check your site, for new stories, as I do whenever I get the chance. As this rented house of my sisters is very private, and I was not expecting any visitors, I was able to have all of the doors and windows open and the fans going, which is great when it's hot. So there I was naked, in this little room next to the open back door, pre-occupied, reading the stories on your site.

Suddenly I was aware of someone knocking at the door beside me. I had no choice but to see who was there. I did consider sitting still and waiting to see if they would go away, but if the person was to look inside, they would have seen me sitting there, with nowhere to hide, and I think, that would have looked far worse. So I stood up and looked around the corner to see a very attractive lady, with a clip-board in her hand. She told me that the owner of the house had arranged with my sister, for her to come through the house, with the view of her cleaning it once my sister had vacated. She did ask me if I wanted her to come back later, but I thought that as she had most likely driven across town, and may have had other appointments, she may as well come in, and I had been caught anyway.

I told her she was welcome to come in if she wanted to, all the while talking around the corner of the office door, in an effort to hide my lower half, and so I slinked back into the tiny office, while she made her entrance. I stood in the office and waited while she made her way through the house, making notes, of what was to be done. From time to time she would ask me questions, and I would of course reply. I was now sat back down at the PC and was checking my emails. D as I will call her was now in the kitchen, which is just outside the office door, when she asked me some more questions relating to the house cleaning, and without even thinking, I got up from the PC and went to the door, to answer her.

D was standing in the kitchen looking right at me standing before her without a stitch on. She was so professional about her work and the purpose of her visit, that she just kept talking as though I was in a business suit. The more she talked the more relaxed I became, to the point where I was really starting to enjoy being nude in front of this very nice lady. It was now time for her to go, and she had stepped out of the house and was putting her shoes back on, and there we were still chatting about the weather and other things, she was ready to leave, and I was just wishing that I could find a reason to delay her a little longer.

Because as we chatted with her at the bottom of the steps and me in the doorway, in full view, I was experiencing feelings like never before. D was such a nice person, after all she could have taken off in fright or been nasty about it, but chose to be friendly and remained professional throughout her visit. After she had gone I could not wait to get inside and close the door. My cock had stayed down the whole time (I don't know how) but once back inside, it was as hard as hell, and I couldn't wait to start pumping it, wishing all the time that D was there to watch me, and wishing I had the nerve to have asked her if she wanted to watch me pull myself off. Well with D's face in my mind and my cock in my hand, it didn't take me long before I was pumping all over my chest. I know it wasn't meant to happen but thank you D for the experience. I hope you get to read this on Solo Touch sometime. Steve



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