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Caught But Surprised

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My wife discovered my Internet search history. Oooops.


"Oh my God," she gasped. She clicked on the next file and the next and the next. She could see there were dozens. They were all stories, in one form or another, about watching women masturbate. "Why does Glen have these stories?" she thought. Then she found the folder with the video files. Again she gasped. She'd found video after video of beautiful young women mostly alone but occasionally with a female partner masturbating. She wondered why a married man with access to a living warm woman all his own would want to settle for pictures and stories about other women. The videos at first glance were more repulsive to her than the stories. But she had to admit something had stirred within her.

She went back to the folder containing erotic stories. A quick survey of story titles disclosed a couple of themes. The word "Birthday" appeared often. She settled in to read some more. It was plain to Pamela from what she found on his computer that her husband's secret interests revolved around watching women masturbate but that was the most superficial finding. After reading many of his stories and reopening the video folder she had a much better idea of what lurked in Glen's world of fantasy. But more immediately she had a situation of her own. Here she was alone at home. She'd been reading explicit erotica of a kind her sheltered life had kept her from experiencing before. And now she was feeling quite excited. It occurred to her that in her own way she can feel what her husband has been feeling. Perhaps she could explore this further.

Pamela closed out all the folders on Glen's computer and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. She hadn't yet had a bath and something in her wanted the feel the warmth of the water surrounding, touching her naked body. She locked the bathroom door turned on the water in the tub and while it filled she turned toward the mirror. For too long she'd just been making herself presentable. She had to dress a certain way for work. At home she wanted only to be comfortable. For the most part she'd quit looking at herself in any other way. Presentable or comfortable. She and Glen were married late in life. It was a second marriage for both of them. Pamela's children were grown and had kids of their own. Glen didn't have any kids. They were both entering into a slower and time of life. There were not many demands upon them they couldn't handle easily.

The days coasted by. It was an easy time. But perhaps it was a bit too easy. It was too easy to just let things happen as they will. Pamela appraised her reflection in the mirror. For a woman of her age she looked quite good. She wasn't a product of plastic surgery. She didn't look like "the ladies of a certain age" found at the country club for brunch. Frankly, she was proud of that and she knew Glen was too. She was a natural woman and her good looks were a natural gift. Pamela tugged at a bit of her short hair that always goes awry behind her right ear. Her hands trailed down her neck and lingered.

She was thinking now about one of the stories. This was a familiar scenario. Her hands traveled further down to the sides of her breasts. She squeezed them together gently while looking in the mirror. Her gaze moved up from her breasts and came eye to eye with her reflection. She giggled out loud and dropped her hands to her sides. "Better get on with things" she thought. Quickly she removed the tee-shirt and cut-off jean shorts she'd been wearing. Her bra and panties followed. The water was deep enough now and she gently stepped in. Pamela lowered herself into the tub. She felt the primal embrace of the hot water. In the bath her mind wandered. She thought about the erotica she'd found in Glen's computer. She thought about their marriage. She thought about their intimacy. Things were OK but things could be better.

Pamela considered a plan. She now knows Glen's inner desires a little better. She could also be pretty sure that his fantasies could be fulfilled without involving a third person which wasn't something she wanted. Perhaps Glen could have a fantasy come to life. Who better to do it than she.

The next few days were a whirlwind of activity. Pamela shopped for and bought numerous items that she thought would be handy for this fantasy. High on the shopping list was lingerie. She had to have something that Glen had never seen on her before. Her thoughts were something along the line of a baby doll style with thigh high stockings and high heels. Part of her thought "How ridiculous," but another part thought of the adventure. A new dress would be nice as well. They should go out to dinner on the special night. Her mind ran to a style of dress currently popular since the series "Mad Men" had run on television. It should be a jewel color, crisp fabric and a tight bodice with a slight flare below the waist. A handbag to match. Gloves and little hat would fun but hard to come by these days. Finally, a stop at the adult toy store for some necessities. Pamela sent Glen a text with a picture of her one Wednesday. "I think there's going to be a fun surprise for you Friday. XOXOX" The picture was just a close up of Pam's face blowing Glen a kiss.

Later that night Glen asked Pamela what the text was about. "Oh, I don't know. Why not plan on going out to eat that night? Just something light. Maybe a drink too. " said Pamela. On Thursday, right after lunch, Pam sent Glen another text. "Be thinking about a fantasy vacation, sweetie." Well, he called right away. That sort of text needs an explanation. Fantasy vacations don't come cheap and the two of them weren't, after all, made of money. "OK, what's this about a fantasy vacation, Pam?" asked Glen. "Oh, don't get upset. It wouldn't have to be anything extravagant. I just want a change of scenery." "Well, Pam, I uh, maybe we can talk about it at dinner tomorrow night. Right now, I need to concentrate on a report I'm making. I'll see you later."

Pam was all sweetness and light at dinner Thursday night. They shared some wine and she'd made fancy salad they both like. Glen was guarded. He didn't know if he was going to be hit up for a trip to Fiji or Hawaii or Staad. This could go any direction. He would certainly enjoy a trip but there is an air of uncertainty throughout the business these days no matter what business one is in. It might not be the best time. "Do I want to get into this with Pam right now?" he thought to himself. "There is a pretty good vibe going on now and I'd hate to kill it. And Pam's got something on her mind for Friday night. I don't want to mess that up." And so Glen took the path of least resistance. Like so many men he said nothing. He smiled. He complimented Pam on a truly extraordinary salad and wine combination. He kissed her and told her he was a lucky man. "You don't know the half of it." Pam said That would have been a chilling moment for many and it was for Glen but it was instantly disarmed by Pamela's smile. "And I'm a lucky woman, sweetie."

Friday afternoon Pam texted Glen with a message and a number for the dry cleaner's. He was to pick up some cleaning on the way home from work. "That was straight forward enough." he thought. At the cleaner's he was handed his favorite dark gray suit. It fit him like a $6000 suit belonging to a network executive. He was also handed a sapphire colored, polished cotton dress that was shimmering in the afternoon sun. He'd never seen Pam wear it before and he was sure he would have remembered it. At home, Glen brought in the clothes from the cleaners. He could hear the bath running as he walked into the bedroom. "I'm home." he said. "Our reservations are for seven, honey." Pam said. That gave them about an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready. Glen could do it faster but it had been a long week and it was Friday. He'd rather not have to rush. "I'll use the guest bathroom. Nice dress. Pretty color. New isn't it?" he said. "Yeah. I'm glad you like it. It's kind of different for me."

Glen grabbed his suit and the other things he'd change into and walked down the hall to the guest bathroom which he kept supplied with all the consumables he'd need for just such an occasion. This wouldn't be the first of it's kind. When Glen stepped out of the bathroom all dressed and ready to go he heard Pamela shout from behind the closed bedroom door that there was some wine in the chiller he might want to open and serve. It seemed like an excellent idea. There was certainly enough time for each of them to have a glass in an unhurried way. As he was pouring the wine in the kitchen Pamela walked in. He knew she was coming because he heard her high heels click-clacking across the travertine in the main hallway. She didn't often wear heels and even less often was she wearing heels at this time of night.

He picked up the wine glasses and turned toward the doorway where she'd appear. He was glad he was holding the glasses securely. He might well have dropped them. He didn't need to say a thing. She could see it in his eyes. She'd spent the day at the spa where she was soaked, massaged, trimmed, polished, made up, coifed and otherwise remade into an artist's rendering of the Pam he knew and loved. Her hair was not so much changed as it was perfected. Her make up was dramatic. She never wore lipstick that drew attention but tonight her lips were bright red and matched her fingernail polish. Her eyes were dark and sultry. Against the sapphire blue of the dress her skin glowed. The dress was a statement. It reminded him of Jackie Kennedy. He smiled to himself. "If only Jackie Kennedy had been this good looking." he thought.

"Oh, honey," he said. "you're going to cause quite a stir at the restaurant. You're causing quite a stir in me in any event." She smiled and stepped forward to take her wine glass. "Do I dare kiss your lips? I don't want to smear your make up." "I think you can if you're careful." she replied. They carefully embraced and he looked into her eyes. His heart warmed and the rest of the world melted away. Their lips gently met and the tips of their tongues lightly touched. "Would you like to step into the living room and have a seat? Do we have time?" he asked. "Let's do." she said. "I think I'd like to take a moment to admire you in that suit I like so much. And the wine is exceptional tonight. Or is it the company?"

They sat and sipped. It was perhaps too formal. They chatted about trivial things. It was a scene torn from a simpler time. If the clothes seemed a bit stiff the atmosphere seemed quite relaxed. Soon it was apparent to both of them that this was an intentional act. It was a way to evade reality. But it was an evasion they took as a couple. Dinner was lovely. There was a cocktail. Artichoke salad. Roasted fish. Chocolate mousse. Coffee. It couldn't have been better The ride home was quiet but warm in their company. There was small talk about the meal and the people they saw. Before long they were home.

When they entered the house Pamela turned to Glen and said, "Thank you for the lovely evening. We really should do that more often." "Anytime you want, honey. I truly had a great time with you." They kissed without much concern for her makeup now. Their tongues mingled and their arms enveloped each other. "I'm going to go get out of these heels. Hand me your jacket and I'll hang it up. Why don't you start a fire in the fireplace. Maybe we could have some brandy." He handed her his jacket. He was sorry that the storybook evening was now coming to an end. It was fun dressing up and she looked so good in that dress. Oh well. It's just the costumes that are coming off. We still have each other's company.

He crouched down by the fireplace and arranged a couple of logs on the grate. The strike of a match and a twist of the gas valve was all it took and the fire leapt up. Warmth flooded out from the fireplace. The popping and crackling were a comforting sound. Glen stood and went to the small console where the brandy was kept and he poured himself a small amount. He swirled it around in his hand. Raising the glass he smelled the sweet bouquet and then tasted it. It was smooth and warm. Just the thing. He was pondering the sensation of the brandy as it bloomed in his stomach when he remembered that he had suggested speaking with Pamela about the fantasy vacation she'd mentioned. The re-occurrence of this thought weighed heavily on him. This was not the time for a vacation and right now. He didn't want to get into it with Pam tonight. Things were just too perfect.

He turned and with a little less spring in his step he walked toward his chair. He sat down. On the coffee table in front of the couch he could see a couple of sheets of paper with printing on them. It was easy to see at this distance it was from a word processor and a home printer. It was not a commercially produced job. He leaned forward from his chair and reached for the papers. Immediately, he recognized the writing. It was one of the erotic stories he keeps on his home computer. The warm flush he was feeling now was definitely not from the brandy. He was busted! "What am I going to say about this." he thought. "This is terrible. She's going to kill me." A quick look at the title of the story showed it was "A Special Birthday Gift." One of his favorites.

Just then he heard her walking in the hallway. Quickly, he jammed the story into the crack between the arm and the seat in his lounger. At the same time he realized her steps again revealed the click-clack of high heels. "I thought she was going to take those off." he said to himself. He stared at the fireplace. He listened to Pamela's footsteps as she walked into the room from the hallway behind him. The footsteps stopped. He was half afraid to turn around in his guilty state of mind. What was she doing? He turned to see her just as she said, "I see you found your story. Of course, I found it too." That's what he heard.

What he saw was Pamela wearing the heels he'd heard all right. Covering her legs were smoky dark nylon stockings that came up to a point a bit more than half way from her knees to her hips. Above that was a very pale green, sheer, baby doll style nightie with white lace trim. It came down as far as the stockings came up. It was quite plain to see that Pam was not wearing anything beneath her nightie. The darkness of her nipples was plainly visible through the material. It was easy to see that her nipples were quite erect. Through the pleated folds of the fabric lower it was not so clear to see but it appeared to Glen that perhaps some trimming had taken place. In all, she was stunning. Compared with her earlier appearance in the sapphire dress which was breath taking this outfit was a dream come true.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" Pam asked. "How do you explain the rather vast collection of erotic stories and video I found on your computer?" She began walking toward him. He started to rise from his chair but she told him to stay seated. Pathetically he stammered, "Honey, I..." "Oh forget it." she said. She tried to muster a stern look but she broke out in a broad smile. "At first I was a little pissed off that you'd waste your time with stories and video like that. Especially when you have me to love and hold. But I know that imaginations can have lives of their own. I read most of your stories. I looked at quite a few of the videos. I have to say that afterwards I felt it too. I wanted to do something about how I felt. What you're looking at now is what I decided to do. What we did this evening is what I decided to do. Do you like what we did?" "Oh, yes!" "Do you like what you see now?" She began to shift her weight from one leg to another. Swaying in front of him. Looking at him with mischievous eyes. In fact, she even put a finger to her mouth and held it's tip between her teeth and grinned. "Is there anything you want me to do for you?" she asked coyly. "Oh," he cleared his throat. "Well, you look wonderful. You really are dressed as my fantasy girl. I'm, uh, sure that whatever you do would be great for me. Do you want to go back to the bedroom, sweetie?" "No, no. It's not going to be like that. It won't be any fun for me if you don't tell me what to do. You want it to be fun for me too, don't you."

With that she walked to the liquor console and poured a short brandy. She downed it quickly. Then she opened the console and reached into the dark recesses behind some bottles and pulled out a velvet bag. She made a bit of a show bending over to reach into the console. Her butt was still perfectly shaped in his opinion. She turned back toward him. She held the velvet bag with one hand and wrapping a thumb and forefinger around it with the other she stroked it slowly back and forth. "I just don't think of you that way, Pam. You're the one I love. I don't want to use you. These women in the stories and the videos mean nothing to me. I don't mind if they seem to be used for mindless pleasure." "And I love you too Glen. And I think I could love you even more if you'd tell me how I can make you feel good. I read your stories. I know you selected them from many others because they excite you. Something about those stories is special to you. I want to be your wife, your lover, and your fantasy. I know, after reading those stories, that I want to perform your fantasy. I want to. It's not that I can. I want to. You just need to fill in the details for me. So now, are you going to tell me what I can do for you?"

"Well, first I'd like to get out of these clothes. They suddenly feel somewhat binding." Glen said with a smirk. "That's something that will have to wait. I'm part of this too and for me I think I'd like to see you there for a while longer with your shirt, tie, pants and shoes." "OK, then." said Glen. "Let's have you walk around a bit. I'd like to appreciate what you've chosen to wear." With that Pamela set the velvet bag down on the hearth not too close to the fire and slowly walked across the room. She did a little turn around and flipped the back of her nightie up to flash her bottom at her husband. She walked slowly toward Glen's chair and just before she stepped on his toes she stopped and leaned over placing her hands on the arms of his chair. Her lips were close to his when she said in a husky voice, "I couldn't help but notice that in most of your stories the women were masturbating quite openly for their men to enjoy. Is that right?" Gulping, Glen said, "Yeah, I think they were." "And would you find that sort of thing exciting, sweetie?" His voice failing slightly, Glen replied, "Yes." "Yes, what?" "Uh, yes ma'am?" he stammered. "No," she giggled. "Can you tell me what I can do just for you that would excite you as much as the women in the stories?"

Quietly he said, "Pam, can I watch you masturbate?" Pam was still leaning over him. With her husky voice again, Pam said, "Hmmm - so that would be hot for you? You'd like to watch me touch myself? Would you like it if I slipped out of this nightie right here in front of you and started to touch myself all over? Is that what you had in mind?" "Well, I do rather like how you look in that nightie and the stockings and heels and all. I would hate for all that to go too quickly. I wonder if you could draw this out a bit?" Pamela smiled devilishly as she stood up straight and backed up. "Oh, I don't think that will be a problem, sweetie. I like how this nightie looks too. Even more, I like how it feels against me."

With that Pam slid her hands up from her hips to her breasts. She gently held her breasts and looked her husband in his eyes. Lightly, she began moving the fabric around over her hardening nipples. She inhaled audibly and her eyelids closed momentarily. "Oh yes, this nightie feels luscious. I love the way the material slips over my nipples. Can you see how hard they're getting?" Glen uncrossed crossed his legs and immediately uncrossed them. His hands began to fidget. Soon his hands drifted down to his belt and he began to unfasten it. Pamela's hands were open and her fingers outstretched. Lightly she was touching each of her nipples through the silky fabric with the tip ends of her middle fingers. Her eyes followed Glen's hands. "No, honey," she said. "I think I want to tease you just a bit longer." Glens hands went back to the arms of his lounger. He shifted his body around a bit for comfort but it was plain to both of them that the hardness in his pants was going to make comfort a trial for him. Pamela tenderly cupped her left breast with her left hand and raised her right index finger to her lips. She opened her mouth just a bit and slid her finger in to touch her tongue. Her eyes drilled into Glen's mind. She was smiling as she slowly brought her finger from her mouth. A thin string of saliva stretched from her finger to tongue for just a moment.

With a slight dip of her left shoulder the spaghetti strap on the nightie dropped down her arm. Her wetted finger found its way to her left nipple barely hidden within the nightie. Her eyes closed again as she swirled her finger around her covered nipple. She released her left breast and brought her arm to her side. Doing so allowed the strap on that side to drop farther. She raised her elbow and freed her arm from the strap. The material that was covering her left breast fell away as Pam walked toward her husband. "I think you ought to see this up close." she said. Again she wet her right index finger. This time without the fabric hiding her nipple she bent toward her husband and with gentle circular movement she spread the saliva on her nipple. Lightly she flicked her erect nipple with her red fingernail. Glen could hear her breathing. He could see her nipple extending, straining. He wanted so much to pull her to him and flick his tongue across her nipple and lightly bite it but he sensed that was not part of the show. "This feels so good, honey. Not just touching myself but doing it for you. Knowing it's your dirty little secret that gets you so hot. Knowing that my secret pleasure now is also your pleasure. "But I just don't know," she said. "This is making me so hot I want to fuck myself for you. Can I, honey? Can I lay on the rug here in front of the fireplace and fuck myself?

You see, I've got this new dildo. It's clear and soft and flexible. I wanted to use it all week but I wanted you to be with me when I did." Glen was sensing a role for himself now and said, "Babe, I want to see you get yourself off more than you know. But let's move back to the bedroom. I want to see you on our bed. I also want to get out of these clothes. Honey, I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself if I can't give my cock some room." Glen and Pam laughed a bit. Pam pulled the left strap on the nightie back up, moved over to the hearth and picked up the velvet bag and said with a smile, "Let's go then."

Glen followed Pam back to the bedroom. To him, at that moment, Pam was the sexiest woman he'd ever seen. One high heel right in front of the other. Her butt wiggled just a bit and her lank arms swung to and fro. She looked back at him once in the hallway and smiled. "Like what you're seeing?" In the bedroom Pam turned to Glen grabbed his belt and pulled him toward her. She was a little rough but it was more from being in a hurry. She unfastened his belt and pulled it free of his pants. After the belt she pulled his shirt tail out from his pants and began unbuttoning it. Glen busied himself with the cuffs on the shirt. At last Pam pulled the shirt over Glen's head unexpectedly. Just as surprisingly she pushed him backward onto the bed. It was a high bed and his feet left the floor.

Pam untied his Oxfords and removed them and his socks. Glen had already unfastened the waist of his pants and lowered the zipper and a good thing he did. Pam pulled his pants quickly off. Now he was comfortable. His excitement was obvious from the tent he was making out of his boxers. The activity of her near violent way of stripping her husband had caused a strap to fall again on her nightie and she was very nearly in danger of having her right breast fall free. Glen smiled and pointed out Pam's wardrobe malfunction. Pam smiled back. She was standing beside the bed. Glen was laying across the middle of the bed propped up on his elbows. Pam's hands went to her hair and she went through the motions of straightening it up, not that it needed it. She crossed her hands across her chest the lowered both straps on the nightie. She freed her arms from them and with a calculated wiggle and a slight tug she slid the nightie past her hips and it fell to the floor.

Glen had lost count of the times he'd taken a quick breath while his heart jumped that night. There Pam stood in her stockings and high heels and nothing else save a short but heavy gold necklace with matching earrings. Before, the jewelry seemed like unremarkable accessories. Now they seemed to play a much elevated role. Pamela had always kept her pubic hair trimmed but this evening Glen saw that she was now sporting only a small patch of hair just above the cleft between her legs. The effect was astonishing.

She stood before him with her feet about shoulder width apart. Pam again raised her right hand to her mouth. Her lips parted and she slid her middle finger into her mouth and closed her lips around it. She angled her head down a bit and withdrew her finger. Her left hand traced across her flat belly up to her right breast where she gently squeezed it. She toyed with her nipple. Her right hand moved slowly down, down to pussy. Glen watched her finger slide past her clit and gently tease her lips. She moved her finger back and forth with more pressure. Soon her lips parted as they swelled. She dipped her fingertip in and slid it up to her clit. She smiled wickedly at Glen and quietly said, "I'm wet. Standing here in front of you, fingering myself, is better than I thought it would be."

Glen's cock was again straining to be freed. He rubbed it through his boxers while Pam probed the depths of her pussy with her finger. "Are your going to get up on this bed and let me watch you fuck yourself now or what?" Glen demanded. Pam took the two steps to the side of the bed. In a fairly quick move she ended up straddling Glen's waist on the bed. She rubbed her pussy against his stomach arching her back like a cat. She cupped her breasts. She raised her right breast to her mouth and touched her tongue to it's nipple. She made eye contact with him and flicked her nipple with her tongue. She did the same with her left breast. Glen ran his hands up and down her thighs. "Oh, Glen," he could feel her tremble a bit. "I hope you're liking this as much as I am." She pulled on her nipples. She twisted them. All the while she ground her pussy into his belly. He could feel her wetness. "Babe, you're the hottest woman I've ever seen or imagined. I don't want this to ever stop. But the truth of it is - I want to jerk off so bad right now. I want to jerk off while you fuck yourself with that dildo. I want you to show me how you get yourself off."

With a giggle Pam rolled off Glen and settled into the pillows on her side of the bed. Glen slid off his boxers and rolled off the bed to stand by his wife's side. He grabbed his cock with two fingers of his left hand and pulled the skin tight at the base. Then making a circle around his cock with his right middle finger and thumb he gently stroked the area just below the head of his cock. This was the most sensitive part and only he knew how to do it best. Pam brought her feet together with her knees laying out to the sides. Her pussy was spread wide open. She was vulnerable but at the same time safe with her husband. She circled the opening of her pussy with a finger. Ever so lightly. Her natural lubrication was starting to flow and she began to spread it around her lips and clit. Slowly she slid a finger into her pussy. She turned her head toward her husband. He was watching her fingers and then he sheepishly looked at her eyes. Their eyes met. She said, "Go ahead, watch how I slide my finger in my pussy. This is so exciting doing this for you. I don't want to stop."

Pam put two fingers in her pussy and gasped as her back arched. Glen moaned. He could come at any moment but this was too good to finish. He could hear Pam's fingers sloshing about in her pussy. She was quietly whimpering. Glen's own pre-come liquid was beginning to flow. He decided some lubricant would be nice. He reached in a bedside drawer and pulled out some. This was a special night and he didn't give a damn about the mess. He drizzled his cock with a large amount of lube. It was dripping everywhere but he'd take care of that later. Pam had found her velvet bag while he was digging in the drawer. When he looked back at her she was sucking on the head of the dildo while two fingers from her right hand pumped in and out of her pussy. "Here," he said. He offered the lube and she held out the dildo. He squirted a ridiculous amount on it. It spilled down onto her belly. They both laughed. She ran her fingers through the pool of lube on her belly and transferred it to her pussy. Then she put the head of the dildo between the lips of her vagina and moved it up and down along the length of the opening. It was the almost too much for Glen. "God, baby. I don't think I can wait any longer. I have to come or I'm going to explode."

Pam looked up at him and said, "Let's just go for it. It doesn't matter at this point. We both have to come. I want to see you jack your cock like a high school boy. If you come first it's OK." "OK," Glen panted. "Let's do it. I want to see my wife fuck herself like a porn-star." Glen's fist moved at light speed. Up and down on the shaft of his cock. He eyes were locked on his wife's pussy. Pamela watched Glen beat his cock for all he was worth. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Her right hand pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy. Her left as strumming her clit at a blinding speed. Stimulus and response were no longer separate things for them as a couple. With a grunt and a groan Glen shot his come onto Pam's heaving tits. Five massive spasms shot come all over her chest. Pam cried out, "Oh Glen!" and she came.

She squirted a small flood out onto the bed through her fingers. Again and again she shivered and she came over and over. Glen dropped to his knees for lack of strength at the moment. Pam panted for breath. She was covered in her husbands come and momentarily she traced figures in it with her finger tips. Glen pulled himself back up and looked at his wife. Even though he felt like he'd been through a twenty mile march she managed to look lovely, even a bit dreamy. She scooped up some of his come on a finger and put it to her tongue. She wrapped her lips around her finger and pulled it out. "Mmmmm." she said. She looked at her belly and scooped up some more come and with both hands began spreading it on her tits. She pinched and twisted her nipples and looked up at her husband. "If I can get that cock of yours hard again will you fuck me with it?"



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