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Caught and Made To Pay

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Caught using panties


This happened about 25 years ago. I met two female friends Joy and Fi through my girlfriend at the time and when we split up I stayed friends with them.

They had bought a house with Joy's sister and another girl Gail, so the four of them, Joy, Fi, Christine and Gail lived together in a big town house. Whenever there was any maintenance or DIY to do they would ask me to help and I was always happy to oblige as I fancied Joy and it meant I could spend some time with her, although nothing ever happened.

One day I was working in their house alone, fixing up the bathroom. I was surrounded by their make up, toiletries and casually discarded clothes, when an overwhelming urge came over me to masturbate. I went into Joy's bedroom and found what I needed in her dirty clothes basket, a pair of her black lacy worn panties. The gusset was stiff with her secretions and I brought them to my nose and inhaled. The scent of her cunt was unbelievable and had my cock rock hard in an instant. I sniffed and licked her panties for a few minutes whilst stroking my cock until I nearly came, but backed off just in time.

I searched through her drawers and came across a fat, pink, rubber dildo, about 8" long and a bottle of lube. I was soon on the floor on all fours, wearing the panties, pulled to one side, with the lubed up dildo pushed up my arse. My cock was dripping pre cum like an open tap as I rocked back and forth on the dildo, which was nudging my prostate with each push. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, ready to pump a gallon of cum into Joy's panties when all of a sudden...

"What the fuck are you doing Monro?!!"

I hadn't heard Fi come into the house and she was now standing in Joy's bedroom doorway, with a look of total shock and surprise on her face.

Well there was nothing I could say apart from "Sorry!", then spent the next five minutes pulling on my jeans and cleaning the dildo and putting Joy's panties back where I found them.

I could hear Fi downstairs on the phone and when I came down she said she had just phoned Joy and told her what had happened. They were both too surprised and thrown at the moment to decide what to do, but for now I was to get out of their house.

As I left I was really worried I'd blown my friendship with them, as deep down I really did value them as friends. Later that evening I got a phone call from Joy asking me to come round. When I got there, the four of them were in the sitting room and Joy started to tell me what they'd decided to do. Joy said she was surprised and upset that I'd betrayed their trust in letting me in the house on my own, only to discover that I'd been rifling through her personal possessions. To make amends, the four of them had decided that I was to come to the house during the evenings for the rest of the week, and serve them as they saw fit. I was to cook, clean and generally help out for the next four evenings, or they would spread it around that I was a filthy panty wearing pervert.

I had no choice but to agree and turned up for duty the following evening. There was also another clause, I was to be naked. I couldn't really argue and was extremely embarrassed as I slowly stripped off, but as the evening went on I started to enjoy my role. I cleaned the toilet and bathroom, hoovered the stairs, did the washing up and replaced some broken lightbulbs. The following evening I cooked, changed bedding and loaded the washing machine. All the while I was naked and exposed. Whenever I passed by, the girls would give me a playful slap or tweak my nipples. For most of the evenings my cock would be semi or fully erect as I began to get off on being the girl's naked servant.

Friday evening was my last, I arrived at 7 o'clock to find Joy in on her own, the others having gone out for the night straight from work. I stripped off and prepared a nice meal, with wine and candles and Joy said I could join her. During the meal we discussed what had happened and Joy admitted that she had been turned on by the thought of me masturbating using her panties and wished she had been the one to catch me out that lunchtime and had enjoyed seeing me naked around the house. She told me she had a surprise for me, it was payment for all my hard work during the past few evenings.

Joy instructed me to go to her bedroom and wait for her there while she cleared the dining table. I had no idea what she had in mind, but by now my cock was absolutely rock hard and dripping pre cum in anticipation. I entered her bedroom and saw on the bed the same pair of panties that I had worn a few days earlier when I'd been caught. Next to them was the pink rubber dildo and some velcro straps. I walked over to the bed, picked the panties up and slipped them on, I noticed that they hadn't been washed and were still dirty with her juices. My cock was now so hard I thought I would cum there and then. Joy came in and closed the door behind her.

"Get on the bed on all fours" she ordered. I knelt on the bed and she proceeded to strap my wrists and ankles to the metal bed frame. Joy stripped down to her bra and panties and started to stroke around my bum, occasionally slapping my cheeks. All the while she was telling me what a naughty boy I was for wanking in her panties and if I wanted to cum in them that's just what she was about to make me do, but with one catch. She was not going to touch my cock. I was more turned on than ever in my life and so desperate to cum, my cock was straining against the lacy panel in Joy's panties, just one stroke would make me explode. Joy knew that and kept her hands away. I was crazy with frustration,

Joy meanwhile was frantically rubbing her clit and sticking her fingers in her pussy under her panties, which by now were soaking wet. She bent forward and picked the dildo off the bed, rubbed her cum soaked hands all over it and started to insert it into my anus. I gasped as she began to slowly push it in and out.

By now I'd lost all track of time, I was in a dream state, so desperately wanting to cum. I looked down and saw that my panties were also soaked, my cock leaking precum. After about ten minutes of this exquisite torture, Joy started to groan, her body began shaking all over. Both her hands were now moving in unison, one in her pussy the other pushing the dildo deep into my anus. She let out a scream and violently came, shaking and groaning like a wild animal.

I was now so close. I could feel my prostrate being rammed by the dildo up my arse, my engorged cock was straining against the lacy panties. Joy then lifted her cum soaked hand to my mouth. As I greedily sucked on her sticky fingers, I finally tipped over the edge. I almost passed out as wave after wave of the most intense orgasm of my life washed over me. My cock was pumping spurt after spurt into my panties, filling them up with so much hot sticky cum. After what seemed like an eternity I eventually came down, totally exhausted. Joy removed the straps and dildo, took off her underwear (I left my cum filled panties on) and we both climbed under the duvet and slept until morning.



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