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Antoinette (Toni) and I met five years ago when Toni started to work in the same section of a company where I work. Two years ago she and I had our first sexual relationship together. Neither of us are lesbians nor are we bisexual. We just enjoy having sex with each other.

We take turns driving to work. One week I stop at her house and I drive and then the next week Toni stops at my house and she drives. Sometimes we get to each others house a little early to have a second cup of coffee. Last week we were talking and we both were ready for some sex. Toni was to come to my house and we had both planned to call in late to work so we could spend some time at my house making love. My husband Tom finally left for work and Toni and I immediately called work and then headed for my bedroom where we got out of our clothes and climbed onto my bed.

Our bedroom is at the far side of the house so you usually don't hear the front door opening. Toni had her head between my legs when the bedroom door opened. There stood Tom, his mouth agape. I nearly screamed, 'TOM.' Toni instantly sat up and tried to cover herself. We started to get off the bed and Tom said, 'stop, I want to watch.' Toni and I just looked at each other. She nodded her head and I said, 'OK.' We got back on the bed and continued where we had left off. Tom's eyes were glued on us. Finally, I helped Toni to cum by using two hands to rub her clitoris and finger her at the same time. She then did the same for me until I experienced an orgasm. When I looked over at Tom it was obvious he had an erection. Toni looked at Tom and then at me and asked me if she could stroke him. I said, 'sure.' Toni told Tom to take off his pants which he immediately did. She told him to get on the bed. Toni then began to stroke Tom's erect penis until he shot ropes of cum all over. I was aroused all over again just from watching.

Here's what actually happened to cause Tom to return home. He had been gone heading to work for about ten minutes when he realized that he had left his briefcase in the kitchen. He went back to our house. He became curious when he arrived at the house and saw Toni's car still at the curb. He told me that he expected to find us still drinking coffee in the kitchen. When he saw that we weren't there he deduced that we could only be in one other place. He then quietly walked down the hallway to our bedroom. You know the rest.

I confessed all to him about Toni and I. Amazingly, Tom had no problem with what we were doing. He said he would love for Toni to masturbate him again. I told him that wasn't going to happen. The more I think about it the more I conclude that I shouldn't have let Toni masturbate my husband. It was quite obvious that they both really enjoyed it. Maybe I should suggest to Toni that I masturbate her husband. I would love to see how she reacts to that. Yes, as I write my story I think I will ask.



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