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First, I'll give some background info. I started jerking off when I was 11 years old and I came for the first time just before my 12th birthday (pretty early starter). My older brother Josh taught me how to do it (he was 15 at the time). One day, he saw me sitting on the bathroom floor rubbing my tiny penis and thought I needed some help. He asked if I knew what jerking off was and I said yes, more or less, I just don't know how to do it. He asked if I would like to see and I said yes. My brother dropped his shorts and his boxers and out popped a dick that seemed absolutely enormous to me at the time. At 11 I was probably 4 inches hard at the most. His on the other hand was probably about 6 at the time, with a ton of hair and it looked like a grown man dick to me. He took out some shaving cream and smeared it all over his hard cock and began to stroke. He must have been really horny because he came very hard just minutes later all over himself and the bathroom. He cleaned himself up and told me to have fun and left me with my little hard penis.

Fast forward 6 years and I'm 17 years old. My life for the last 6 years has been nearly dominated by jerking off. My penis grew pretty well into a 7 inch erection with a girth of about 5, however when I'm soft I am absolutely tiny. 3 inches at most on the very best day, normally more like 2. I have a thick mound of pubic hair and pretty little balls that normally hang close to my body. One day I think that I have the house to myself so I decide to beat off. I undress completely, lay down on my bed and start going to town on my cock with some lotion. The following I was not aware of at the time: *my younger brother Andy (15) innocently walks by my room while I'm not so innocently furiously beating my 7 inch erection with my eyes closed. He stops, takes a look and decides to go get my cousin Devin (14). Both come back and take in the show.* My eyes still tightly closed (when I do it laying down, I rarely open my eyes for some reason). After a few minutes I decide to take a look at how my cock is doing because it feels a litte bigger than normal today because I am so horny. I then see my brother and cousin with little tents (well not so little in my cousin's case) developing in their shorts. Still with an erection, I run over to the door, push them out and slam it. I decide I've come this far so I should finish off or risk a bad case of blue balls. My brother and cousin apparently didn't leave and just sit on the other side of the door. When they hear my grunts as I begin to cum, they open the door just in time to see me ejaculate all over myself, including on my face. They walk out of the room laughing as my cock deflates to its tiny small size.

Later that evening (after a day of avoiding my cousin and brother) they come into my room (after knocking... thanks) and ask if I want to watch a porn with them (a porn my younger brother got from my older brother). I feel like they've already seen me so I might as well. We watch the porn which is mostly a collection of handjobs and blowjobs as we all develop tents in our shorts. I take mine out and ignoring the stares of my brother and cousin start jerking for the second time that day. My cousin follows next with a cock just as big as mine (embarrassing) and then my brother sheepishly follows with a 5 inch erection. We all jerked ourselves off and came all over the place. This was the first of many mutual sessions (but we never touched each other).



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