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Careful What You Start -2

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Continuation from September 24th 2013


My friends had moved away and I missed them greatly. Became depressed and withdrawn. I tried to masturabe to our memories but it was not as satisfying.

I just had turned 14 and my hormones were in overdrive, I loved touching my self all over but still missed someone else's touch.

I had other friends but we were just friends .

One night I was home and sulking in ny room when my 10 year old brother came to ask for some help on his home work.

He tried to sweet talk me in to it as he messages my shoulders while i sat at my desk.

His touch was nice and tender and for some reason It excited me, yes keep going I sad don't stop I said.

I had my hands under the table now, carefully sliding inside my pajamas finding me wet aching lips and proceeded to masturbate , oooohhhhummm!!

I kept it quiet and was breathing heavy and deep.

Ohhh it was so good as he said ok I am tried.

Go to your room I said I will meet you there when I am done.

I had to change my pjs and calm down .

Later that night I had a very hot wet dream about my brother and felt ashamed but soo excited also.

I was confused but at the same time so excited at the thought of his touch.

A couple of days later it was a stormy night and I went to cuddle with my brother.

As we lay together I hugged him, he was dead asleep and as he turned to lay on his back my hand rested on his pelvis.

Soon I felt something poking my hand, he had a hardon in his sleep.

I was now awake with my heart pumping so hard I could hear it in my ears.

I knew he was hard and wanted to touch it.

I carefully placed my hand on him over his pjs , no response, he was in a deep sleep.

Now I was so hot and could feel my lips engorged and l was leaking fluid my body was shaking with excitement I could feel my nipples stiffen.

I carefully moved the sheet to expse him and proceeded to one his pj to free his hard member.

Wow for 10,he was very nice in real life . I had seen him once in a while walking around trying to cover him self when he was walking around th house with a hard on.

As I lay ther looking at his hard on I lowered my hand to please my self and oooohhh boy the site of a penus was so erotic.

He got cold and turned away from me and I went to cover us up hugging him again.

I wanted more so I got brave and went to now wrap my hand around his shaft,

We were spooning and I had my hand on him slowly messaging him how I had learned , soon I felt hem pulsate in my hand, I knew I had made him cumb.

I let stopped as he now got soft but nothing came out.

I soon left to go to my room to go do my self .

About a week later I go to cuddle once again and repeate my fondling of my brother.

I did this for about 3 months until he woke up and I said shhh its ok. Do want me to stop?No no is ok he said.

As I finished him I made him promised not to tell.

The next night he snuck in to my bead and I could feel his erection poking my bottom as I placed his and on my Brest finally I rolled over to please him .

As I finished I took his hand and placed it under my pjs so he could touch me, ooooooo. I mised another's touch on my body.

I guided him to masturbate me so intensely .

This went on for about 3 months on and off being very careful not to get caught.

Finally we were left home alone for a couple of hours on weekend and then we decided to get totally naked in the bed finally we were totally naked in font of each other.

We sat Indian style admiring and touching each others bodies, I was rubing his penis and noticed that he was now leaking some clear fluid out of the tip of the head.

This was very exciting it was stickey but smooth as I played with him.

He intently was fixated on my crotch as his fingers explored all around .

We were so charged our bodies hormones were in overdrive masturbating each other not thinking about any other thing biut pleasing and being pleased .

I neede to feel him on my lips and told hil to lay down and proceeded to get on top,oooooooopoooommmmmmm. Aaaaaashhhhh. we both sighed our charged organs made contact.

I barley rubbed on him and ooooooooaaaaa he instantly had his organism as I slowly kept going remensing and enjoying the feeling of him on my lips, I was dripping wet as he stayed hard as the jujces made sloshing noises.

I lost my self or subling tryst, and did not wasn't to stop when we heard the door open.

Quickly we got up dressing acting normal.

We were left alone every weekend while our parents went shopping and we continued our sessions and soon I was exposed to my briothers first full organism , it was so beautiful he was beat read in the face as I straddled him and he said he neede to peee but all of a sudden he exploded as I want to get off him.

It was so assume to see him shoot all over himself, that little pecker just would not seem to stop pumping as my brother was basically crying in joy but seemed in pain as he described it as painful but good at the same time as he caught hs breath.

We continued playing with each other but I felt I wanted to experience more , I was very sexually charged and I decided to try something inside.

In my bath we had a back brush with a slender handle and one day I was calling my name.

I had just finished my period and always was more charged right after this time.

I am in the shower holding this brush and started caressing my self so carefully teasing to tell truth, it was the thickness of a highlighter and seemed to thicken as the handles extended I lay down and slowly placed the handle in as I watch feeling it slowly enter, I had used a finger but this was bigger oooommmm. Yes wow in and in I could feel the pressure as my hole was being slowly stretched as I pushed more of the handle in.

I was breathing so heard at the excitement of penetration,biting my lips not to scream at the joy and excitement I was feeling I had to stop and pull it out it was it got almost painful.

Eventually I got more in and would use other things for fun.




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