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Care Assistant

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I have a number of elderly clients I look after. Most are women, because women live longer, but there is one sweet old man....


I visit him a couple of times a week to clean his house, do some shopping and laundry for him. He is really lovely, and takes pride in himself and his home. He often likes to talk. One day, we were talking about his wife who died years before. He said "I shouldn't tell you this, Polly, But I know I will never again have any intimate contact with a woman, and that is so sad. I loved sex, and everything to do with it." I said it must be tough having to take care of things alone all the time. But he said that although he does still try, he has found that he can't cum. Then, clearly embarrassed, he changed the subject. I had pushed the conversation too far already.

But it stuck in my mind. He was in no way making a pass at me. I have no doubt that he would find the thought oh, I don't know, somehow abhorrent. Even so, I liked him a lot and I felt sorry for his loneliness. Over the next few months it was as if that conversation never happened. Summer came and as usual, the local girls seemed to wear less and less. Andy (the guy) started to keep his room curtains closed. I asked him why and he sad "seeing girls like that, you know, bare tummies, well, I find it difficult because, I get....aroused"

So, rather than that, he chose not to look. In that second, I knew what I was going to do. "Andy, if someone wanted you to see, would you like that" Andy nodded, but said that he was worried he would "get into an inappropriate state" I told him that if he did, that would be just fine, I sat him in his favourite chair, and took the chair opposite him. "Andy, I want you to do what you need to do" and with that, wearing our button dress type of uniform, I just opened my legs. He eyes fixed on my crotch and it was like electricity.

I could see he was hard and he glanced down at it and then looked into my eyes, "go on, Andy, I want to do this for you." He got his cock out and started to masturbate. I spread my legs wider, and tugged my panties aside. When he saw I was shaved, his eyes widened more. It didn't take him long to cum.

Over the next eight months, I would encourage Andy to masturbate, sometimes talking dirty to him, sometimes by letting him watch me play with myself, and on a few occasions, I would masturbate him myself while letting him either touch me or smell my panties. I would often leave my panties with him.

It was by no means every visit that we did something but somehow, I seemed to know when he needed it and he never once asked. It was always me that instigated it.

One day though the office called to tell me that Andy was in hospital. He never came out.

I don't regret for a second what I did for him and I don't care if people think it was perverted. All I know is he was a man of great dignity. Looking back, I think I should have done more, if you know what I mean, or rather, I wanted to do more.

Andy I think, knew he was near the end of his life. Letter was forwarded to me by his solicitor. It told me that at the point I started to help him out, he was considering ending his life. "....the loneliness, the isolation, the lack of intimacy in my life is unbearable. What you did for me, so generously, made the sun rise in my life."

Only one or two people know I did this. One thinks that Andy manipulated me into it but that is not true.



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