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Can't Stop

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Team Building


Although I have enjoyed reading a number of the stories on this site, I had never imagined myself actually contributing one. It seems however, that luck has struck. I have a friend who has become even more of a friend over the past few months. At this point (early 30s) in her very experienced sexual life, she has not masturbated in front of anyone. I have masturbated for one other woman but she did not reciprocate. I am so completely stimulated by the idea of watching my friend stroke herself. Not to mention actually experiencing our first orgasm together, watching each other seductively pleasure ourselves for the other person's maximum enjoyment.
Writing this really has me cranked. The thing is, this woman exudes raw, sensual energy that is intoxicating. I would love to drink her in and drive her crazy in all kinds of sexual ways. Right now we've rationalized that mutual masturbation has a kinky, safe appeal.
I can see her thin, athletic woman's body being carefully massaged and petted by her own strong, narrow hands. I know she will take her time. After rubbing down her own smooth, legs and solid shoulders and arms, I am sure she would lie down and provide some careful attention to her sensitive nipples and breasts. I can hear her breathing heavily with little moans. Her neatly waxed pussy will be absolutely steaming by the time she begins drawing all four fingers and one thumb on each hand up and down between her delicate pair of perky, swollen labia. Some light two-finger stroking of her clitoris would likely follow quite quickly.
I was just thinking, by this time I will be completely turned-on. My penis will be getting a major work out. I like to pump it reasonably vigorously for a few minutes then let it wilt and go a tad soft before bringing the show back on. This can go on for quite some time.
She is so hot and I know she will be completely wound up while reading this and then when she actually sees me wank, well, it should be interesting. I am kind of hoping this will happen outside in a natural setting.
I thought maybe there would be some concerns about this story, since it's not about something that has actually happened. Maybe it would help if I offered that my friend, who will be reading this, will provide an account of the pertinent stimulating details of the actual events upon their occurrence.
Also, it may help to know that I have been doing a considerable amount of one-hand typing throughout writing this essay. My pecker is aching to release a mega-load of semen on my chest. However, it's fun to keep going especially knowing my friend is reading this and having a complete ball at her own hands. The masturbation energy is good and is providing focus for incredible fun. This site is a great service.
I am really yanking my throbbing penis now. I can see her pulling her lips and giving deep solid rubs of her entire vulva, with special attention to her visibly swollen clitoris.....
I can't wait for the rest of the story!



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