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Can You Hold My Arms?

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A night to remember


Ok, as is customary, I'll start a brief description of myself and the other young lady involved in the story. I'm 5'11', with wavy medium brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm a bit on the thin side, I do have a six pack that I am probably overly proud of. My girlfriend (at the time) is about 5'7' with long, dark brown hair, an AMAZING 38C chest and an awesome body to match. Ok, on with the story...

We both were attending a Christian university at the time, and the rules reflected that. It was a rather conservative school, thus girls and guys are only allowed in each others living areas at appointed times. Lynn and I had gone for a walk to enjoy the spring air. We had only been 'officially' dating for about three weeks now, but had known each other for a while, and had spent the entire summer talking constantly. We slowly made our way back to the girls apartments so I could drop her off for the night. We were talking and I had my arm around her waist. We reached her porch and after prolonging the separation as long as we could, we kissed goodnight...WOW! GOODNIGHT! I kissed her with a bit more passion than is appropriate for a goodnight kiss, but she returned it and then some. We kissed (such an inadequate word to describe what we were sharing) for a few minutes, and I broke off and suggested we go somewhere less conspicuous. I have to interject here that I SWEAR this campus was designed so every dark corner had a light on it, so we settled for a semi-dark back entrance way to the science building, which was already locked up.

As we picked up right where we left off, my hands touched her cheek, her neck, and slid down her arms out to her own hands. I held her hands, slightly outstretched for a moment, and she broke off and gave me an unusual look (I later learned she was EXTREMELY nervous, but she hid it well) She said 'Can we try something?' I nodded and she said 'Can you hold my arms out against the wall?' I said 'Sure.' In typical unromantic guy style and held her hands again, this time stretching her arms out, pinning her against the wall. We kissed again and she pushed her arms out in resistance, but even dim-witted me had caught on by now, and gently but very firmly pushed them back against the wall. I also pressed my body against her, pinning her even more tightly. She squirmed in enjoyment, and let out a small moan in my mouth.

I loved it. She had totally surrendered to me. She couldn't have got away without me letting her. She was totally within my power to do whatever I wanted with her. My lower brain, which had been diverting a good portion of my blood ever since the porch, thought of a few things it would LOVE to do to her, and with her in this state, she no doubt would have willingly gone along with them. However, my gentler side prevailed, knowing that no matter how much either of us wanted, we had made a decision to save ourselves till marriage, and she would thank me for it later. Mentally sighing the sigh of a man who stops shorter than what he knows he could have, I kissed her more tenderly. We stayed like that for a while, kissing, but sadly it had to end. It was late and she had some very nosy roommates, and an early class tomorrow. I walked her back to her apartment and gave her an actual goodnight kiss. As she turned to go in she said with a wicked little grin 'Who knew I would turn out to be a bondage girl?' What she didn't know was that my self-control had cost me dearly in the form of raging blue balls! I quickly kissed her goodnight and shuffle-limped back to my dorm. I walked in my room, stripped to my boxers and grabbed a towel, saying to my unsuspecting roommate that I was gonna shower. I dove into the nearest shower stall and soaped up my right hand and grabbed my cock. I leaned my head up against the wall while I thought of Lynn, her body writhing against mine, and how good it felt and how beautiful she was. I wasn't trying to enjoy this, it was a screaming necessity, but what an incredible sensation! It was full release from the pressure and then some. I washed off and put on clean boxers and flopped onto my bed, exhausted.

Since then Lynn and I have further explored the dom/sub roles. I am not a sadist so I don't hurt her other than some occasional light spanking, but I love being in full control, and she loves being helpless, so it's a perfect match. Hope someone enjoys my story!



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