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Camping With Friends

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Camping with friend and his sister and her friend
This "Mastubation" event occured a few summers ago. One of my close friends was camping with his family at the neighbouring lake to ours. He called me and asked if I would want to go camping on the island at the end of our lake. I said sure and come on over. When he got to our place, His younger sister and a friend of hers was with him. So I convinced my dad into letting me have the boat for the 2 day outing and we loaded it up and took of for the end of the lake. Once we were down there, We set up camp and did a little swimming before and after dinner.
Remember now, 4 people & 1 tent! Once it got dark, We climbed into the tent and started chatting. The 4 of us had a great chat and covered all topics. Then my friends sister's friend said, "Wanna play poker or something?" The three of us said "Sure" and she got the game setup. Then she said to us, "We're all alone - Why not make it strip poker!" We said OK with us!"
Well, The first 3 rounds were just perfect. Mike and I lost 2 of the 3 and we lost our shirts and shorts. But we got them back on the 3rd round by winning big time. So they lost their tops and shorts as well. The game(s) continued til we wer all totally naked. By the last 2 rounds, both Mike and I had the biggest, hardest cocks ever.
Susie and Margie noticed this and Margie whispered something to Susie. The next thing you know, Margie ceawls over to Mike and grabs onto his erect penis and Susie did like wise to me. They looked at each other and the next thing we knew - They put their lips on our cocks and started sucking us off. They did this for a while, then Margie said "You two do suck us off." So, We did just that. We played with their nice firm tits and slowly licked our way down to their sweet pussies. We sucked them off til they had orgasmed two or three times. Then Susie and Margie kissed each other and sucked each other off - Mike and I did the same thing. Then we repeated sucking off the girls and our cocks were harder then at the start. The girls noticed this again and they sucked us off then kissed us. One look at the girls and we knew what they wanted. They were lying on their backs with their legs spread apart. I looked at Mike and he siad, "Let's do it - That's what they want!" So in one swift move, He started screwing Margie and I screwed Susie. Then we slowly slid our cocks into their waiting, very wet pussies and fucked them til they had cum 3 or 4 times as well as we had by then too.
We fell asleep in a tangle of each other. The next day - we repeated it all over again. Did it that night yet again. Come the Monday, It was time to pack up and head home.
Mike and I have never had Margie and Susie again, But on a lot of other occassions - We have had the greatest Masturbation Events ever. We love; Sucking each other off til we've cum, bumming each other and of course there's the little thing called 69'ing. We'll do it in my room when changing to go swimming or when we are alone out for a boat ride. Sometimes, When I am out for a ride - I will usually slip my bathing suit down and Masturbate thinking of that camping trip. Ther's just something about being in the sun naked that makes we wanna play with my erect cock. Don't know what it is to this day.



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