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Camping With Friends

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Earlier this summer, I went with a couple friends of mine out to a cabin one of their parents owned for a few days. For the first couple of days, we spent a lot of time doing things outside, but since there is no running water there and no shower, we were all feeling dirty and started to smell. The only thing we could do was walk to the lake that was close for a swim to rinse off some, so the three of us went, stripped down and jumped in. We had some fun swimming and playing around, but when the sun started to go down we needed to get back to the cabin.

After we got out and started drying off, one of the guys said he really didn't want to put dirty clothes back on and the rest of us agreed with him, so we decided to walk back to the cabin naked. We are all pretty comfortable around each other so nudity wasn't any big deal, but by the time we got back, we were all hard. Nothing sexual has ever happened between us, so this was the first time we have seen each other with open erections. None of us have 'porn dicks', with the biggest a little over six inches, mine about five and a half and the last about the same, so there wasn't any shame between us. The rest of the night we just hung out feeling free and uninhibited, talking and listening to music before falling asleep.

The next day we all felt so much more comfortable spending the day bare, going fishing and swimming before making a campfire that evening. When we were sitting around the fire, we started talking about girls and stuff along those lines. Since we are all churchgoers we're still virgins, but we all masturbate pretty frequently. It turned out I did it the most at two to three times per day, but we all did it at least once or twice. I could tell we were getting pretty horny and I was about to go inside so I could masturbate, but I was told to just go ahead and do it there. We kept talking and I started stroking like nothing was going on, but eventually I wasn't alone and we were all doing it. Since none of us had cum in days we were all a little backed up, and when I came I left a big puddle on the ground in front of me. The other two weren't far behind, and when the last came he shot so hard it actually made it to the fire. We all sat there for a few seconds looking at the mess around the fire before we started to laugh about it. We covered all the cum in dirt with our feet and went back to our conversation, now with our penises soft.

The day after that we did not hide our masturbating at all, rubbing one out when we woke up with erections and any other time we just felt like having an orgasm, which was pretty frequently. That night was our last night there, and before we turned in, I masturbated the most that day with seven times, and the other two guys were at five each. The best part was, we all felt good about it. We all have sexual needs, and we figured this way was safe and there was nothing to be ashamed of. We are masturbators and proud of it. On our last morning, we took a hike up to a lookout point with nothing but our flip flops and masturbated one more time laying out in the sun.

After this trip we didn't all start having orgies with each other, but either staying over at another's house or just hanging out, we would go to the bathroom and masturbate if we felt the urge. Our friendship has gotten stronger because of that trip.



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