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Camp Pleasure

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This story has MM and MF in it.


I have three friends who I have known for 23 years. We were five when we meet and have been friends ever since. We did everything together from eating lunch at school, swim lessons, camping and learning to drive.

When we were 12, my older brother gave me a porno tape to watch with my friends. They came over on a Saturday night and after my parents left, we ate dinner and I told them what I had. We finished dinner and went to the basement. The basement was where the family room was. We put in the tape and after a few scenes all of us were hard.

We decided to all strip naked and show each other our dicks. Once naked, we found out that we were all shapes and sizes. One friend had a thin, long dick; another had a short, fat dick; another and I had middle-of-the-road ones. We then all got tissues and jerked off to the movie. Actually, we jerked off about four times to the movie until we were raw.

Three years later, we were at a sleep-away camp that we had been attending for about eight years when we caught a camper jerking off in the shower. A few people made a big deal about it but when a staff member told us all guys did it, no one said a word. The next day, we were all on the shower bunk when the staff member started to jerk off. We all stood their watching him and then one by one we all started to jerk off. We all shot our loads and it was never talked about again.

A few weeks before camp ended, the four of us were with our girlfriends and the topic of masturbation came up. We all told them we had jerked off. My one friend told the girls we actually do it togehter in the same room when we are at home. The girls were shocked and asked us why. We told them we put in a porno, strip naked and watch the movie while jerking off. They started to laugh and one asked if they could see us do it. We didn't know what to say so we told them to be at our bunk after curfew.

At midnight, the four girls came to our bunk and after we talked for a few minutes, we set the rules. All eight of us would get naked and then the four boys would jerk off for the girls. At first, they said no and we told them those were the rules. Then one of the girls agreed and then the other three joined in the decision.

We all began to strip; first came the shirts and then the shorts. We were all in our underwear and all four guys were hard. Then the girls took off their bras. All for of us got harder. We took off our underwear first and the girls all smiled and giggled. We were all hard and then the girls took off their panties. All of us moaned and looked at the four naked girls.

All four of us started to jerk off. First slowly as we had planned to do, and then faster. The girls watched wide-eyed and soon they were all touching themselves. All we heard was the slapping of our dicks and the squishy sound of the girls. In a few minutes, one by one, we came. I shot first and my cum hit my girlfriend on her chest. She had an orgasm and then everyone did shortly after in the next minute. We all started to laugh and sat on our beds. The four girls told us that was amazing.

We did this a few more times and the last night of camp they suprised us with something special, but I can't print it here. After the girls left, we all smiled and agreed that we'd been friends for ten years, had done a lot of things together but that this had been the best yet.

After arriving home, my parents told me they made the basement my own apartment. I had two entrances, one from the upstairs and one from the side of the house. My parents remodled the basement to have one bedroom, a toilet and shower, a galley style kitchen and the large family room. I was stunned and speechless. My father told me later that it was done because my older brother was moving back in two years when I go to college and both of us were not home this past summer.

My friends loved it and always came over to relax at my place. I gave them all keys and we still got together to jerk off, although we did have our present girlfriends from school join us. too.



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